Gear gallery update

Don’t forget, if you have photos of yourself with shirts/goodies you bought from this site, send in your photos for our gallery. Luth and Fay recently sent in photos. You can see them here.

5 Responses

  1. natch says:

    Awww. Look at all the cuteness.
    And Rafa, too! ;)

  2. Wooffie says:

    Fay – surely you’re not cuddling up to Feds too?? :D

  3. Fay says:

    Definately not! I do have one with just Rafa, the one on the post but it didn’t come out too well thats why I posted this one, I don’t have a problem with Federer like some Rafafans, although I am completely devoted to Rafa, I have utmost respect for Federer, he is a phenomenal player and is part of what makes Nadal so great, just Part though, after all he does have 16 slams to his tally and one would be ignorant to not admitt that the guy has talent. Rafa for me is even more special because he has had to work so hard to get where he is and what he has achieved in so few years is nothing short of a miracle, but most importantly he is an amazing person both on and off the court and for me the most exciting tennis player of all time… not to mention the hottest!

  4. dutchgirl says:

    Finally, I’ve got some company! :)

  5. Isabelle says:

    I really enjoyed seeing your pictures dutchgirl and Fay! This is a great idea Miri.