2006 Rome final

Take a trip via the way-back machine and relive the 2006 Rafa/Roger Rome final via TennisTV.com.

3 Responses

  1. Fay says:

    This was such a classic final, probably the best clay court tennis that Federer had ever played against a young Rafa back then, but strong nonetheless, his game was still in defence mode very much in those days but brilliant defence no less, his will to never give up and stay in the moment proved once again to take its toll and put doubt in Federers mind, what a match it was and it certainly took their rivalry to another level.. one worth having for keeps in the dvd tennis collection a la Rafael Nadal victories, for sure. Its matches like this which have made Nadal the ultimate warrior, probably the strongest the game has ever seen and why we absolutely never get tired of him! Vamos Rafa always..

  2. Fay says:

    Oh and thanks for posting this Miri, I have been lucky to have witnessed Nadal over the years but I realise that on here not all of his fans have seen him grow and develop his game to what it is now (when on of course), even though his game didn’t have the variety it has now including the serve his movement and speed were outstanding, he was so strong, so resilient bring so much energy to the court, why even his presence seem to wear some down… watching this reminds me of that energy and why I fell in love with this wonderful tennis to be great!

  3. sharon says:

    Thanks for that Miri. It was great to see Rafa pull out that incredible win but I would have liked the video more if it hadn’t been so Federer-centric. It must have been put together by his fanclub because we only got to see his winning points until the end when they had no choice but to show Rafa’s brilliance.

    Seeing as much as we did though, it was really interesting to see how much Rafa has improved his game. He’s really added a lot of aggressive shots and technique which makes him even more fun to watch now. Still miss the pirate outfits though. :P