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Rafa gave a long radio interview in Madrid today – and there’s a video so that those of us who are language impaired and enjoy more than just the sound of his voice. You can check it out here (Google translation). Be sure to click on the video on the right hand side-bar for part two and some giggles…Rafa giggles. (Thanks for the link, Inés.)

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  1. Inés says:

    Sorry Miri, but this time the interview is too long, more even than the transcription, and almost impossible to translate. He talked about everything, even he was answered about if he had some problems with his GF and the video, and he said, No, we had an script and it was work, and she knew it and understood it. About his parents, about his fear of darkness, sooo cute, he said that he doesn’t like to be at home alone in the night and that if he heard something being alone, he sweat a lot, LOL

    He was very relaxed all the interview,you can notice it because all the laughs and he said that he is very grateful to Madrid but he remarked, The City…..

    • miri says:

      No worries in a translation – attempting it would take until next year’s Madrid tournament! Thanks for the snippets they are much appreciated. I can’t believe they asked if his girlfriend was jealous of the Shakira video. sheesh.

  2. patzin says:

    Thought the interview was more involved than the transcription. I just love listening to his voice, very soothing. He looked very relaxed and happy. Thanks

  3. alhm says:

    He mentions his World Class power of jinx when he says the last Mallorca match he watched was the one against Sevilla – the one Mallorca LOST, after coming from a long streak of wins at home. asdfgdsdf

    And he’s giggling because the dude starts to describes his clothes and (I think) asks/says (about the shirt) that Hugo Boss is one of his sponsors, “no?” And Rafa is all, “NO, IT WAS THE FIRST THING I FOUND WHEN I OPENED MY MOM’S SUITCASE THIS MORNING” asdfgdsasdfg

    #suckytranslator #fakebitchdoesntactuallyspeakspanish


    • miri says:

      Wait, so he’s wearing his mom’s shirt? Or his clothes are in her suitcase? Or she packed his suitcase? I’m not sure which option is the most creepy…they are all pretty creepy since he’s 23!

      • Inés says:

        Mom packed his suitcase, becauseeeeeeeeeee, he was a very early practice session this morning and more things to do before to catch the flight to Madrid at noon, lol

        • miri says:

          I guess I can’t make too much fun of him since I have a 6am flight, it’s now 9pm and I haven’t started packing my suitcase yet (and still have 2 loads of laundry to do)…but, sheesh. Maybe if he hadn’t spent so much time jinxing footie teams he could have managed to pack his own suitcase. ;)

          • tiemyshoe says:

            I dunno why, but I have a feeling Rafa’s one of those people who smushes everything into the suitcase randomly and then sits on it to make it close.

          • Inés says:

            jajajaj, poor Rafa, he was at home watching the match, he didn’t want to go to the stadium because he was a practice session very early and because the last time he was to the stadium, The Mallorca lost, de said it that giggling a lot

            Safe trip Miri, I will tray to translate another parts of the interview, if someone is interested in any part of it, but not now lol, it’s a bit late my time (4 a.m.)

        • alhm says:

          SEE?! Isn’t it nice to have someone who ACTUALLY knows what they’re talking about? :D

          Inés = angel from heaven, etc etc.

      • alhm says:

        I don’t understand enough Spanish to say for sure (it’s not THAT similar to Portuguese ;_;)! But since he’s the BOSS fan and that shirt looks too big to be his mom’s, I’m assuming he’s alluding to his mother packing for him. MAYBE? It’s something to do with his mom and suit cases and picking up the first thing he found in the morning, anyway! … maybe. [/very helpful]

      • Atch2 says:

        So that confirms that he’s not a clotheshorse.

        Mama Nadal is too sweet and seems to spoil our Rafa.

      • Eliana says:

        I think that being a hispanic/latin family, the home dynamics are different from what you see in the States or even some European countries. Maybe we’re more “baby-ed”. This could explain why his mother made his suitcase, for me that’s not strange at all, just sweet.

