Rome: Trophy ceremony photos

Whenever you are in a bad mood? Look at a picture of smiley Rafa with a trophy.

Photos by REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi, AP Photo/Pier Paolo Cito, Costantini, Julian Finney/Getty Images, and ANDREAS SOLARO/AFP/Getty Images

19 Responses

  1. patzin says:

    Nice shots. Happy for both Rafa and Daveed.

  2. An says:

    Ooooh: #11, “almost a nom”…. and a delicious tongue;)

    • CC says:

      Rafatongue… Bet he could taste some good stuff with that… I mean, bet it tastes good…. Erm, I don’t really know what I mean. But I agree with you, An. :D

  3. solaris says:

    Very lively shots.

    This is interesting picture, but more interesting comment:

    I guess it has to do with the sticker on trophy’s back and it being a sticker for Italian football league :)

    • miri says:

      It says this on the bottom:

      • solaris says:

        Yeah, I guess it’s not the sticker. But I somewhere read that there was no winner of 2009 on, but we’ll never know :)

        • miri says:

          What you read was correct – a previous winner was not listed on the trophy.

          • Nana says:

            Huh? Someone’s been slacking off? Or they have complete faith in Rafa and think that since he’s gonna win more any way they can just put in “2009-20?? Rafael Nadal” later?

            Rafa’s such a dork to notice these things during the ceremony ;P

            • kefuoe says:

              The first thing I would be looking for is my name on the trophy, especially to see it there so many times! I like your first idea. It’s like the bar advertisements we have here– never a closing time, just “6pm -’til”.

  4. Atch2 says:

    Luv contemplating a snack. His whole face just shows the joy of his win and the prize to show for it. I can imagine Rafa borrowing the trophy and sleeping with it that night.

  5. CC says:

    Heh, I love to see the little furry lion’s head stick up from the trophy. Only Rafa… Double <3!!!

  6. Nic says:

    I was in a really bad mood a while ago but watching Rafa’s smiley face after match point on the news and now looking at these beautiful photos, I can’t help but smile and just melt with him. I love you heaps Rafa, thanks for your gorgeous fighting spirit, beautiful soul, and that ray of sunshine that is your lovely smile! That twinkle in his eye in every picture is just irreplaceable.

  7. Alison says:

    Haha CC’s comments always crack me up!! She’s such a naughty girl…pity Rafa doesn’t see them. I bet he’d love all the innuendos.Keep them coming CC!

  8. CC says:

    Thank God he doesn’t read them, I think is what you mean, no? ;)

  9. Fay says:

    lovely pics and that one with ferru is perfect!