MC: Final photos

I don’t know about you guys, but I could use a cigarette…and I don’t even smoke.

Photos by Julian Finney/Getty Images, AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau, VALERY HACHE/AFP/Getty Images, REUTERS/Regis Duvignau, and REUTERS/Sebastien Nogier

More photos here.


32 Responses

  1. Nana says:

    I go to bed happy tonight with these images in my head. thanks Rafa! And Miri too!

  2. teejustice says:

    Beautiful victory! Rafa looks amazing. So happy for him. I was giddy initially, but you’re right. After looking through the photo set, even us non-smokers need a cigarette – satisfaction…Fuck yeah!

  3. patzin says:

    Great pics of happy Rafa. Good result, as he would say.

  4. nic says:

    Rafa resplendent in blue. What a beauty. How I love to see that smile again. And how I love to see him biting the trophy! El rey del pista!! Rafa you are awesome. And girrrrls, I know there’s going to be plenty of cheeky “package” comments on this page haha. I’m just going to focus on his beautiful smile.

    • teejustice says:

      whot? is it wrong that it took me another run through the photos to notice he was “holding” the trophy in #16 ;D

  5. Isabelle says:

    I don’t get tired of seeing him roll in the clay…just wish there was a photo of his release of tears and emotion, that was so touching!

  6. tiemyshoe says:

    Fer and Rafa look like brothers when they’re standing together.

    His dimples are so deep in the ones where he’s sitting with his shiny, shiny present that I wanna stick my fingers in them. :D

  7. An says:

    I’m just too happy for being cheeky at the mo…. don’t know where to look first, give me some time;)

    Sooooooo hard, to choose a desktop picture out off all off this ones:D

  8. nic says:

    #2 is beautiful. And those hands. Those hands! Are beautiful.

    • natch says:

      Gosh, I was going to ask how you could possible be looking at this hands…
      …then I saw you had already commented on other…things.
      At least you have your priorities in order! ;)

  9. Necitas says:

    Oh Rafa!!! :)

    • Necitas says:

      I’m so lost with words…

      • Necitas says:

        Finally I can comment more coherently now:
        1) Pics #2-#6 : Dirty and Happy Rafa! :)
        2) Beaming Rafa all the way.
        3) Pic #13 makes me shy to look…:)) I don’t know if some of you noticed as did, that when Rafa is truly excited with confidence the package reacts more expressively. Well, I can be wrong.
        4) And the beautiful well deserved trophy, also beaming and shining like Rafa.

        ‘Til next trophy biting Rafa! :)

  10. Fay says:

    Beautiful beautiful pictures, I have saved quite a few, Rafa is rocking in that blue, I love to see Rafa sliding on clay again not to mention falling on it in victory! I don’t know about you folks but this calls for a glass of champers!

  11. Marilyn Wasserman says:

    The last one made my desktop pic! Kinda wanted one of the clay covered Rafa but who can resist Rafa AND his reflection in that shiny, shiny trophy?

  12. CC says:

    Urm…is it a coincidence that I about twenty minutes ago checked what’s on telly and realised that I’d missed a comedy series called “Ballar av stål”, which translates as “Balls of steel”…? Just wondering. :)


    I love #2, because of the beautiful clay stuck to Rafa’s beautiful arms and hand. And because he must feel so happy right there at that moment!

    • karen says:

      How is it possible that Rafa gets more gorgeous with each passing year?Dont know which pic is my fave as they’re all so adorable of him achieving this magnificient win.Love him so much for winning in such brilliant fashion!!

  13. patzin says:

    I too saved the last pic for my desktop image. Sweet.

  14. Atch2 says:

    Rafadorable. So sweet and huggable.

    You munch away Rafa at that trophy, bec you deserve it!
    Hope Rafa gets to keep an actual size replica of the trophy and not some miniture version.

    • Isabelle says:

      Miri, you have had a very busy day and I join with everyone in saying thank you for all the fantastic Rafa info you provide us!

  15. Dicky says:

    Its been a long time no seeing Nadal happy like that~~~
    Keep it on Nadal and stay healthy ^.^

  16. Kathy says:

    Back to look at the photos again and believe it or not, I JUST noticed #16 !!!, #21 and #22 as having a trophy AND a package. Hard to choose between 15 and 24 for desktop. so so happy for Rafa and all his fans and many thanks to Miri for the wonderful coverage and photos. :-)

  17. CC says:

    Humina, humina…

    Whenever I close my eyes I see Rafa doing the trophy photo shoot in the nude.

    I don’t need a smoke. I need Rafa in my bed. Pronto. ;)

  18. miri says:

    Even if you looked yesterday, check that Realis gallery again today – there’s oodles more photos in it. Including more trophy/presser ones.

    • An says:

      And remember…. you can zoom in on those!;)

      • CC says:

        Geez, I’ll have to ogle these photos when people have left the room I’m in, or they’ll think I’m completely insane.
        Have they got the…you know…the…urm…oh, you know which photos I mean, to zoom in on!? ’cause I don’t know if I can handle that… :D

      • natch says:

        What?! Zoom in? How?

        Btw, Julien, Lionel, Valery, Regis, and Sebastien…whichever of you took the two photos…you know the ones…MUCHAS GRACIAS!!! That was a sight for sore eyes! :D

        • an says:

          CC, yes i know the ones you mean;) and yes they are there! And Natch, click on the picture to enlarge, on the right you see tools to zoom, you can up till 100% and then select the area wich you want to look at closer….. I know what i’m gonna dream off tonight;)

  19. Rafangel says:

    So, so much beauty. And so, so much joy. It is good to see again.

    His hair is unbelievable, I could just play with it forever (OK, so I might be tempted to rove elsewhere). He has auburn in it. So do I. We could have red-headed children. Would probably take a LOT of effort to find that recessive gene. But Rafa, I’d do it for you ;)