        Or maybe he had like a million things to do and hates to pack :P

        • Fay says:

          Yes, infact in Greece where I lived for a large part of my life I found that the mums there do the same thing! their boys to them are always their boys! Its Uncle T that keeps Rafa disciplined in that area on the tour I am sure… Great interview, even if I cannot understand it, just watching those cuddly arms and dimpled cheeks, the giggles* he has so much charm and warmth, and thanks Ines again for the little translations, always appreciated!!! you are too kind..

          • Stf says:

            I second what Fay said about mums in Greece. :p It does sound kinda funny to me that his mum would pack for him but no, it doesn’t sound weird at all to me either. ;)

            • Ch F says:

              Needless to say, I know what you mean. I’m pretty sure he leaves a light on because he’s afraid in the dark and then his mum goes and turns it off for him ;-)

    • tiemyshoe says:

      So he’s aware of his jinxitude? Poor guy.

      I wish I even had a fake knowledge of Spanish. *sigh*

      • Atch2 says:

        Wonder if it would make a difference if he went to the matches disguised. Would the jinxing curse be null and void?

        • tiemyshoe says:

          Apparently he stayed home for the Mallorca-Madrid match ’cause of the jinx! Oh noooos. He better be at the Bernabeu this weekend.

  4. CC says:

    OMG, I will love this radio station forEVER for just filming this! Rafa is sooo adorable it almost hurts, no? And I haven’t even watched the second part.

    Pleeeaaase can I smell your hair Rafa…?

    Why the hell couldn’t Carlos Costa get a chair to sit on? Mind you, he looks quite hot sitting in the floor. ;)

  5. Ilian says:

    Hi, I enjoy reading this site very much because I am a fan as well, and I speak Spanish so I can go back and fourth reading blogs and sport media. Ines is right, hard to try to capture and remember everything they’re talking other than what’s on the trascription, but the setting,the interviewer’s style and Rafa’s demeanor are very conversational, relaxed and even jokingly as you can appreciate the smiles and laughter. However, they asked him all the relevant questions and he gladly replied sans the frowns or grouchiness. Relevant questions, or answers: People in Madrid love him and encourage him which he always appreciates and that’s why he likes playing there, it’s almost as if he is an adopted Madrileño, it was a mistake playing there last year because he everextended himself and his knees were already hurting. His parents separated or divorced January 2009 and although it was a strange situation for the whole family he didn’t loose concentration because he kept winning until June, admitted he was affected or hurt if you will, thought about it, what his family was saying, but overall they remain a close family, his parents still get along and that he understands that he wasn’t the cause of their marriage to fall apart neither the reason to stay together (something like that, which I find wise for his years.)
    He never gets distracted by the Vamos! chants from his fans at matches, all the opposite, he appreciates them. Last summer was unusually long b/c the rehabilitation kept him home but he enjoyed hanging out with his friends when time allowed it. Funny same answer in English or Spanish: Your favorite or best tournament… Roland Garros? He replied, “the best tournament is the one I am always in at the moment, right now is Madrid” I always go one tournament at a time.
    Regarding Carlos Moya prediction, that he will get #1 back in 2 months: “I don’t like to set timeframes or terms, I’ve been top 2 for 5 years, feel I’ve been playing well this year, I’m #1 in the Tennis Masters Race, could have won a few more matches that could increase my ranking points, but bottom line is, I could also be #3 or 4, but as long as I am having fun playing, that’s the most important thing. Is fame overwhelming? “I never had any trouble dealing with it, actually is a great personal satisfaction one could have, and I will never hide from anybody or have anything to hide”. He admires Tiger Woods a great deal for his attitude when playing and “thinks the world media has treated Tiger unfaily”. Besides Federer, he’s very impressed with Djokovic game, when the latter is inspired, and Besides, or after playing tennis he likes to play soccer. When asked who he considers favorite for Madrid, he replied that the surface is tricky because of the altitude; oh and when they were teasing him about the video with Shakira, he said jokingly (it was all guys there I guess) that “unfortunately they only exchanged words, but seriously, his GF was not jealous b/c she knew it was scripted, it was just another job experience, nonetheless a new and pleasant experience,” something like that, I will listen to the 2nd. part tomorrow, cuz it’s late. Hope you all learned something new or enjoyed my contribution.

