MC: Post-quarterfinal interview

On court interview for Spanish television:

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  1. Fay says:

    He is lovely speaking his mothers tongue, but can anyone translate? this is quite along interview! thanxxx

  2. Nic says:

    Don’t understand a word but loved it anyway!

  3. Inés says:

    Here is the translation, it’s not perfect cause I’m not a translator, I try to do my best with my english knowledges, :-)

    Rafa, good afternoon, congratulations again and I asked to Tomas Carbonell ….

    Rafa: Hello Good afternoon

    … .. This interruption have been great to you , because with the strong wind, Juan Carlos was much better than you and then (after interruption) you was better

    Rafa: Well, yes it is true that the conditions(of the weather) were almost unplayable, since it 2-0 until we stopped, to much wind, but not only was the wind is also the sand got into the eyes, then the water also annoyed a lot in the eyes and … … …, well, then Juan Carlos has been better of head than me in these 3 games and because o that he managed to pass me in the score and of course the stop has been good to me

    And from here, Rafa, you has been much better, right? After this break of half-hour, the weather conditions improved and I’ve seen you a lot stronger than you rival

    Rafa: Then, when I came back the conditions were a little more similar to the start of the match and I was playing well, I felt I was comfortable on the court and Juan Carlos is a player that if you let him to take the initiative is virtually unstoppable because he changes direction very well, both as the drive as the backhand and I’ve tried to play more inside, with higher balls, and when I had the forehand, I was trying to take the initiative and the truth is that it worked, I think the second set, Juan Carlos has committed more errors than usual for him and that helped me to finish and won with a bit more comfort than the first set, but well, a match against JC is a great victory for me, that’s clear

    The last question is from Tomás, Rafa

    Congratulations, and…………

    Rafa: Thanks

    … …. Almost is forced to ask you about your next opponent, David Ferrer, I could see the match in Miami, the truth is that it was very tight ,he could have taken a set at least …. … … .. What do you plan to change for that the match is not as tight or so uncontrolled that it took place in the Masters 1000 of Miami?

    Rafa: Well, I think against David, the matches have to be tight because he is a great player in any surface, that first, there is any easy match, and David is one of the world’s best, for sure, in this type of surface and you must suffer if you want to win, meaning that the main thing is to try to take the initiative of the point with my forehand drive, to try that he did not to take the initiative how he did so many times in Miami, and that he had the control of the point in many moments , try to play a bit better than there, because there, I played a bit irregular, and try to be a bit more regular

    Rafa, many thanks, take a rest and tomorrow again, to fight in this arena of MC against David Ferrer

    Rafa: Many thanks and hugs to all

  4. Ch F says:

    Is the checkered pattern spreading to the jacket now?

  5. Marilyn Wasserman says:

    Yep, the plain has infected the jacket. I kind of like it because the faded side is on the outside so Rafa looks like a little kid who’s put his jacket on inside out. The bright inside of the hood frames his face nicely, too.

    One of the many things I love about Rafa is that he faces up to facts. JCF handled the “windy” better than he did, and he says so.

  6. sia says:

    “…in this type of surface and you must suffer if you want to win,” yep, sounds like clay court tennis with Ferrer. Vamos Rafa !!

    • Ch F says:

      I’d rather that he made the opponent suffer ;-) Oops that came out in the wrong way, I mean I want Rafa to be confident, dominant and victorious!

  7. sia says:

    Oh and thanks Inés … the translation is much appreciated!!

  8. Fay says:

    awh, “hugs to all”, he sho sho sweet. thanks again Ines..

  9. CC says:

    “…not only was the wind is also the sand got into the eyes, then the water also annoyed a lot in the eyes and…”

    Awww…poor lickle Rafa has got really sensitive lickle eyes… Awww…

    Pffft. Get over it. Or wear glasses. I’m having none of this. :D

  10. Isabelle says:

    Thanks Ines! Din’t get to see the match but didn’t I read somewhere that the wind and sand were directed at Rafa and more “in JC’s favor”?

  11. tennisfun says:

    thank you inés , hugs to you , miri and rafa