el Foro Marca

Rafa took part in a forum for the publication Marca. Here’s some coverage of the event. First up direct from Marca:

And then a video posted by vamosrafelnadal on YouTube:

A video posted by gandaines:

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  1. patzin says:

    Don’t know what he was saying, but the audience thought it was funny.

  2. Atch2 says:

    Yeah, our Rafa likes to crack people up :D

    Is the Director General of Real Madrid telling Rafa to stay away from the stadium? LOL

    The interviewer is so tiny that she seems to be standing on a box next to Moya.

    • Bookshere says:

      No, no. The Director General of Real Madrid said that if he were asked who represents sporting values and an athletes best form, he would stay with Rafa Nadal That’s what he said.

      • Atch2 says:

        Thanks for a translation. Nice to read that Rafa’s respected outside the tennis community as well.

  3. Poonam says:

    Can somebody please translate? Specially what he said about ‘Gypsy?’ :)

    • Susanna728 says:

      He said it was “una experiencia distinta” – ie – it was certainly different/ a different kind of experience.

      What I couldn’t understand was his answer to a question that involved Federer – He paused a long time and then said “Yo soy mejor.” Meaning I’m better. But I wasn’t sure what the question was?? Help Ines, Ilian, Eliana?

      • Dolcefuga says:

        The question was, if he was Federer and he was to face Nadal, what would Federer say? Rafa’s answer was, “yo soy mejor.”

      • Bookshere says:

        No, he didn;t say he was better than Federer. Quite the contrary. He was asked, “If you were in Federer’s skin, what would you be thinking when facing Rafael Nadal?” Rafa responded, after that long pause, “I am better” (referring to Federer, of course). What a great response, no?

  4. CC says:

    Gosh, more questions for shy Rafa.

    What the HELL is he wearing here then?!
    Believe me, Rafa, that white tee and the grey shorts you wore for practice, look sooo much better than that…other outfit. Please don’t take fashion advice from Carlos Moya! *shudders*

    • An says:

      CC, looks like he’s showing us more and more by evry formal outfit he wears he needs us, No?;)
      You just have to call us Rafa!!

      • CC says:

        Yes, he does need us. Seriously. I can’t believe that I’m seeing him wear this. So bad.
        I’m the master of clearing out cupboards and donate to Oxfam. Rafa…we’ll be over soon. You’d better clear your cupboards of anything you don’t want us to find! ;)

        • An says:

          Hah, me too!
          I sometimes make clothes of bf disapear without him knowing:D But always buy him something new after…..
          One by one the things i don’t like go and are replaced by better ones… and he doesn’t realy seam to notice ( or pretends so )

          I’m sure this tactics work on Rafa to CC, lets go quick! First thing is i’ll distract him and you steel his creditcard;)

          • CC says:

            Oh, I use the same tactics. I think it would work on Rafa too. I’d be happy to start with stripping him of the clothes he’s wearing in these clips (might as well get rid of the underpants too) and send them straight to the charity shop. Then we’ll take it from there… ;)

            • An says:

              Sure stripping him of the clothes he’s wearing here and loosing the underpants too is part off what i had in mind by distracting him!;)

    • tiemyshoe says:

      Seriously, did he need to untuck his shirt just ‘cuz Moya was doing it? *facepalm*

  5. Fay says:

    No I just think that Rafa has the kind of physique that isn’t suited to suits, he has the classic slopey shoulders, and large trapezius muscles unlike Fed/Novaks square shoulders which adheal better to a suit. I would think it better for Rafa if he had them custom made? he always looks awkward like he doesn’t particularly like wearing a suit, normal for a 23 year old I would say. I wonder what the director of Madrid is saying? or Rafa for that matter?

    • An says:

      Sure he would need his suits custom made for him… Don’t worry we’ll take him to a good taylor and we will take the meassures ourselfs!;)

  6. Maria says:

    So now, that we are past the ‘no title for 11 months’ fixation, it was time for another obsession to build up. ‘When will he get back to no 1 again?’ Verdasco’s been asked about it, Moya has made his prediction, Rafa himself had to answer that repeatedly over the last days. Venus got the same question….Who’s next on the list? Federer?

  7. Ch F says:

    Well he said he’s always tried to improve, day by day, year by year. He said clay is his favourite surface, he usually feels well and plays well on that surface and he has many chances of playing a great tournament but he doesn’t know whether he’s the favourite.
    And then I’m not sure whether we can hear the whole question since it’s just some parts of the interview put together, but I think it was “what would you think if you were Federer and you had to face this Nadal”? And he said “basically, that I’m better”!!! I stand corrected if I misunderstood, but if I haven’t, such respect, this guy is just unbelievable.
    Then the obvious question about Shakira, he said it was a different experience and the audience just burst out laughing.

    • Zooni says:

      The audience laughing at his answer is amusing. They even applauded! Poor Rafa. :)

  8. EJL says:

    agree ch.f that he’s unbelievable. when is he going to stop being modest to death? I value this quality much but think that it’s time Rafa gave a bit different answer to this sort of questions:)
    he is fully edible when answering to qw about gypsy and I am so gaga about dorky Rafa.

  9. Fay says:

    I think that there is alot of respect between Rafa and Roger, maybe more from Rafa but Roger although guilty of saying the opposite at times, all in all holds Rafa pretty high up there, how could he not? Rafa has beaten him in 5 out of 7 GS finals? and this year @ the Australian open what a contrast, he beat Andy Murray in straight sets! Andy hardly challenged him until it was too late.. its matches like this that makes you realise how special Rafa has been in big matches like this…. and what the public must miss.

  10. mary says:

    My friend Ana from Madrid actually attended this forum. It was a toast to Rafa really. They showed highlights of Rafa’s career & asked him some questions from fans & those invited to the forum like Ana. She didn’t have her question answered. It went for about 1 & 1/2 hours. Ana my friend was within a few feet from him. Lucky lucky girl!!!!
    Rafa was also at the soccer game R Madrid v Athletic. He looked yummy