Prepping for Monte Carlo

Video and short interview from iB3 of Rafa getting ready.

Posted by vamosrafelnadal.

iB3’s blurb:

Rafel Nadal prepara a Manacor el pas de la pista ràpida a la terra batuda. Per cert, hem estat amb ell, i apart de la temporada de terra, a Montecarlo, també estrenarà aquesta protecció bucal. Amb la força de cada cop estreny les dents..i s’han de protegir. Pel que hem vist no s’hi acaba d’acostumar. En qualsevol cas, està content amb el que ha fet fins ara però té clar que encara ho ha de fer millor.

Google translation:

Rafael Nadal prepares to step Manacor fast track to the gravel. Incidentally, we have been with him, besides the season land in Monte Carlo, also unveiled this oral protection. With the strength of increasingly tight .. and have to protect your teeth. As we have seen are just not used to. In any case, is happy with what you’ve done so far but knows that it must do better still.

Oral protection?

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  1. Kate says:

    What? Is he promoting toothpaste now? Maybe reference to his teething issues hahaha

  2. Maggie says:

    I love these nonsensical translations.

    Nice to see him out practicing, even if it is in an Andy Roddick-esque shirt. :)

  3. Nana says:

    Is that his little cousin playing in the background?

    Playing with a “mouth guard” (or whatever it’s called) must be quite uncomfortable…

    Good luck Rafa. The “earth” welcomes you =)

  4. Atch2 says:

    Yeah. Luv seeing Rafa back on gravel!

    Hope the Oral protection will pass the WADA drug tests though ;) But really, how does the platic retainer/guard thingy help with the wisdom teeth?

    Is it a good sign that we don’t see any bandaging around those beautiful knees?

    Was Andreas Beck on holiday in Mallorca? Very comvenient for Rafa to have a hitting partner active in the atp tour.

    • Alix says:

      Could it be that the oral protection thing prevents tension by making it impossible to bite teeth too hardly together ? Less tension in the mouth region -> less triggering for the wisdom teeth pain.

      I’m deciding to take it as a good sign that there is no bandage :)

    • natch says:

      I was hoping “oral protection” meant “dental dam”. First, the knee that f*cks, now this. It’s Rafa’s sexual awakening! ;)

      Actually, I’m just kind of stoked again because I wore the same color hoodie as Rafa this morning. I love when we pick out the same colors! :D (I didn’t even notice if he had anything in his mouth.)

      “Is it a good sign that we don’t see any bandaging around those beautiful knees?”
      To me, any time we get more Rafathigh is a good thing. ;)

      • CC says:

        natch, I thought you wanted to take a more active part in Rafa’s sexual awakening…? ;)

        • natch says:

          Who says I’m not? ;)

          Alright, alright. Put a bag over his head, so I don’t feel like a child molester, and send him over.
          No good?

          Okay. Better pair him up with one of the youngsters here. I’m sure we can find someone able-bodied. ;)

          • CC says:

            Pffft… I don’t buy this whole age thing. You either want to do Rafa…or you don’t. No need for a bag over his head, if you do. ;)

            I’m young (-ish) and able-bodied. Definitely. ;)

            • natch says:

              Well, you don’t have to buy it. It’s just my opinion. You may have a different opinion, but it doesn’t make either right or wrong. Young boys don’t appeal to me. Rafa’s body does. His face? Looks more like a toddler to me. Put ten plus years of life experience on that face, now we’re talkin’! :D

              Of course, that would mean I wouldn’t be able to age more myself, so…that’s out. Better stick with your youngish and able Swedish/English body.

              • CC says:



                So you wouldn’t even like at all try to take a sneaky peek under that bag when… Fair enough. :D

                Me?! English?! No way. This body is 100% meat balls, crisp bread and Dajm bar. ;)

                • An says:

                  Can i count as a candidate too, Please???

                • natch says:

                  What’s a Dajm bar? Is it like a f*cking knee? ;)

                  The answer to your question is no. I can feel and hear whether or not the mission’s accomplished. ;)
                  (Sorry, Miri. I’ll ban myself from the site tomorrow. Good thing I’m going out of town. ;))

                  • CC says:

                    *feel* Uh-huh…
                    *hear* Uhuhhuh…


                    *comes back*

                    Go to IKEA and ask for a Dajm bar, they’ll let you know! ;)

          • Atch2 says:

            But if you do that you miss out on seeing Rafa’s facial expressions. Imagine the eyebrow movements and adorable dimpled face.

