Just another day on the job…

…it’s just like this when I arrive at work every morning too.

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  1. Adriana says:

    OMG… THAT is stressful. Sometimes I think we love him so much we would bite him or even EAT him if we had the opportunity haha

  2. Nana says:

    Haha… another one of those!

    I always find it amusing, but also a bit disturbing that Rafa is mobbed everywhere and has to face screaming fans week in and week out. But I guess he’s become very good at zoning out, like he’s there but not really there… And he’s such a great person that he always wants to sign for everyone even when he is carrying several bags and everyone else just stands there and watch =P

    Enjoy your few quiet days at home, Rafa!

  3. Kate says:

    I wasn’t too crazy about the stubble yesterday but there it looks hot. Miri and I have been up close and even tho I am not a screechy person (never was) I think I would be a little over whelmed if he smiled at me heehee!

    • Fay says:

      I was overwhelmed at the O2 last year, even though he was down about his game, he managed a smile for me as \I was filming him during practice in the Arena before his Djokovic match 11am in the morning, I can tell you his smile melts a 1000 hearts and that morning including mine… I did make sure I was wearing a bright red top a la Rafa just to get myself noticed of course…. its such an amazing experience and I remember at the time, when I had met Woofie there we both said that it was like a dream, almost unreal after watching so many of his matches on T.v being able to get so close to him was so so special!

  4. nic says:

    Hehe Rafa’s hair is so poofy here :D What a cutie.

  5. Choices says:

    No wonder he cannot wait to get home to Mallorca where he says that he is almost anonymous, well, until he gets to the airport and is mobbed by the tourists who have to get in on the act as he tries to load all of his bags onto the luggage scales. Such is the price of fame, it must be horrible!!

  6. Holly says:

    He’s so patient with his fans. I would go crazy if I had to hear my name yelled like that over and over and over…

    I’m so proud of him right now :) What a great win!

  7. Kathy says:

    I am so proud of Rafa, the man that he is. Winning or not winning, so gracious to all. And so kind to his fans.
    Our champion, one for the ages.

  8. Alison says:

    Mmmm Rafa’s looking really hot at the moment. I must admit I am a stubble loving girl!

  9. rafandready says:

    Having been in the midst of all that over the last week (and being one of the people shouting “Rafa” (sorry)) – I have to say that he deals with it all so well…he signs for as many people as he possibly can, he was signing after practice sessions and when he arrived at the site. Even on the day of the final he was doing autographs before the match on the way over from the players’ entrance to the players’ lounge, and then again on the way back – I said “Good luck Rafa – you can do it, you can do it” and he looked at me and said “Thank you”. To say I was a quivering wreck is an understatement. And then after he had won the match, done the on-court interviews etc he went round the whole court signing his autograph for soooo many peope. I have just had the best week ever in Rome with Wooffie, Clare and Debs – if anyone can get there next year then I highly recommend it!

    • gundu_nimmy says:

      I’m so ambivalent about this. I keep thinking I’ll watch him from far off but never get close and mob him; I think I would be so intimidated and feel ashamed – I don’t know how to describe, I guess I’ll get too emotional and I don’t know why I feel this. On the other hand, when I think of running into him in an airport or a street or a shop, I think I would just say hi and keep walking. I think it’s acceptable that people stalk(!) him in the tournaments- he kind of expects it and it goes with the job, kinda. But off the grounds and courts, I think it’s abominable!

      Sorry, I’m not judging you or others; I’m trying to understand why I feel this way; I feel it’s irrational, but then nothing is rational when it comes to RAFA. And I love miri and this site in that it allows me to feed my Rafanatism in a positive way.

  10. Atch2 says:

    Yeah, Rafa’s one of the best tennis players ever to represent the game, on and off court. Things like getting an autograph from your fav player is special, and he does it so consistently, whether he’s just won or lost a match or just walking around.

    I wonder how Rafa chooses which parts of the crowd to stop and autograph for, but he seems to make the most effort to sign for the kids though.

    And I like that the rest of Rafa’s posse disappear during these times.

  11. Silhouette says:

    Well, if I were there, I’ll probably be one of the screaming fans there. But I guess if I am ever so lucky to see Rafa on the streets, I’ll probably go and say hi. Depending on his company and the vibe, I might try to beg for a pic together. Otherwise a ‘Hi, I’m a big fan’ will suffice. And then as he walks away, I will whip out my camera to take pics of him walking away and linger there until he is out of sight :D

  12. Wooffie says:

    Hi everybody – and ‘hello’ to Fay again too.

