MC: Post quarterfinal presser

Photo by REUTERS/Sebastien Nogier

A very short transcript of a very short presser is up.

Q. Are you satisfied with your performance, your form, everything?

RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, sure. To be in semifinals is a very good start of the clay season, sure. Sure, the result against probably one of the tougher opponents right now on clay is very good one, 6-4, 6-2. So I did well.

I think when the weather was reasonable well, I played well, I think, no? I had good control of the ball. When I attack with the forehand, I did well. I played the backhand with couple mistakes. So I played complete match.
And I served much better today. My serve was much better today than the rest of the three days. That’s very important, too.

I love the “when the weather was reasonable” bit.

Q. There was never any moment when you think you played poorly?

RAFAEL NADAL: 3-2, with the weather conditions, probably I lost little bit the concentration there, so… That’s the only thing of the match I am not very happy.

Damn that unreasonable weather!

Q. How different is it going to be the match with Ferrer? What is the big difference between the two players? Since you have lost to Ferrer at the US Open and Masters Cup, clay for you is much different for you than probably for him?

RAFAEL NADAL: He is better player on clay I think, too. No, be really tough match. The style of Ferrero and Ferrer is different, is not the same. So Juan Carlos probably have little bit more control of the ball. He can change little bit more the relation.

Ferrer play with intensity, high intensity. When he’s touching his forehand from the place of his backhand, is very difficult to stop him, no? So is important try to play inside and make him feel not comfortable when he’s attacking the ball.

So Ferrero is better at changing direction than Ferrer? Is that what “relation” meant?

Q. Do you feel safer on clay as opposed to hard court with your knees?

RAFAEL NADAL: I am okay, no? I am happy how I’m feeling. You never know what’s going on. But right now I must be really happy how I am doing. Thank you.

He must be.

4 Responses

  1. dutchgirl says:

    ‘But right now I must be really happy how I am doing. Thank you.’


    • CC says:

      That made me smile too. I so want to hear him say that.
      I wish there was a film or at least an audio of it all. So full of brilliant RafaEnglish this one, it’s great to read. :D

  2. loverafa4ever says:

    Why is he saying ” you never know what’s going on”?? Anywayz… he is thru to finals! wat more do we want… and he will play Nando and not Nole… :D

  3. Fay says:

    “you never know whats going on” he has always said this for sometime now, like sort or covering himself encase things DO go wrong, like I remember in 2008 him saying, yes way back then, ” you never know how long its going to last” so yes he has always been prepared knowing things aren’t always going to go his way, forever the pragmatist… he always gloats how Verdasco has ‘unbelievable potential’ or like ‘the potential was always there’ (Australian Open 2009)… forever praising his fellow spaniards… but pleease Rafa no mercy tommorow…