Madrid: Telediario interview

It’s almost 3am and I’m a little drunk, so I’m not 100% sure if these are all the same things or not…or why I’m posting at 3am when I’m a little drunk… The last one says it has subtitles, but I’m not seeing them.

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  1. Maria says:

    Subtitles are there:). Great wonder that Rafa is still there too. From the gestures this lady’s making – especially when she asks him if they can tell the people that the best Rafa has returned – you’d get the impression that she’ll grab him at any moment and run out of the room.
    The interview is nice, though, not thanks to the questions asked, but to Rafa being predictably shy throughout and superbly awkward at the end. I just wish he hadn’t hiden his hands all the time.

  2. aRafaelite says:

    He is utterly lovely in this interview. As always!

  3. Marilyn Wasserman says:

    The third one does indeed have English subs. Didn’t watch the first two, but for Rafa’s sake I hope they’re all the same!! He’s done so many interviews lately I’m starting to feel sorry for him. I guess the upside is that by now he doesn’t have to think about his answers.

  4. sharon says:

    Spanish must be a very flowery descriptive language compared to English. They seem to talk so much and use so many words to express a fairly simple idea. Not that that’s bad – we get to see Rafa talk a lot and smile a lot and get a glimpse of those dimples! :)

  5. sia says:

    Hee hee ‘drunken miri’ …
    Yep this is why Rafa is such a champion. He worked as hard on recovery from his injuries as he does on the court. (On EVERY court … the man gives all their moneys worth). Love you Rafa, kick some ass in Madrid!

  6. Atch2 says:

    Rafa Rafa Rafa. How many black shirts do you own? They all look nice on you and it seems to be your safe option, but you would look great in any colour or pattern Rafa.

    Such a shy sweetie. Wish the lady interviewer made Rafa feel more relaxed and involved. She sometimes seemed to forget that Rafa was there, what with talking to the camera and her colleagues. I’d like to see cnn’s Pedro Pinto interview Rafa.

    • Inés says:

      The interview was in the middle of the sports news so María Escario started to talk with Rafa, then showed the football news, then the whole interview and then again more sport news, The video was edited to show only the moments with Rafa………

  7. CC says:

    Firstly, thank f-ck Rafa didn’t wear that ghastly white shirt and velvet jacket for this. Although the shirt here doesn’t fit his shoulders (An!) and needs to be ironed (myself!) and his hair needs to be dried (voulunteer?), he looks mighty fine.

    Secondly, did they have to show Roger Federer receiving his cake plate and put lovely Rafa in the corner TWICE?!

    Thirdly, if I was the lady reporter and Rafa looked at me with his shy smile, the dimples and those brown eyes like he does here, I most definitely would have had to pay him a visit after the interview. In his dressing room.

    Fourthly(?), what was this about again…?

    • An says:

      Aaaaww, sure, while i’m at it with the shoulders i’d drie the hair too…. Imagine we could smell the hair after CC!

      Youre thirdly… yes if i was the lady reporter and Rafa looke at me like that with his shy smile, the dimples and the beautifull brown eyes… i dunno iff i’d have the strenght to wait until in the dressing room after. Someone deffinitly would have to remind we that we where on live television, open to see for the whole off Spain and later the whole off the world;)

      • CC says:

        Smell the hair…mmm…hmmm…hmmm… And yes, you could sort the shirt with one hand and hold the hair dryer with the other. Not before I have ironed the shirt though. With Rafa looking on. Naked.
        After that, he’ll be fine to send off to the TV studio, no? :D

        Yes, this wasn’t the first interview that lady has done with Rafa. I bet she has some dirty thoughts going through her mind whilst talking to him. Don’tcha think? ;)

        • An says:

          If i don’t think so…. Si! I bet evry person with female DNA in her body must have them at some point when he’s sitting there, talking, shy smiling with his cute dimples and gorgeus brown eyes, so close to you…. Oooooohhhh.

          And i better drie the hair while youre iron the shirt… Whe then both smell the hair and so, then let him take on the shirt, i sort the shirt and then we let him go to the TV studio… just for a little while, No?;)

          • CC says:

            As long as Rafa is naked during the ironing and hair drying (and any other -ing that might follow), I am happy! ;)

            • an says:

              Don’t worry…. As long as we are alone with him…. I would’nt want him any other way;)

              • Atch2 says:

                You guys are funny and mean, making Rafa stand there naked and cold waiting for his shirt to be ironed. And I know you’ll probably take about an hour to iron the 1 shirt CC ;)

                • CC says:

                  No, no, no Atch2. We’ll be in his nice and toasty hotel room. And he doesn’t have to stand. He can lie, suggestively, on the bed. Does that put a nice picture in your head…? :D

                  • Atch2 says:

                    … lie suggestively on the bed … (with tousled-out-of-bed-hair and a cheeky grin on his face). Mmmmm

                    Nice picture is an understatement.

                • an says:

                  exactly…. Atch, did you realy think we would let Rafa get it cold?? No, we will take verry good care off him, don’t worry! ;)

                  • Atch2 says:

                    Get ‘it’ cold?

                    Yes I’m sure you guys will take very good of him.
                    *nudge nudge, wink wink*

  8. Fay says:

    Wah!! Rafa looks looovely here! that smile those focused eyes are adoreable and she certainly seems to be enchanted by him? who wouldn’t be? I am loving this black fitted’ shirt on him, you can still the definition of his arms *phew*, no wonder he is a little shy, she is grilling him! he must hate some of these questions but handles it all so professionally and classically Rafalike!!! Loved watching this, 3 times Miri!!! he hee!!!

  9. Rafafan says:

    Well Miri – have a drink on me! You deserve it with all your hours you put in for us rafaholics! Yes with the sub titles it seems to wait for ever before a sentence is translating in English, yet they are blabbering for 5 mins! No wonder you gave up after 30 secs.

    Love the way they tried to make him come out with that Madrid is his favourtie tourney – and saying he loves the crowd and its big…… well what a boy you can instantly know he dislikes the whole thing and Tiric put to boot. All of us who analyse Rafa just can read between the lines – but of course he is so sweet – he wouldn’t dream of saying anyting determental but also wouldn’t answer the question properly!

    Anyway we know the Madrid website is absolute crap – you can’t even get on it now! – ERROR (sorry Miri caps). Lets have the reliable non fuss link below without all that f…. music.

    So we are starved of Rafa until Wed. Wonder why Fed is playing first (when he has been playing in Estoril) and Rafa plays a day later after no tourney for a week?

    Just checked on my text with Sky news that Kolschreiber been beaten by qualifyer “precocious” (how they described him,)21 yrs old Oleksander Dolgopolov jnr who faces Rafa next. Hope there are no more surprises!