Toni confirms Madrid

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Per an article on La Razon (Google translation), Toni has confirmed that Rafa will play Madrid. (Well, unless Google translation is leading me far astray.)

A day after the triumph of Nadal in Rome, his uncle and coach, Toni, responds to your relaxed. He is, but also reassures him what he is seeing on the track. “Rafael was playing well from the beginning of the year, but in the end the victory escaped him. Land is more specialized in this area gives you an advantage and that fair game as she held him to win. He is at his best, as in 2008, “analyzes Toni.

Monte Carlo, which won the first tournament after nearly a year in white, was fundamental. “He took a load off and was a dose of morality. In addition, he played the best tennis of his life. In Rome under the level, this is normal. They also beat major rivals, like Ferrer, “he continues. And Gulbis?: “It was the worst day of Rafael. The Latvian pulled him from great and feel comfortable. But in the end is a party that suits you, and so far had not lost a set and to return to winning Roland Garros in which meetings will have to suffer. ”

The next challenge will be Nadal Madrid. Toni puts an end to the suspense about the presence or not of your ward. The Thursday we will be there “, says outright. “This year is more relaxed,” he continues. The renunciation of the Conde de Godo was fundamental. Five games in seven days of rest. “He advised physicians to avoid a repeat of 2009 ‘, reveals coach Nadal. This year, the season of land, has alternated: week tournament, a bye week. And will remain so until Roland Garros. The direct implication is clear: “Play without pain.” The parties disputed last year burdened by the inconvenience. It was speculated that he was changing his game, hitting the right, but it was just a way to trick the pain. “The earth does not have to change anything. The game of 2008 (won Monte Carlo, Godo, Hamburg and Roland Garros) is good enough, he thinks Toni.

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  1. Bebe says:

    The very timing of this tournament makes me want to spit. What bunch of idiots agreed with the main idiot who came up with “tournament at high altitude a mere week before a Major”????