            • natch says:

              I guess you can watch when CC or An does him. Or join in yourself!

              Sorry, Miri. I really will stop now.

    • metallic cherry says:

      The fact that he is not wearing tapes tells us nothing about the state of his knees. It was explained last year that he had to stop using them because they were actually having a detrimental effect – moving the problem from below the knee to above. :( I just pray this latest injury isn’t too serious and that he’ll be OK.

  5. Debbie says:

    It looks to me from watching the second video it’s a retainer he’s wearing. It could be and I could be so way of the mark that his wisdom tooth that is causing him bother could be growing outwards rather than down in line with the rest of his teeth. I’ve recently had an infection in my wisdom tooth and was told that my tooth was growing towards my gum rather than growing inline with the rest of my teeth. Normally dentists try to let the problem rectify itself hence the retainer or they just take the rather scary option which I’m dreading which is whipping the tooth out, but as I said I could be so wrong, just hope Rafa is all good for Monte Carlo.

    • Shake says:

      Here in America, most dentists recommend wisdom teeth get pulled anywhere from age 18-25. I wish Rafa would have this done the day after he finished at Miami. He would have been recovered by now as it usually takes 2-3 days of rest and painkillers. A little soreness would have been there but nothing he couldn’t handle. Now he has another discomfort to deal with going into clay season.

      • miri says:

        Personally, I think wisdom teeth are over-pulled in the US. They seem to want to take them out even if they aren’t causing a problem – I don’t get it.

        Some people take longer to recover from wisdom teeth removal than others. It also depends on the situation they are in: bone/nerve impacted and infected? Recovery is longer. Just plain “need to have them out because they are crowding things”? Recovery can be quick.

        To me, that piece didn’t look like a retainer, but one of those teeth grinding guards – looked softer than a retainer. But that’s just a guess.

        • k says:

          There is a possibility that scientist can produce stem cells from wisdom teeth in a few years

          So i’m keeping all 4 of mine, just incase ;)

          • Ch F says:

            Oh maybe they could use Rafa’s so humanity can enjoy another player like him, if this is possible given how unique he is ;-)

          • k says:

            I think they should get everyone’s frozen after they are taken out if there is such a possibility. Who may now what can happen in 20 years time?

            And spare organs for Rafa sounds nice..:)

        • faeaki7 says:

          I agree Miri, I have all my wisdom teeth and only one caused a problem because I was pregnantat the time, however it has beentreated and all have been okay, why pull something out for the sake of things.?

        • Shake says:

          I disagree. The reason they are pulled is because of the potential for problems in the future as well. Once they grow in deep, the risk of infection is worse and there is more risk in getting gum disease. Rafa is still only 23 which is not so late to remove them. If they are a problem now, its not likely to get any easier to remove them as he gets older.

  6. Nana says:

    As much as I enjoy watching these videos, I also wish he isn’t bothered so much. I mean, does he ever practice without a group of people watching or a tv crew filming?

  7. faeaki7 says:

    I didn’t understand anything much really and the google translations never help that much. Nice to see him hitting the ball with purpose still and that he has an atp active tennis partner! they should have a few practice sets lol.. Rafa! hope he is okay as far as the knees are concerned, hate seeing him so frustrated..

  8. JC says:

    In the You Tube version at 2:27 he talks about the knees:
    “I had some discomfort and prefer not to talk about it because I talked too much in these last months…” – and the rest of the caption is Google nonsense.
    So I guess they’re toning it down, hoping that the return to clay will help him – physically and mentally. Well, Rafa, we all hope and pray… Lord knows you deserve it!

    • miri says:

      Nothing really new there.

    • An says:

      I choose not to read it, as long as its not a statement off Rafa himself or his team! I’m a chicken, i know….. but iff i have to read all articles off so called journo’s who all have to say something on the state off Rafa’s knee’s, well informed or not as they might be, i will be a nervous wreck in No Time!

      • CC says:

        F-ck the knees. That’s what Rafa said himself, no? Well, something similar, anyway. We will see what will happen, no?

        • An says:

          Si! Lets just wait patiently and see what happens, with Rafa’s and with mine knees! ;)

          • sia says:

            Speaking of knees An … how are yours?

            • An says:

              Sia thanks, its my left knee and i did do some light training with it today…. its kinda ok, not completly over jet but the trainer and the physio are optimistic for me being able to start playing competition on sunday:)

              • sia says:

                Ah good you’ll be ready for Monte Carlo then. ;)

              • natch says:

                Oh, An. I didn’t know you hurt your knee! You are in The Netherlands, right? You should have access to good care then. I won’t butt in with recommendations.

