Who will Rafa jinx this time?

Both CC and Inés sent in a link to this video where Rafa’s talking about this evening’s game between Real Madrid and Mallorca. Per Inés, he claims that he prefers that Mallorca wins today because they are fighting to enter in the Championship league. Is he trying to play reverse psychology with his jinxing skills?

After discussing footie, Inés says that he says that he is happy because the way he is playing. He feels that he’s been at his best level, since the year has started because of the hard work that he has done.

7 Responses

  1. meretricula says:

    but if Madrid loses the match Barcelona wins La Liga! definitely reverse psychology there. (cheer for Real, Rafa! I want Mallorca to win.)

  2. Choices says:

    Well I guess Rafa will be happy whoever wins then! He can’t be seen as a Mallorquin to be cheering at home for Real Madrid, so I guess it is a win win situation for his conscience really!

  3. Choices says:

    Rafa!!! What have you done to the home team?? It is not over yet but they are losing 1-4… ruh oh!!

  4. Atch2 says:

    If Rafa was trying the old reverse psychology jinxing it worked bec Real Madrid really did win their match, but they’re still behind Barca. So if you want Real Madrid to win the La Liga title, you might have to use your other superpowers Rafa ;)

  5. tiemyshoe says:

    Rafa’s jinx powers are SCARY. Mallorca’s lost 4 home games this whole season – one of them he attended, and another one was today’s. If Real Madrid is to drop points before season’s end, this would’ve been the match to do it, but noooooo. I think they’re going to win La Liga.

    Damn you, Rafa!! :\

    • Atch2 says:

      Rafa’s going to Madrid this Thursday, and Real Madrid are playing at the Santiago Bernabeu on Saturday 8. I hope the club know to ban Rafa from going too see the match live, from watching it on the TV, from listening to it on the radio, from talking to the players (especially Ronaldo and Higuain) etc. Unless he does the reverse psychology jinxing thing and waves a Athletic Club flag and says he’s cheering for them.

      • tiemyshoe says:

        Thanks, Atch! This gives me hope that he’ll jinx them after all. Hope to see him at the match. /evil