MC: Players’ party pics

A few pictures from the players’ party. Is Rafa wearing slippers? I fully support wearing comfy shoes. And Jo-Willy is looking snazzy.

Photos by Julian Finney/Getty Images

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  1. tiemyshoe says:

    Whoa, these are red carpet pics, and Rafa doesn’t look completely awkward! … Oh, didn’t see the slipper-shoes. Eek.

    Nonetheless – well-played, Rafa. Could it be he actually bought a suit that fits? (Maybe Xisca has some influence when she’s along for tournies?)

    • Denizen says:

      Yeah, and she’ll convince him to use conditioner and sunscreen too. LOL Sorry, I don’t think he takes advice from people who lack a Y chromosome. The individual parts of the outfit look fine, but the jacket, jeans and slippers are a complete mismatch. However, Rafa himself looks more at ease than usual, and the camera angle is more flattering than usual.

      • tiemyshoe says:

        Heh, I was joking about Xisca, but anyway, who knows anything about Rafa, really? Maybe he reads GQ on the plane and proceeds to ignore all the advice, I dunno.

        I can’t wait for his tell-all in twenty years so he can clear this up. ;)

  2. Toosilnet says:

    I think that is a suit jacket and jeans, right? Those look like the shoes my son wears at college. Nole is looking good per usual ;). Vamos, Rafa, I’m ready for some tennis!

  3. marisa says:

    are those jeans?! come on Rafa. but all the guys look very nice.

  4. nic says:

    Mmm I think Rafa looks mighty fine here. Those jeans and loafers look great on him. But somehow don’t really see the jacket as a particularly nice match. Something a little more fitting would go just right. Neways, he’s a hottie. And that pic with Nole and Jo-Willy, hhhmmm mighty fine bunch of boys in one shot. Yeah JW is looking rather snazzy.

  5. SapphireSwell says:

    Gotta say that Rafa looks spiffy from his clean shaven face to about his waist. The jeans and shoes kill it for me. (The jacket seems a bit long, which makes his legs look short, and that’s completely untrue.)

    I’ll agree with everyone to say that JW is very snazzy in that suite and tie. The 200 watt smile is nice too :D

  6. Amanda says:

    OMG! They look like blue suede shoes! :)

  7. Nana says:

    Rafa seems to love his moccasins. I think I’ve seen him wear them somewhere. Normally I’m not a fan but they seem to suit him. Rafa and “resort wear” just go hand in hand.

    • Alix says:

      “Rafa and “resort wear” just go hand in hand.” :D

      Yeah, it seems to be his nature and that’s a part of his charm to me.

      Even in his “more formal” clothes I associate him with holiday: warm summer breezes, palm trees, exotic drinks etc.

      I just love that he’s chilling there with comfy moccasins and Papa Nadal’s jacket :) :)

      Nole and Jo-W look mighty fine too!

  8. CC says:

    Oh, Rafa… Where do I start?

    I loved the loafers when he wore them with the linen trousers and black shirt for that interview at his house last summer. That was hot. And I love him in jeans. And a white shirt is always nice. But this?! With that jacket!? Oh, Rafa…you’re 23 years old with the body of a God, remember? Please wear clothes that fit you, at least.

    Still, an improvement on last year’s horror outfit. And the clean shaven face is…OH HELL YES!

    • An says:

      Huh, the combo off the clothes is a No…. but who could forget that under that clothes he has the body off a God ( to speak with you CC, but such a true discription…. ). The clothes are comming off anyway as soon as we are in private, No Rafa?;)

      And you guys mentioned Nole and Jo-Will, where??
      Yes, i’m completly one-sided!

      • CC says:

        Heh. Yes. Nole… I can see him now. Hm. It’s that shirt, it blends in with the background. And somebody needs to help Jo with his tie. Whilst An and I help Rafa out of those clothes. ;)

        I love the fact that Rafa can’t for the life of him dress himself, but just every now and then it would be nice to see him look well dressed. We know you can, Rafa!

        • An says:

          Its clear, No CC?

          He doesnt only need our help getting undressed… he also needs our help picking out his clothes!
          I’am not going to say “our help getting dressed” cause realy, he would never turn up to any pary anywhere, No?;)

    • Atch2 says:

      Body of a god with great individual pieces, but needs a stylist to help put them together. Would’ve been better without the jacket Rafa, but you stil look hot to me bec I haven’t luved you for your dress sense.

      Jo does look snazzy & he could go onto a business meeting afterwards.

