Rome: Hanging with football players

Rafa (and Nole) appear to be forgiven for jinxing Roma as some players came to watch Rafa’s match today and then meet up with him after. Looks like they brought along some bored WAGs. Or were those provided by the tennis tournament? Any way, here’s the vid – if it’s no longer the featured video, click on the link labeled, “Nadal incontra i giocatori della Roma” – love the “chatting up” pose at the end, Rafa. (Thanks to Viva for posting a link.)

@Meriko1 saved out a copy on YouTube in case the one on the federation site doesn’t work for you.

And some photos by Costantini from the tournament site.

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  1. SapphireSwell says:

    Oooh, a misprint on his shirt. It should be “The Windy” ;)

    Hehe, Rafa’s so cute when meeting other star atheletes. He gets all smiley and giddy like when fans meet him.

    “So, what are you doing later?” Rafa and Nole are probably inviting this guy back to the sleepover. (Twitter joke!)

  2. tiemyshoe says:

    Julio Baptista! Long time no see.

    Hrmm, I really appreciate Rafa’s tight, tight white shirt in the beginning. And his smiles! No matter how big a star he gets, no matter that he grew up surely surrounded by footie legends, he always seems so happy to meet other athletes. :)

    • tiemyshoe says:

      P.S. – Do any of the players know that Mr. #2 Nole is there, too? Don’t think he gets a mention, poor guy. ;)

      • Cat says:

        I noticed Nole! I watched the video and I don’t think the Roma players know who he is poor guy! They all mention Rafa & Roger, not one of them mentioned Nole and the poor guy is standing in the room with them and is the current world number 2!!! One player did say “my freind here and Rafa” heheh I bet he doesn’t even know poor Djok’s name!

    • Nana says:

      Love the tight white shirt too. Never seen him wear something like this. It looks like what footballers wear underneath their jersey.

  3. Nada H T says:

    WOW !! I am a RAFA fan and a ROMA fan !!

    So , it’s AMAZING ! :*

    Thanks a lot for the great pics. !

    • Laura says:

      I’m heartbroken to see Rafa in a Roma jersey!!! Methinks he’d look much better in an Inter one ;-)

      They are lovely pics nonetheless!

  4. sia says:

    Rafa looks so cute in his Baptista shirt … you know he’s thinkin’ I could’ve been one of the team (playing for another country of course). He just loves football.

  5. Atch2 says:

    I luv this so so much. The awed, shy and happy reactions/exchanges that Rafa gives to everyone is so adorable. The male bonding is so sexy. Rafa could blend right in with them, looking all cool, athletically built, and especially with his new shirt (luv to know what he says at 1.17. he’s so cute).

    Feli was there at the beginning as well, but Rafa does get all of the attention, and he’s so polite about it.

    As for the last pic ‘No I show you one much better than this’, Rafa your watch is $500,000+. It’s going to be difficult to flog off the watch on anyone else.

  6. Amanda says:

    Okay. You’re going to think I’m nuts.. but I’m wee bit confused.. WHO is this team? What team does Rafa cheer for and what team was his Uncle with? He doesn’t cheer for the team his Uncle was part of? Thnx! :)

    • Eliana says:

      Ok, Amanda, he’s like a super fan of Real Madrid, but he does enjoy the sport as a whole. His uncle Miguel Angel played with FC Barcelona and here he’s cheering AS Roma from Italia Serie A. I think that’s the jist of it.

  7. Atch2 says:

    Oh to be Julio Baptista in pic 3 & 4.
    I’d die if Rafa stood talking to me like that.

  8. Nana says:

    And no Captain Totti? Disappointed!

  9. Silhouette says:

    I like pic 2 best! He looks soooo happy!!

  10. CC says:

    Once again Rafa manages to be adorably shy and sweet looking combined with being sooo hot and sexy. The others just try too hard. I love his “don’t I look cool in this?” shrug at 1:19. :)

  11. Wooffie says:

    He he. We are lucky enough to be at the tournament and the big screens captured the players watching the match.

    Poor old Julio Baptista though. His WAG was wearing a very inappropriate, one shouldered green jumpsuit, which proved to be a tad chilly when we had some spots of rain in the Nando match.

    She obviously has a “thing” about Feli too, as she made Julio stay out into the evening to watch him whilst she indulged in her guilty pleasure … as did we!! ;-)

    • Karen says:

      I noticed a couple of the WAG’s fanning themselves, no wonder, Rafa’s looking mighty fine & hot!

    • sombina says:

      The redhead in the background of the 1st picture looks like Roma forward John Arne Riise. He was also watching Rafa’s match against Kohls, and got the cheer from the crowd when he was showed on camera, at the match you were at. I think Riise has scored most goals this season for Roma.

      No jinxing back from the Roman footies after Rafa jinxed them, though. :-)

    • Fay says:

      Sounds like you are all indulging in guilty pleasure! Woofie.

  12. cindy says:

    you can the video when Rafa meets AS Roma player


  13. robert says:

    Check out the background of the second pic, to the left: there’s a woman holding a tiny baby wrapped in a shawl.

    Seems it was a real family field trip for the Team Roma.

    And for a short moment Rafa is living his childhood dream to be a footballer. He just loves the team camaraderie.

  14. Fay says:

    Yes, Rafa loves being around a group, thats why he excels in the Davis cup so well… he looks like he is having a ball here and many females must be enjoying the view, (am I jealous?, of course!! he effortlessly looks so sexy, he has such a natural appeal.

  15. Fay says:

    At around 0.52-0.54, Rafa is looking gorgeous here, phew he just gets more handsome everyday…

  16. Adriana says:

    Alright! So the blonde guy of the first picture attended to all Rafa’s matches during this tournament. I thought he might be famous because the camera wouldn’t stop following him, but I didn’t know for sure, they said nothing on tv.