                Have the bf give you a nice massage. And no knee f*cking! ;)

                • An says:

                  Ah Natch, recommendations are always welcome!
                  If Miri alows it here cause its not about Rafa but about me having the same problems as Rafa…..

                  How coincidnet but yes i do have tendonitis in my left knee also, i’ve bin treated with anti-inflammatory drugs, ultrasone and laser therapy and exercise to make the tighmuscles stronger….
                  Sunday i’m starting with playing competition for my club wich is 7 sundays in a row playing a single and a doubles match.
                  The physio will tape the knee with curetape ( that coloured tape you see so often now )

                  But if you have other tips….

                  • natch says:

                    I am not sure, but I *think* Miri still has my email address, because I see it below my name when I type. Maybe she can get it to you, then I can give you some postures you can try, if you want to. That way we aren’t going way OT here. Everything you are doing sounds good and conservative.

                    I’m sure your physio has told you not to push yourself, but I can’t stop myself from saying it again. Don’t overdo it. You want to be able to walk when you are sixty.

                    • An says:

                      Thanks, yes he told me exactly that but he allows me to play sunday, iff he would have told me not to i would listen…. Because yes, i want to be abel to walk still when i’m 60…

                    • An says:

                      Oh, and yeah, i’m willing to try evrything that might help me cause i hate sitting at home resting! I’ll ask her for youre e-mail adress.

  9. dk says:

    Sounds like he’ll be playing the clay season injured, like he played last year injured and the got beaten by Soderling at the French Open. Deja vu (sigh).

    • JK says:

      I said this earlier right after he got injured at AO that he needs to take 8-10 months to recover completely. He has the game but just not completely fit.
      Tendonitis needs a long time away from stress (Not 2 months off here and there).

      But when I said this all his fans got after me thinking I am crazy.

      I know its not easy taking time off and making a return to the top. But what choice does he have? Keep playing like he has over the past 8 months – lose consistantly to top 10 players and not win any title?

      • VamosRafa! says:

        You are not crazy, you are right
        he needs to take more then 2 months to recover completely, to have healthy knees and to win any title

        • JK says:

          In 2005 he hurt his knee and didnt play much after the US Open. He skipped year end event in 2005, AO of 2006 and the HC spring tournies in IW and Miami. He came back straight at Monte Carlo and beat Federer in the finals and went on to win most clay court tournaments including Roland Garros and reached his first Wimbledon final.
          I think he should not have played after the US Open last year skipped everything between then and now. Returned at MC. He would have been in great shape and ready to defend all his clay court season points. Gained momentum over fist one or two tournaments and raring to go at French Open and Wimbledon.

          • cindy says:

            i totally agree with you JK he should have taken a long break to recover fully and come back strong and powerfull to win titles . i’m quite pessimistic now about the future because i know the buisance in his knees is still bothering him and it may affect badly his game play even in clay to throw him out of the tournament at an early stage to leave him dipressed mentally and more damaged physically ; let know what the media and his cynical detractors would say !
            he should have been wiser ; look at federer he touk some time out to get healed and come back stronger for the next tounaments especially RG

          • loverafa4ever says:

            It is actually a very gud time to take a break… I really hope he does that this year…

  10. miri says:

    Is it wrong that I keep playing this to hear that little “mmmmMmm” he makes near the beginning of the interview bit?

    • natch says:

      I made that noise myself when I saw him in the hoodie! ;)

      You know what? I also thought Uncle Toni looks like a librarian who is just waiting to be unleashed. Maybe the perimenopausal hormones are in overdrive? ;)

      • sia says:

        Oh no it is not just hormones … Toni is kind of hot. Much of the team is. My secret crush is on Benito (oops not so secret any more … he is just so smiley all the time).

    • CC says:

      I prefer the more forced “mmmmmm” at around 1:21. ;)

      Is it wrong that I think Mallorqui sounds like they speak backwards? I love it!

  11. CC says:

    My thoughts on this:

    1. Rafa’s pretty eye looks worried at around 0:27.
    2. That turquoise is lovely on Rafa.
    3. Turquoise is a difficult word to spell.
    4. Uncle Toni looks hot in black.
    5. I want to hear Rafa talk with that bite thing in his mouth.

    Yep. That’s it.