    • nic says:

      Hahahaha last year’s horror outfit! Was that the white jacket?? That was at MC? Wow, time sure flies. Still remember how we were all going on about it here hehe.

    • Rafangel says:

      I feel a bit bad for him – he takes a lot of pride in how he dresses… but yes, please find some nice-fitting suits, baby. This is better than most – at least it’s not the ultra-baggy metallic donkey look he favoured for a while :O

  9. miri says:

    I knew everyone was going to hate the shoes, but I saw who cares. Comfy shoes are extremely important – especially if you are going to be standing and schmoozing all night. Screw fashion, keep those feet happy!

    (You’ll never get me in heels or pointy toed shoes – NEVER!)

    • CC says:

      I love the loafers (they might be Tod’s, which I bloody adore!) and I am all for comfy shoes, it’s just the…combo here. Better fitting jeans, white shirt (well ironed, obviously) and those loafers, drier hair and Rafa’s onto a winner. ;)

      • An says:

        Yeah, the shoes are awesome… Just not in this combo!

        And Miri, you’re right heels of/and pointy toed shoes are killers on party’s where you have to stand on youre feet all night!

      • nic says:

        Yeah, they look like Tods. Me likey!

        • Denizen says:

          Have we ever actually SEEN Rafa in pointy-toed shoes or heels? It’s not as if men’s dress shoes are designed for pain. He also has those $600 Lanvin sneakers he could have worn.

          • miri says:

            I was referring to my shoes, but I have seen him in what I consider to be the male equivalent of pointy toed dress shoes.

            • An says:

              Yep, pointed toed dress shoes i deffinitly have seen on him. Heels, hehe, No!!!

              • Rafangel says:

                Heels…hmmm…I used to go to a club where a (male) regular wore just heels and a thong. Thinks of Rafa – strangely thrilling. I would very much like to see him wander round Queen’s like that, too. Heh

  10. Eliana says:

    I think he looks yummy in the 1st photo and love the flirty smile in the 2nd. But why does Rafa looks like he’s in pain in the 3rd photo?

    And like Atch2, I do think the outfit would have been great without the jacket.

  11. faeaki7 says:

    Well Rafa has such a unique charm who cares about the shoes/slippers hee hee. Lovely pic of them all and Jo scrubs up nicely doesn’t he..? Rafa has the best lips out there though and the hair is looking better, common he looks ok I think girls!

  12. Madi says:

    OK! Who else thinks that Rafa lost one of those bags on his way to MC?? well he might have lost the one with all the formal wear stuff out of those 14 bags. That explains his too casual look at the draw and this.
    So please put your hand up if you think he has lost his baggage!! (I have both of my hands up)
    I hope he brought his tennis gear without losing it, or will we see a mismatched outfit in courts too? LOL

    • Madi says:

      Oh one more thing, if anyone can really pull of this out fit, that would be Rafa. He just have to show up, I really don’t care if he comes wearing even a banana leaf. (hmmm come to think of that… oooohhh)

  13. chelez says:

    Just look at the upper half of his outfit. :))

  14. dutchgirl says:

    LOL, Rafa always seems to manage to look like it’s his first time in formal clothes! I don’t like it, at all! I rather see him dressed casual, with bright colours.

    • cindy says:

      i totally agree , Rafa is a superstar so he should act like one , he’s sporting an unatractive plain look in a red carpet party ! COME ON rafa !! the shoes are horrible , the jacket and the jeans are complete mismatch uuughrr !! i loove djockovic’s outfit it’s simple but very class

      • Karen says:

        I don’t really care what he wears as long as he’s there and playing. I always look beyond the clothes anyway!! Must admit Nole’s shirt is rather nice. Can imagine Rafa wearing that and black boxers!!!! Not good for heart rate.

      • GB says:

        I love Nole, but I find his shirt kinda tacky here – so shiny. And I don’t think Rafa needs to ‘act’ like anyone/anything. His dressy clothes mostly make me LMAO, but I flove that he’s so adorkable and natural.

  15. natch says:

    Dear Diary,

    Today I learned that Rafa dresses right. (As opposed to dressing left.) Photos don’t lie, Diary.

    P.S. I also learned that it is impossible for Jo to take a bad photograph.

  16. Jaspreet says:

    Well Rafa does look gorgeous and as for the shoes no comment.

  17. Rafangel says:

    Definitely trying to get away with slippers. And he knows it’s crafty cos he’s looking dead shifty in the second pic. Heh