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The very busy Inés asked her partner in RafaCrime Bee to do the translation today – so thanks, Bee!

Xavi: Sr Rafa Nadal, today yes, you really got wet, just how many interruptions! and in the end you won for the 5th time. Are these sensations special? different?

Rafa: Hola! Good afternoon, well the sensations are always different, I really have gone through a difficult period, I have worked really hard as I said in Monte Carlo to be here and I also said many times that I was at the right level, and these last two weeks that I have been competing have gone really well for me, incredible for me to win the most important tournaments in the world this one for me personally there are some of my favourites and I am very, very happy about how everything has gone. I also want to congratulate David for the really great week that he has had, he is playing at a great level throughout the season

Xavi: It is still special this victory, with the two interruptions, you have sometimes lived through those before in other matches, such as Wimbledon but to happen in a final it makes it strange

Rafa: Yes, yes it always makes it difficult waiting it out in the locker room, but well, okay I’ve lived through it already a couple of times, with Soderling in Wimbledon, and also with Federer in the final, Montecarlo this year I also had to stop during the match against Juan Carlos, so I am used to it and you just have to have patience and wait for the moment to go and start again, and like I said the most important thing is to keep a cool head and not get angry.

Xavi: A question from Tomás Carbonell, Rafa

Tomás: First of all congratulations especially for the well deserved victory playing not quite as well as you were playing in Montecarlo, and then to ask what did you change after the delay – I was saying here that you had some problems with your forehand during the match and then when you came out after the delay, you worked out the problems and finished in style.

Rafa: Well I think that the match yesterday took away a bit of my confidence so I started off with a few doubts today. The match yesterday was a difficult match, and interrupted my rhythm a lot, I didn’t feel good, so it made me start with a little bit of doubt. Also the rain and wind from the start of the match, well the sensation wasn’t perfect, and apart from that in front of me I had probably the most difficult rival that I had met in this tournament and some moments of the match were tough, like the 5-4 0:30 in the first set, no, but I think that more than the forehand, the real problem in the first set was the return of serve which was going very short and with a weak grip, and then going to the locker room and talking to Toni we were talking about holding the racquet a bit tighter on the return of serve, that went well and from there the match went much better for my part.

Xavi: We have to end here, a Mallorquin triumphed today in the Moto GP of Spain, Jorge Lorenzo, in Rome you have triumphed, another Mallorquin, this victory today I imagine you would like to dedicate, for the day that today is to your mother.

Rafa: Well (smiling) I never dedicate anything to anyone but today is Mothers Day so it wouldn’t be wrong, so of course to always thank my mother for everything she does for me, and it is a shame she couldn’t be here with me today, and from here I send her a big kiss.

Xavi: And we do to you Rafa, thanks

Rafa: Thanks to you, and a hug.

(Just a little anecdote – after Rafa’s conversation Xavi was laughing saying “I think that is the first time I have sent a kiss to Rafa!!!”)

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  1. tenissfun says:

    i love the way he talks about the match. honest and candid.

    able to look in the eye with equamity be it googd bad or ugly, is one of the best thing about rafa. and than he works very hard to better his good and overcome his problems.

  2. gundu_nimmy says:

    Gee Rafa, surprised you didn’t know enough about grips! Anyways, we send you kisses and hugs too!

    • tennisfun says:

      its not about not knowing , every sport person has to go over his or her basics again and again. thats one of the things a coach does, beside always keeping it simple. becuase while playing players start doing things which may lead to mistakes. which the coach watching sees and then tells the player, which the player might not have realised or may realise later otherwise.

  3. Atch2 says:

    Hey sweet Mama’s Boy.

    Wow, Rafa admitted he had doubts lingering from the match with Gulbis. Thank goodness he didn’t tell us or else we would have been more nervous for him.

    And I thought a player isn’t suppose to talk to their coach during rain delays, but then again Uncle Toni was there talking to Rafa during the Wimby rain delays. So why is it a big deal that players have to be accompanied during toilet breaks?

    But amazing what a change of grips can do for you.

    • Fay says:

      Well actually Atch, I was quite worried for Rafa after his Gulbis match, I mean he just scraped through and he knew it, I had a hunch that even though MC he was playing well with confidence here he had had a few scares, 1st Wawrinka and Gulbis prehaps the whole match! enough to make him doubt himself again, its a natural instinct to know what his feeling having watched him for so long but especially over the last year or so where he has had to over come so much and like he says you always have to be prepared as to when things might get tough again although I think he has learn’t his lesson from over playing! I find it really endearing and honest that he is able to tell the Spanish Media all this, this takes courage and I love people who wear their heart on their sleeve it shows what a great genuine character he is and why we love him so.. The bit about Uncle ?Toni’s advice is a real insight to how important Uncle T is in his life, just that strong mentor that he is.
      Players have to be accompanyed to the toilet I think because of the drug issue I would expect.. In the locker room everyone is there together.

      • Fay says:

        Oh and not to forget that most importantly Rafa came through 2 matches here that he could have lost had he lost his colm’, this alone is huge for him, a very important step in the right direction…
        Thank you Bee for this brilliant translation, your contributions to this site are well appreciated it makes such a difference.

  4. sia says:

    A second angel … thanks Bee.
    With all these translations, plus the videos, this language is starting to make sense. :)

  5. Nana says:

    An honest assessment of yourself is good, Rafa.

    I want to be that trophy =P

  6. CC says:

    First of all, I was relieved to hear that the windy wasn’t there so much after the second rain delay. Heh.

    He does look a little embarrassed when sending a kiss to his mum, but I bet he’s mummy’s boy whatever. ;)

  7. CC says:

    Oh, and thank you for the translations, both Ines and Bee!

  8. cindy says:

    check out this very important post final match interview with rafa