    As Rafandready described above, we were there last week and were part of crowds awaiting Rafa. Whilst it all seems a bit frenzied, I have to say that there is actually a lot of control surrounding it. Rafa made himself available to the fans when he arrived at the stadium, when he left, after his practise sessions and as described above, once he’d finished all his media work on court after the final, he took the time and trouble to go all round the stadium to the waiting fans to sign one thing after the other and after the other.

    As a fan, I find the time he takes out for us absolutely marvellous. And notwithstanding that, just that few seconds it takes for him to sign means the world to us. So from young tots to us *older* ladies, he made so many people happy last week in Rome. There were others (who shall remain nameless) who just walk right through without signing or greeting the fans whatsoever and only give a regal wave before disappearing. I know whose style I prefer.

    As an aside, we missed that particular entrance, but a special shout out to the security man on the left. He told us the court where Rafa was practising and that resulted in the first time he walked the line to us and signed our stuff. I told him “Good Luck, Rafa”, and he nodded in acknowledgement to me which made my week.

    We all thought that we couldn’t love or respect Rafa any more than we already do, but after his treatment to us and the fans last week … we most certainly do.

  13. CC says:

    How anyone would voluntarily stand amongst that crowd is to me a mystery. What is the point?

    Rafa looks pretty annoyed. He also looks pretty when annoyed. Those legs on display the last few seconds are a joy to behold. Mmmm… ;)

    • miri says:

      I don’t understand it either. The only way I can watch him practice is if I’m not totally surrounded. And I flee during the autograph mosh pit. I don’t understand the desire for a scribble that it took someone a second to write out before moving on to the next scribble.

      I think he often has a “I’ve check out” look on his face during these things – like it’s a way of dealing with it…but I could be projecting. :)

      • Atch2 says:

        I think the personal interaction, however brief with Rafa would be memorable, even if its just a thanks or eye contact.

        • CC says:

          No. If getting squashed in a crowd and behaving like a complete fool is what it takes, then I really don’t see the point. And I can’t see Rafa enjoying this at all, which to me makes it so much worse.

          I think little kids wanting an autograph after a match is great! This is…something else.

          It might just be me being pissy, though. ;)

          • Wooffie says:

            Well, I was there last week and think too much is being made of this. I wasn’t in that particular “scrum”, but the next day he arrived and hardly anyone was there to greet him, so it was a much more controlled manner.

            Rafa is detached when doing this sort of thing, mainly because (I think), he’s actually preparing himself for the match and accepting that this is part of “the job”. Better to hope for an autograph in this sort of situation than when it really is in his personal time.

            One thing’s for sure … he made an awful lot of people happy last week by what he did. Lets face it, when do most of us ever, ever get the chance to be near one of our heroes? We got a swarm of autographs last week, none of it was in a crushed sort of manner and the words and contact he made to us made our week.

            Its each to their own. If this isn’t your sort of bag, then fine. But I would much rather have a People’s Champion who gives something back to the fans and makes you feel that he appreciates your support than some distant, aloof individual who totally ignores you and walks on by, but feels fit to give a regal wave from a very long distance.

            For me any way, you keep up the good work Rafa.

            • JanP says:

              Very well put, Wooffie! When I watched this video, it kind of made me cringe, but you’ve got to hand it to him for doing this and not, as you said, just ignoring the fans and walking by. I mean, as others have said, it did seem as if Rafa intended not to make any eye contact in THIS particular session but at least he did take the time, however brief, to do this. I can’t imagine myself in this kind of “scrum” but would like a more controlled and less crowded manner, as you were lucky enough to experience. To have him acknowledge your good wishes is amazing! And something I, as an “older” fan, would love to experience! It’s just something I want him to know–how much I wish for him to do his best and win as many matches as possible. He IS a legend already, and to see him play in person would be amazing!!

            • miri says:

              Better to hope for an autograph in this sort of situation than when it really is in his personal time.

              Yes, athletes/celebs shouldn’t be bothered on personal time, but neither should they have people screaming out their name non-stop, yelling at them during practice schedules, smooshing small children and knocking over security fences to get what they want. (Yes, the people in this vid were basically well-behaved aside from the constant and annoying “RAFA”s, but that’s not always the case.)

              As you said, to each their own, but I do not understand the desire for a scribble on a piece of paper at all. Nor do I get when people walk onto the practice courts after he’s left and snap up towels, water bottles, etc. It just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever to me (and actually creeps me out a bit).

              • CC says:

                I can only agree with miri here. I wouldn’t want to bother Rafa at any time and hope fans can show support by just turning up to watch him play. As you say, each to their own.