Madrid: Preview interview videos

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  1. An says:

    Classic Rafa interviews, off course one off his favourite tournaments, happy for be there another time, focus on the next match and only on this tournament, we’ll see about the records when he finish his careera and Federer is always the top favourite, being the no.1 in the world…. :)
    Just Rafadorable!

    And oh Rafa the shoulders off youre shirt… how many times?;)

    • CC says:

      Heh, when I saw Rafa in that polo shirt I immediately thought of you wanting to smooth it out over his shoulders… ;) It’s his arms, no? They are too bulgy! Something tells me we don’t really mind.

      I love when he says “terrible”.

      • An says:

        Si! The sleeves off this polo’s are to narrow for the, No i realy don’t mind at all, beatifull,big,bulgy Rafa arms…
        That, and the way he usually puts on his shirts cause the shoulder “problems”… nothing my hands cannot fix tough;)

  2. aRafaelite says:

    Love it… no, the conditions are not ideal but I made it to the finals last year, so the conditions are not THAT bad! You tell ’em Rafa! And I look forward to hearing you talk about all the records at the end of your career, except of course that it will be at the end of your career :-(

  3. Atch2 says:

    “Here in Madrid I guess it’s one of your favourite tournaments” Talk about a leading question. And somehow I get the feeling that Rafa doesn’t give a shit about the stadium.

    Can he look any yummy? He seems to have slight smile throughout the interview, like he’s thinking of something mischievous. Consistent Rafa answers to typical tennis question, still direct but still polite as always.

    And reporters, Rafa’s focussing the current tournament: Madrid. How can they not know Rafa by Now?

    • Els says:

      Atch: “And somehow I get the feeling that Rafa doesn’t give a shit about the stadium. ”

      Same feeling here, and maybe even stronger: by the look on his face I wouldn’t be surprised if he dislikes it, but he’s far too polite to say anything negative.

      And why do reporters always ask the same questions over and over again … they should know by now what Rafa’s answers will be …

      • Atch2 says:

        I laughed when his compliment of the stadium was that it was ‘big, nice’. He could’ve added ‘and holds a lot of people’ to make it even more generic.

      • CC says:

        “…by the look on his face I wouldn’t be surprised if he dislikes it…”

        Of course he dislikes it. It’s the Madrid tournament, remember. Rafa dislikes everything about it, no…? At least that’s what his fans have decided. ;)

    • loverafa4ever says:

      how i wish he had said that abt the stadium. his expression sure did seem to be wanting to say something like dat…

  4. n!ls says:

    I like that:

    “we will see and talk about records when i finish my career.”


    If Madrid happens.. Rafa will be the first player to win 3 ATP Master 1000’s in a row…

    Six in a row… Three in a row… It would be great show of length and breadth.


  5. Ch F says:

    I don’t get the feeling he dislikes this tournament. I think he’s just treating the whole issue with a bit of a distance. I like the way he handles the questions, both in English and in Spanish, never giving away more than he wants to. I love how frankly he says he believes Roger is the favourtie because he’s No1 ;)

    • Ch F says:

      Favourite, obviously :-(

    • CC says:

      I don’t think he dislikes it either, but it cracks me up that a lot of Rafa’s fans seem to go into some sort of negative mass hysteria about Madrid, because of a couple of comments from him last year… It can’t be that bad, surely? :)
      In this interview he just comes across as being his usual slightly bored/impatient self. No different from any other tourney, me thinks.

      • Ch F says:

        I agree. Sometimes fans tend to read more into Rafa’s comments simply because they know that conditions in Madrid are less suited to his game and that as a result he’s not crazy about it. They could be right as to how Rafa feels, but such a conclusion can be drawn from their knowledge of Rafa rather than from this specific interview, me thinks ;-)

  6. Fay says:

    Yep you tell them Rafa, one tournament at a time, and I actually think that he is truly focusing on his tennis and not what the stadium looks like… I personally don’t like the magic box so much, all that metal its kind of cold! but last year, even though that match destroyed both Novak and Rafa, the chants’ of Rafa Rafa buy the crowds was awsome… I think thats what Rafa likes about Madrid more than anything else… he looks super scrubbed and shiny here and cuddly as always!

  7. Eliana says:

    I think Rafa may not be that upset with the Magic Box surface, at least this year. This morning I was listening to the commentators in the Moyá match saying that the clay has been treated this year differently and that the ball is slower, so this will benefit Rafa’s game.

    • ava says:

      Yeah. Last year they just laid the clay so it was light and the ball buzzes past. This year the clay has had time to settle and it will be slower. Altitude still a problem though. But nothing Rafa cannot handle!

  8. Rafangel says:

    For some reason I especially love this vid. He looks impossibly beautiful. I love his smile. Get how it’s wiped off his face as soon as the words ‘Roland Garros’ leave the interviewer’s mouth! Learn, please, press… I hope the female interviewer comes back soon. He always looks happier with her (don’t think we need to worry which team Rafa bats for ;) )

    Rafa didn’t like this tourney last year. I think perhaps he’s not happy with all the daft gimmicks and stunts, but probably most of last year’s grumpiness was to do with his own circumstances.

    Win, please, Rafa. At least the next 10 tournaments. It’s not a big ask.