Rome: 2nd round videos

Inés sends in these two and will try to translate the interview, but it is a bit lengthy, so have patience!

Match highlights:

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I hope these don’t suck – I haven’t gotten to watch them yet. Have to get back to work for a meeting.

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  1. rubik says:

    For those of you who are short of time for one reason or another, here is the summary of Nadal’s presser given on the official site of the 2010 Rome Masters 1000:

    “And… I’ve just sat in on the Rafa presser. He didn’t think he played his best tennis today, Kohli was a little more aggressive than usual, please don’t ask him about the final, it’s only the second round, don’t compare me with Roger losing yesterday because Roger hardly ever loses, and despite being a Madrid fan, Barcelona have always been very respectful towards me and I’ll do the same towards them (playing in the Champions League semi tonight). Very fair comments all round from a patient Rafa (though he still obviously sees pressers as a necessary evil – as a lot of players do, to be fair).”

    This is from the really good and funny guy who does the daily “AS IT HAPPENS” blatherings at the Rome tournament all day long, for all important matches.

    In my personal opinion, this guy’s daily “AS IT HAPPENS” blatherings in Rome are an excellent and funny place where to get a very good overall, yet precise, picture of what’s going on with the main ATP players and matches at the 2010 Rome Masters 1000.

  2. CC says:

    So Rafa has blister on his hand that is bothering him. What is it with Rome and blisters? I’ll kiss it better for you Rafa!

    Roig, do yer shirt up. Please.

  3. Viva says:

    There’s a new video of Rafa with some football players right after his match :

  4. Fay says:

    Thanks for the clip Viva, Rafa looks so handsome and sexy here, *phew* he is looking hot! have decided that I love him in red too! Cannot wait for the translation of this interview, it was lengthy wasn’t it… the next shows the best parts of the match, Rafa was playing too short for my liking making it easy for Kohlshreiber to pick him off at the net, Rafa was way to far behind the baseline today, for return of serve and in general, when he steps up and plays into his strokes coupled with the spin he is so hard to attack and there wasn’t enough of this today… tut tut Rafa, hope you find your A game this week!

  5. Rafangel says:

    Love the wink at the end ;)

  6. Fay says:

    o by the way, I never get tired of Rafa whipping off his head band and strutting to the next, can he get any hotter?

  7. Fay says:

    oops I mean’t strutting to the net,lol..

  8. Inés says:

    It’s seems Miri still is very busy at work so I put by myself the translation. Miri if you want to delete this and put it better do it, please

    Good afternoon, Rafa, congratulations

    Rafa: Hi good afternoon, thank you very much

    We said Rafa that perhaps this is the time you’ve won easier to Kohlschreiber, or as Berasategui has said , the result is deceptive?

    Rafa : Kohlschreiber is always a very difficult opponent, the truth is that I started the match, ……bufff, in the locker room I’ve been quite worried, because I have a blister here in my hand ,that it makes me difficult to hit with the forehand , but well, I have hereunto a bulky bandage but the thing has worked more or less well, and the result against Kohlschreiber 6-1 6-3, is always a deceptive result, Kohlschreiber is a great player on all surfaces, but on clay, I think bit more and I think that today Kohlschreiber has rushed a little, he has committed more errors than usual for wanting to force more of the necessary and I’ve taken advantage of that and I think I made a serious match and it has given me the win and very happy therefore

    Congratulations Rafa, you have started today with a firm step ….

    Rafa: Many thanks

    … .. to defend this title and after coming from MC with the confidence that you come from, you’re with options to go deep (in the tourney) again, knowing that it has to take match by match

    Rafa: Well, we’ll see, the truth is I’ve had these past few days just a bit of trouble here with the blister in the hand, the truth is I have not practised well as I did in MC, but the truth is that fortunately Today was the day that I touched the ball better in the warming up, I made a correct match for me it is an important victory, the truth is that Kolh…. was a rival that worried me a lot and well, we’ll see the day to day, tomorrow is another tough match against Hanescu and I must try to keep playing well and trying to win tomorrow and we’ll see

    Rafa, the third and last question is going to make you by a man, a friend, a fellow coach who is very “culé” (a fanatic of Barça) and he is eager to see the Barça – Inter like you, it makes you the question, Francis Roig

    Rafa: What’s up?

    I wanted to know, we always talk that on TV, the matches, sometimes, deceive a little, I wonder how you’ve felt really on court and if you have the feeling of having played well and also, if at any time of the second set you have seen that the match could have been complicated a little bit

    Rafa: Yes, ehhh, the feeling,……. on TV sometimes deceives, since it can not be to determine finally whether you play well or badly because it is not valued where the balls go, I think the court here (the ball) jumps a lot, any ball that jumps one meter over the net, although it jumps near to the service’s lines, can be good, the ball is going up very high and I think it costs a lot to Kohlschreiber… , especially when I hit to his backhand. The second set, of course that it could complicate me, I had a bp against in the 3-2, he has committed an important unforced backhand error and well, I took the advantage, after, I saw that if I managed to play him a few balls in a row high on the backhand, it let me to shoot the ball to the forehand,………. but well, I think that neither very good nor a bad feeling,, I think much better than I was training, so happy because to start the tournament winning a not easy rival how Kohlschreiber is, it is very good news and apart, without suffering more than usual

    Well Rafa, thank you very much and I guess you want that Barça wins today, right?

    Rafa: Of course, always with the Spaniards, … … …. Thanks

    • miri says:

      Thanks! I just got home.

    • tiemyshoe says:

      Thank you, Inés!

      He really talks a mile a minute, eh?

      • Inés says:

        You bet!!! lol and sometimes with some expression in spanish not very easy to translate to english, not this time though :)))

        • rubik says:

          Thanks a million again, Inés! Lots of interesting info from Nadal in this Spanish interview! Nadal is really much more at ease with the Spanish media (and that’s normal, of course!)

  9. Inés says:

    I put music to a clip made for the people of TVE

  10. rubik says:

    “Rafa: Of course, always with the Spaniards, … … …. Thanks”

    Yes, always with the Spaniards, of course!

    And millions of “Thanks” to you too, Nadal!

    And most sorry for the blister on your hand…

  11. Fay says:

    Thank you Ines, its wonderful to have a translation of Rafas interviews on here, especially because he seems to reveal so much more too.. btw they showed Rafa watching the Murray match a minute ago and the blister looks really chronic, oh Rafa, he is always in the wars, a true warrior it would seem. Hope it doesn’t effect his play too much it must be so painful on the forehand, I hope it gets better, what a time in the middle of the Clay season to get a blister, still the one on his foot Rome 2008 was somethin else! I hope he can cure it! loved the little bit with Francois Roig, putting Rafa on the spot, but he seemed cool with it.