MC: Post semi-final intervew

Here’s the pretty standard post match in-studio interview:


And these are now available on YouTube:


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  1. sia says:

    ” … favourite tournament of the world” ah ha … he has surely given it away now. ;).

  2. Atch2 says:

    Rafa openly states that he is happy with his play, and that he played aggressive. I’m sensing Rafa’s colm and confidence is coming back strong.

  3. Necitas says:

    ‘So happy to see you back in your best form Rafa! Goodluck on the finals!!! :)xx

  4. félicie says:

    géantissime rafa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. CC says:

    Is that a bald spot at the front of Rafa’s head? Or is it just the way the hair falls? I’ve been wondering for a while now.
    Please cut hair shorter and grow a beard, Rafa… Yes? No? ;)

    • Eliana says:

      Ha! I’ve been wondering the same thing about his hair. But I think it’s a combination between thin and few hair. Everywhere you part his hair you will see a wide strip of scalp.

    • mary says:

      I was just looking at an older pic of Rafa when he had a full head of hair. It is amazing how much hair he has lost.
      He needs to get some hair transplant going. I don’t think I could handle him bald. *sigh*

      • miri says:

        Ewww. To me, nothing looks worse than trying to covering up baldness. The guy just ends up looking pitiful. So, if he is losing his hair, I just hope he owns it. No fugly Samprass plugs and no stupid Agassi wig.

        • tiemyshoe says:

          AGREE. Please no plugs, Rafa. I’d rather he crop it short and rock it out. See: Guardiola, Pep.

          Although, gotta say, his hair’s been looking nice at MC.

          • CC says:

            NO hair transplant! I’d have to stop supporting Rafa then.

            I love the hair since he’s cut it shorter, but more when it’s dry, curly and dorky. And I’m all for him cutting it shorter.

            I don’t know if Rafa has lost that much hair. I think it’s being cut into much more now, which will make it look thinner. (Like when he was doing the Nike hoodie shot and they cut his hair with a razor, that’ll thin it).

    • Atch2 says:

      Wonder if it’s to do with excessive sweating. But his family seem to have healthy heads of hair.

      A-Rod seems to have receded a lot which I thought maybe from excessive sweating and cap-wearing.

  6. Fay says:

    God bless you Rafa…x he is so colm and sweet here..!

  7. miri says:

    And these are now available on YouTube: