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On court post match interview:

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And thanks to Inés for the following translation:

I do not know if you hear me Rafa. Rafa, good afternoon and congratulations

Ralph: Hi, good afternoon, thank you very much, yes, yes I hear you ok

The match lasted 60 minutes, It has been a luxury practice, a normal practice, Rafa?

No, never is a practice, no? The first rounds, the first match here in clay, it is never easy, but today I think I started well, the truth is that I have trained very well these days and I started playing pretty calm, with good confidence and he made more errors than usual, especially when the match was break down for him and he has dropped a little and that of course has made the things easier

Rafa, what illusion, isn’t it?, to back to clay, which is your land, your surface and winning this way, so easy

Rafa: Well, the illusion is always to be back to this tournament, which is a very special tournament for me and just being on this court brings back to me some incredible memories, so, of course very happy to be playing again,that … Well, I like all surfaces, but the clay is, in recent years, has been better (surface) for me , so, to try to do well and paying atention , trying to improve a little every day

Rafa one last question that is going to make Tomás Carbonell

Well, Rafa, I just wanted a question …

Rafa, Hello there

…. This match has not had too much history, I would like that you answered us what you think after watching the first master1000 of the year, if you think that this year 2010 will be, quote, “cheaper” than ever to be among the first three, because the level of points is more spread

Rafa: Well, I think that this has just begun, we’re only two master 1000 that I think the ranking, which is the ranking at the end of the year, especially for those who want to be among the top 8 or 5 , it’s defined by the master 1000 and the 4 grand slams. Yes, the first two Master 1000 … probably have been won, have been, almost two surprises, but Roddick is not a surprise, but it seemed that there were other players in a better position that them to win (the Masters), but I think erhhhh………., it’s just start and I think that good ones (players) will take a regularly, you see, the final of AO was Federer Murray, there are many points for them and Federer and Murray, and Djokovic in the U.S. tour had bit bad results, but playing on the clay again, I think it will have more time and they will play good, too

Well, thanks Rafa, we will follow you throughout all the week in MC, now eat a little and enjoy and I imagine that to train a bit, thank you very much

Rafa: Many thanks

In studio post-match interview on and YouTube.

Hot shot of the day on and on YouTube.

24 Responses

  1. Rafangel says:

    Does anyone else share my jelly-making adoration for the phrase, “so jus’ can say thankyou berry much ebribodi”, with that gorgeous rhythmic lilt? It’s def one of my favourite Rafrases. Just makes you want to kiss him.

  2. cindy says:

    Awesome ! he’s sooo very down to earth , modest and timid never does the pompous talk even when he delivers his best performances !

  3. faeaki7 says:

    Lol its one of my favourites too! he so adoreable ain’t ee?

    I wonder how many clay hot shots we have seen from Rafa or Mercedes play of the weeks? I saw him miss a couple of forehands today and was gasping for air, I just hate to see him miss, god the pressure of Rafa on clay! loved watching him though and hope he finds his A clay court game again!

  4. sia says:

    “and he finishes with the ‘hammer of the gods’ …”

    • natch says:

      Oh, God. The things I could do with THAT line…;)
      (Don’t worry, Miri. I’m done for the day.)

  5. dk says:

    I watched the highlights (and other ones on youtube). Perhaps Rafa wasn’t exerting unnecessary effort and though he did have some nice shots, he also left what I thought were a lot of short balls. Against someone like Fed or Novak, they would probably make him pay for those short balls. All in all, I am wondering how fit mentally and physically he actually is…

  6. miri says:

    The in-studio post-match interview is now on YouTube too. So is the Hot Shot video.

    • teejustice says:

      Love at the end of the replay the way Jason or Robbie says “genius.”

      • tiemyshoe says:

        I think the match was so boring, they were excessively glad of a good shot at last. ;) Pretty standard lob, to my eyes. I’m surprised it made Hot Shot considering the supposedly epic Nalby/Youz match.

        But hey – I have no problem with Rafa gettin’ some love. No problem at all. :D

        • Atch2 says:

          There were so many silent moments during the match where the commentators seem to have nothing to say. I thought I accidently pressed the mute button. They did appreciative of some great shots.

          • Nana says:

            Silent moments? No wonder Rafa didn’t seem so pumped after.

            But a win is a win =)

            • Susanna728 says:

              I suspect the commentators were so quiet because the match was so one-sided. They didn’t want to keep repeating what a nightmare it was for DeBakker and how he was getting wiped out by Rafa. One thing it reminded me of though – One of the many things I love about Rafa is that when the score is one sided, his celebration after match point is very subdued. He makes a conscious effort not make the other guy feel bad. What a sweetheart…

              • Maya says:

                I love that about him too Susanna. In one of the Spanish interviews the commentator said that the game was really nothing more than a practice for him, but Rafa quickly set him straight.
                He’s not only a passionate guy, he’s compassionate as well.

        • An says:

          “I think the match was so boring, they were excessively glad of a good shot at last. ;) Pretty standard lob, to my eyes. I’m surprised it made Hot Shot”

          Ah, but Tiemyshoe, it might have bin a pretty standard lob but what was so special about it was that Rafa in a blink off a second took his eye off the ball and watched what Thiemo was doing exactly and then run after the ball and knew, with his back to the opponent exactly where he was en how high and deep he should hit that lob and i remind you that Thiemo is almost a freaky tall guy ( nearly 2 meters )….
          A tennistrainer will always tell you not ever, not for one split second, take youre eye off the ball or you will have trouble timing youre next shot.
          So, thats why!

          • Atch2 says:

            Thanks for explaining it An. I appreciate it more now bec I didn’t catch that quick glance that Rafa took before lobbing the ball.

  7. Nana says:

    Jeu, Nadal. Sexy!

    Wonder if the other players do that many on-court “tele” interviews. Or maybe they do, I just don’t pay attention!

  8. CC says:

    Hm. I watch that on court interview and it strikes me how much I really think he deserves to win this tourney and how awesome it would be if he did.


    He’s such a sweetie.

  9. Atch2 says:

    Couldn’t they at least have let Rafa have a shower before the studio interview. Who the hell likes to sit in their sweat for a long time?

    • An says:

      I guess maybe he wanted the interview before taking a shower because he wanted some more training and was off to the training court after the interview.
      But i’m guessing!;)

      • Ch F says:

        Oh yes indeed I hope he trained a bit after yesterday’s and today’s matches, he could certainly afford it ;-)