    • An says:

      1. Yes it does, it imediatly makes me want to start kissing him untill i see no worries anymore!
      2. Yes
      3. Yes
      4. Uuuuuhhhhmmm
      5. Aaaaaawww, he still would sound so cute…

      • CC says:

        Sounds like you’re not convinced by Toni in black.

        I doubt that Maymo will start kissing Rafa better, he’s too busy talking on the phone, so you’d better head over to Mallorca before Friday and get started, girl… ;)

        • An says:

          I’m not convinced by Tio Toni as far as hotness is concerned ( in whatever colour ), could be my age :D
          Or i’m just blinded and completly one-sided by the hotness off the nephew;)

          Ok, on my way… Do you think it could work both ways? I’ll kiss Rafa better, he kisses me better while Maymo can work his magic on both of our left knees? ;)

          • CC says:

            And if you’re lucky, Maymo will be a while on that phone, which means that you and Rafa might have time for a bit more than just tongue kissing… ;)


            • An says:

              Ah, you’ll call Maymo and keep him one the phone for a while for us, No?


              • CC says:

                Yeah, Maymo looks kinda hot when he’s on the phone, so I’d have to entertain myself with that. Or discuss strategies on how to get Rafa’s teeth better. ;)

            • natch says:

              Good God. Now who’s Maymo? Sounds like something disgusting you put on a sandwich.

              • An says:

                Uuuuhh, Natch, Maymo is Rafa’s physio…..

                • Alix says:

                  Yes, his cute physio, who looks a bit like Tintin (the comic figure) and usually helps Rafa with those famous rubber band warming up sessions

    • natch says:

      1. Whaaaa? You look at the time when you are watching vids? Gah! A new concept to me!
      2. Thank you. Oh, I thought you meant me. ;)
      3. Not if you’re used to American English.
      4. For me, it’s the glasses.
      5. Rafa…biting…Rafa…biting…
      …what were we talking about? ;)

    • dutchgirl says:

      I love how you come up with these kind of things everytime! :)

  12. Inés says:

    The explanation about the mouth guard I think is in something to do what I saw some days ago on the news here on Spain. Cristiano Ronaldo is using a mouth guard, and in this article you have a kind of explanation

  13. Ch F says:

    I have two comments: first, Rafa looks disappointed, sad and absent-minded…heartbreaking to see that. He can’t hide his frustration. Second, I don’t get the mouth protection thing.

    • robert says:

      The mouth protection thingie: think of it as a shock absorber against vibrations in your joints and bones caused by strong hitting, something similar to a “vibrastop”, that round rubber clasp on racquet strings.

      When you have that rubbery moulded teeth brace to bite into, it gives a soft support not only to your teeth but to your whole skeleton. It is invaluable for all violent, jerky moves in golfing, tennis, soccer, where your every joint almost dislocates in each swing, and your teeth suffer strong lateral forces. And if you have inflammation in your wisdom teeth, it’s even harder to bite firmly to brace yourself while executing shots. No wonder Tiger Woods and Christiano Ronaldo use it.

      • Ch F says:

        I see. Thanks!!! Rafa needs all the help he can get.

      • natch says:


        Thanks for that brief explanation. I was trying to think of a way to describe it using the American NFL as a comparison. I couldn’t think of a way to compare jarring football hits to tennis pounding without turning it into a novel. It’s a really great description. :D

    • cindy says:

      i have one comment : i’m quite pessimist about what’s comming next because Nadal seemed gloomy and sick !

      • cindy says:

        i heard soderling and del potro pullet out from Monté C : is it true ?

        • Ch F says:

          Who knows…DelPotro wasn’t certain anyway. Personally I don’t care. I’ve decided there is no difficult draw for Rafa when he is healthy and his usual self and there is no easy one when he isn’t. Therefore I only want him to be healthy.

        • Stf says:

          Del Potro, Soderling, Federer are out of MC. Davydenko is out already and Roddick never goes to MC. Murray and Djokovic will be going though. It should be a pretty good draw for Rafa, let’s see how that turns out.

  14. iren says:

    my feeling is there is nothing that much positive in these videos,Monte Carlo seems to be a try right now,i think nadal camp and rafa himself give their decisions after that.THERE IS a problem teeth issues seems to be the least important one i am afraid.i am so pessimistic ,i will watch him like i am watching for the last time..

  15. RAFAHolic1 says:

    For the person up there who said they heard that “DelPo” and Soderling pulled outta Roland Garros?
    YES about “SOD”. I haven’t had time to catch up any news on DelPo…but Something tells me that THAT may be true as well! That’s cool no? ;-) TWO LESS to worry about sounds GRAND!