  6. Choices says:

    I also like the voice of “Larguero” I have heard him on other recordings that have been posted,he did one with Ferru a couple of days ago, didn’t he? He always sounds so relaxed and seems to have a relaxing effect on everyone – in fact it looked as though his voice lulled Carlos to sleep lol.

    • Inés says:

      José Ramón de la Moerna is the name of the interviewer and yes he was the same of Ferru’s interview

      • Inés says:

        José Ramón de la Morena,………………… grrr, I need a edit’s button, lol

  7. Eliana says:

    That was a great interview! Loved when he was talking about his parents, how well they get along even now. Sebastian even saw the Mallorca-RM football match in his house where he lives with his mother, as he pointed out numerous times during this segment. Rafa wanted to stress that his problems in court last year were more about his body and injuries. His parents’ separation definitely affected him but that was not the reason why his performance after his leave of absence wasn’t any more successful. That when he’s playing his mind is in the game and nothing more(I really don’t know if I should believe this part.)

    Rafa was being really funny throughout the interview, as Inés said, very relaxed. So cheeky when asked about the Shakira vid “Where there more than words?” “Sadly, no” and, queue the Rafa giggles. Also made fun of Benito and Carlos Costa because they’re old an that’s why they’re tired. The interviewer was very fixated in his appearance, that his hair was all messed up, and Rafa blamed the hairdresser from the commercial he was making. And the part where they were talking about Rafa’s fear of darkness, just precious. It seems that it’s only in his house because it’s too big, and can’t bring himself to sleep with all the lights out. THAT was my favorite prat of the interview.

    Rafa mentioned again how the Madrid altitude affects the game, where with more altitude is very hard for him to control the ball. That the tournament is more suited for Nando because he’s been playing there all of his life.

    Oh, and the interviewer seems have a bone to pick with Soderling, talking very dismissive about him. Rafa said that their relationship has improved in the last 2 years because now Robin greets him in the locker room (LOL). That the Paris crowd is a little tougher on him that people in other parts of France, but maybe last year they wanted someone different to win and that’s why they were happy that he lost. On the other had he acknowledges that even after he lost the people in the stadium gave him an ovation (BTW I love Rafa sooo much! He sees the goodness in everything!)

    I don’t remember any more and my internet connection is crap so can’t see the vids again, but hope that this help some of you to understand until Inés has some time to translate other tidbits! I would sooo love that all of you understood Spanish. We translating can never compare with hearing Rafa talk and relating his facial expressions, hand gestures and laughs with what he’s actually saying at that moment. I just spent a lot of time watching and listening to this interview and I’m so enamored by this guy, I may try to create a cloning machine and have a Rafa just for me :)

    • Atch2 says:

      Thanks Eliana and Inés. You don’t know how we non-Spanish speaking appreciate your translations.

      Rafa is wonderful as usual. I like the variety in the questions. So many things we wanted to know about in his professional and personal life. Nice he is so open about it all. Can’t watch the vids now bec I’m at work so look forward to seeing those at home.

    • Atch2 says:

      Also Rafa’s going to be in another commercial? Can’t wait.

    • Fay says:

      Oh Eliana thanks to you too, and your comments on Rafa are really touching!

      • Susanna728 says:

        Iliana, Inés and Eliana – Thanks so much! Your translations are wonderful for those of us who speak a medium level of Spanish too, because after we read your translations, we can then go back and listen to the interview in Spanish and be able to understand Rafa in his own voice much more.

    • Isabelle says:

      Thank you Eliana!

  8. An says:

    Its a joy to be able to listen and watch this man! The beauty that is Rafa!

  9. Marilyn Wasserman says:

    LOL, I’ve always thought that Rafa dresses for casual wear by pulling the top t-shirt and jeans out of a drawer.