    • miri says:

      Del Po, Soderling, Stepanek and Simon have all pulled out of Monte Carlo. I’m thinking it’s too early for anyone to have officially pulled out of Roland Garros.

      • rubik says:

        I know that for del Potro (right wrist) and Simon (knees), their pulling out of Monte Carlo is because of a serious injury. A worsening injury is probably the reason for Söderling’s withdrawal (he’s had tendinitis problems with his right arm and shoulder on and off since Wimbleton 2009 and was wearing a knee bandage in his QF and SF matches in Miami last week). Davydenko is out because of a fractured left wrist and will try to be back for the French Open. However, I just found out right here that Stepanek was also injured.

        All of these top 25 ATP players being out of the upcoming tournaments because of serious injuries is terrible for them, a big loss for the tournaments and a huge deception for all tennis fans.

        Is it me, or isn’t this very early in the 2010 season to have so many serious injuries amongst the top 25 ATP players? And there are serious injuries on the WTA as well! I really hope everything works out to the best for every ATP and WTA player injured!

    • GB says:

      Um, I don’t really think it’s cool…Sitting here stressing about Rafaknees, the last thing I’m thinking is that other player’s injuries are good…I don’t think Rafa’d want to win that way, either.

      • Ch F says:

        He wouldn’t, but right now any victory would click for him. He needs a title so much I don’t think he’s thinking he doesn’t want to win because some top players aren’t there.

        On another note, seeing how much time other top players have taken off (ie DelPotro), I worry even more whether Rafa is rushing things and overcharging his knees again.

        • GB says:

          Yeah about fearing the rushing. Delpo’s taking a very intelligent approach, in seemingly attempting to completely (or as completely as his body is able to) address the problem, rather than playing on. I mean I understand Rafa’s Catch 22 – in that there’s no guarantee that he’d be able to regain his form/the tour wouldn’t have moved on if he took an extended break. But, if he can’t go two tourneys without a flare up now [:((((((((( ], I’m worried about his ability to keep playing at a high level even in the more short term (never mind the depressing idea that he won’t have as long a careera as some).

          How the knees hold up for this clay stretch feels really pivotal. *Hopes like hell that the knees are okayish and that Rafa can find his feet on clay* If not, he may have to consider a more radical break.

          • Alix says:

            I feel too that these are very crucial times.

            This upcoming Monte Carlo tourney puts so many butterflies in my stomach!

            I’m sending my petition to Tennis Gods:

            *** let Rafangel have what he needs right now ***

  16. iren says:

    i only worry abaut our guy pyhisical state at the moment to be honest.

  17. RAFAHolic1 says:

    Miri and all…brait fart! Can’t believe I wrote RG???? LOL Sorry guys…figured you’d know I MEANT Monte Carlo…since that’s which tourney was asked about…How embarrassing! Ha! Long dayyyyy Both my fingers and brain are toast obvously! lol

    • miri says:

      No worries, we all have our days. At least you didn’t spell the name of a country wrong like I did recently. ;)

  18. RAFAHolic1 says:

    I NEVER said anything about it being GOOD???? and I definately don’t think that at all! I am a former competative athlete myself! …and Always wanted the BEST competition to go up against!…Good Gawd! Sorry if anyone took what I said up there..and THOUGHT? I wished for ANY athletes to be out??? confused…

  19. RAFAHolic1 says:

    Thanks Miri! Thank you for having this AWESOME RAFA Haven to hang out in and discuss topics about our boy! LOVE it here!! check it every day and have for quite awhile now!

  20. Keith says:

    The “world tour” as the PR lads decided to call it, is too long. All the players on both men and womens sides are stressing their bodies and getting injured not just RAFA.
    They are all fit young people; and if they are getting hurt that tells you all you need to know. But no one wants to make less money so they won’t cut down the number of tournaments and increase the rest time. And RAFA is caught up in this commercial rat race. Once near the top the preassure to go on without resting is tremendous. Its a trap hard to get out of.The bad side of making your living this way.

  21. faeaki7 says:

    I think watching Rafa live is gonna be too painful, how the hell is he going to manage if he has problems already? like others have said he needs more rest after the US, his body must come first not his ranking! oh take care Rafa!!!

  22. dutchgirl says:

    I’m always happy to see Rafa back in practice after a tournament. Also glad to see uncle Toni back in business!