    Really appreciate the translations of the Google translation and the added bits that were left out of that.

  10. An says:

    Yes, thanks to our translators Inés, Eliana and Ilian for making us understand more and more off all thats being said…
    Greatly aprecciated!

  11. Choices says:

    Eliana – while you are at it could you clone a very slightly older version for me too please! lol

  12. Maria says:

    This is such a great interview. I keep thinking that if it were not on the radio but on the tv instead, it would have not been that great. It made him sound (& look) so ‘real’.

  13. Atch2 says:

    It’s nice to just watch Rafa, looking so relaxed and cheerful. The pinky sunburnt face, the pink lips, the expressive arms, the dimples, the giggles and laughs, etc

    And Benito seems to spend so much time when compared to his other client Nole who’s in Serbia playing the Novak Cup.

    • CC says:

      Totally. Who wouldn’t though? Spend more time with Rafa, that is… ;)

    • tiemyshoe says:

      Ha, I wonder how Benito deals with the “you love your other client better than me *POUT*” issues. ‘Cause he obviously loves Rafa more. ;)

  14. CC says:

    Thanks for translations above, all three of you! I can’t wait until I get some time to properly watch the vids and read the translations! Not right now though…

  15. Maria says:

    I like the fact that he is asked most of the standard questions – those which have become compulsory for all the interviewers lately – but that he answers them in non-standard fashion. He’s witty and funny and serious at the same time and you can tell he’s enjoying being all of those.
    I love that he is far from bored, in a good mood and very talkative. In my mind it has much to do with the fact that it’s radio and not tv. But I might be wrong, maybe it has all to do with 2 reassuring titles.
    All in all, it might be the best interviews so far this year.
    But Rafa, honestly, there’re so many interesting things to read, not only the press. You should try it sometimes, when you’ll be less busy making history.

  16. Ch F says:

    Hahaha I think he was also asked to explain what he meant when he said he likes to suffer (??!?!). The interviewer asked him to explain, otherwise people would think he’s a masochist! He answered he never said he likes to suffer, he only said you can always learn when things go wrong.

  17. Maria says:

    The masochist Q&A is gold!

  18. ekattor says:

    the official website has a subtiteled version…. at least part of it…

    • Atch2 says:

      Thanks for pointing it out. It’s nice seeing Rafa’s reactions with the questions and answers.

  19. CC says:

    Mmmhmmmhmmmm… I totally *flove* this whole thing, now that I’ve finally watched it all…
    Rafa is adorably shy and uncomfortable throughout! It almost makes ME feel shy for him when he talks about his family/private life and starts fiddling with the chair, suddenly sitting almost on the floor. What a treasure he is… :D

    Pssst… Rafa… I’m also a lickle bit scared of the dark, no? If I’m alone in my parents house, I do exactly what you do; leave all the lights on. Next time, I will come and keep you company. We can…urm…play UNO. ;)

    • Atch2 says:

      UNO. Yeah right. More like strip UNO, if there is such a thing.

      • CC says:

        *thinks again*

        OK, true Atch2. We’re home alone, right? So…strip UNO, skinny dip in pool, hot shower, *tour* of bedrooms (or any other suitable rooms). All activities done with the lights on, of course. ;)

        • An says:

          Hah, tought so!;)

          UNO…. You mean YouKnow!

          But hey, iff you both are still feeling a little scared being home alone in the dark, i offer to join you so we can play hide and seek;)

          • CC says:

            UNO, the awesome card game…you know? :D
            I don’t really care what we play (strip Monopoly, strip Hide and Seek, strip Yatzy…) as long as we end up naked on the floor. Or in the shower. Or at the kitchen table. Or on the sofa. Or in the garden. Or in the dining room. Or in bed.

            You can keep scores, An. And then we’ll swap over. ;)

  20. Atch2 says:

    These are links to the 4 part vids with Eng subtitles:

    So nice to see Rafa and the translations in sync.

    *miri pls delete if it’s been posted elsewhere*