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A new photo and some updates on Rafa’s Facebook page.

Estoy en casa, tranquilo, descansando y preparando el torneo de Monte Carlo. Lastima en Miami porque estaba jugando bien. Aprovecho una vez mas para agradecer todo el apoyo alli (y en Indian Wells). Aqui pongo una foto de la cena que hicimos en Miami esa noche antes de salir de vuelta para España.

At home resting, calm and preparing the Monte Carlo tournament. I am arriving there on Friday already. Too bad in Miami since I was playing great. I take teh opportunity to thanks again the support over there (and at Indian wells). I am posting a picture of the dinner we took at the restaurant the night after I lost and before I traveled back to Spain.

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  1. SallyO says:

    There’s so much to love about his latest Facebook posts.

    First off, the pictures. The tanned, sleepy Rafa in pink, his childhood buddy Tomeu who is clearly stroking his left knee, I mean, clearly – I just knew that he’s a great friend, such a cutie. Seeing Rafael Maymo without his glasses on (love him!) and with a hair cut. Roig looking like security should be called on him. Benito who is at the far end (or head) of the table, he’s just so jolly. And the random round dudes hanging around the table. I also love how itty bitty those plates look.

    Second (yes, second), Rafa’s caption. I love how open he is simply saying “after the loss against Roddick”. I’m not entire sure why, but I think that he wrote that is hella cool.

    Thirdly, his message. I just LOVE it when he updates us on how he is. Love it! And he’s just such a natural at making my heart all warm and fuzzy. I’m very happy to hear that he’s resting and he’s with calm. Again, I love the “too bad in Miami” bit. Says so much about him. I love that he misspells ‘the’ as ‘teh’, that is SO perfect – I do that, so does everyone else on planet Earth who uses that particular aritcle – love it! And for some reason, the vision of him posing a pic on Facebook as got me all kinds of weak. I’m not sure why. Rafa using a laptop is HOTT. Last but not least, I love how through Rafa is. I mean, the way he dates his photo and tells us that it was taken on the night AFTER he lost and BEFORE he traveled back to Spain.


  2. iren says:

    yeah it is nice,but somehow most of the people i am also one of them,think that it isnt him but his pr guy,i can remember his name now probably benetto,is updating the side and even sometimes responding the post,sorry but i also feel like that.thats why i never get to much into his fb page,i am not even a fan there.

    • Dolcefuga says:

      Rafa was asked before if Benito answers the questions from fans and Rafa said he doesn’t. Rafa dictates his answers possibly in Spanish and Benito types and translates in English. Also, when he blogging, he answers everything himself. I believe him!

      • SallyO says:

        Yeah! He said he likes to do it himself because it keeps him close to his fans. Yes, he gets help, but Rafa’s Facebook is Rafa. He said so himself in that ADORABLE on court interview he did during the Aussie Open with Jim Courier. He said that if he did it all himself then we would “understand nothing”. *awwwww!*

        I actually don’t have a Facebook account. But I’m considering getting one just so that I can become a fan of his of Facebook. That feels weird, talking about “becoming” a fan of Rafa’s…heh.

        • dutchgirl says:

          That’s exactly what I did, take an account so I could be a ‘fan of Rafa’…
          In fact, Rafa is the only one I’m connected to :)

  3. tiemyshoe says:

    Maymo looks cu-uuuute in this photo, not gonna lie.

    Rafa is very tan and shiny. miri, is he that shiny in real life?

    • miri says:

      It might depend on how hard the humid is (and/or how much he’s imbibed).

      • SallyO says:

        Miri, the word “imbibed” sound so DIRTY in Rafa-context. I want to “imbibe” with him!

        I think his level of “shininess” may also depend on how he’s feeling inwards and whether or not he’s projecting that emotion. Like, say, after a really good win. He absolutely beams and glitters! Or, he could just be strutting all calm down a walkway, waving to fans, and he has this glow about him.



      • tiemyshoe says:

        Heh, he totally has Asian glow. Or the Mallorcan equivalent.

        Their table seems to have done nicely with drink orders. Well played!

    • Nic says:

      I so have to concur on that one. Maymo looks mighty hot in that pic. Best of him I’ve ever seen. But of course it goes without saying that Rafi the bronzed babe is mighty fine in pink.

  4. Alix says:

    His Facebook update really made my evening perfect! And I like so much SallyO’s interpretations over it.

    Also I like very much the fact that Rafa has done his update pretty late in the evening. I don’t know why it’s so sweet…

    Anyway, Rafel is calm and heading to Monte Carlo, it sounds so good, and now I can finally get some sleep Z)

    • SallyO says:

      Thanks for your comment Alix. It is sweet that it’s in the evening. Oh the things we dote on! >_<

      Sweet dreams in Rafalalalala Land. :))

  5. Atch2 says:

    Great photo of the bronzed posse. Reminds me of my friends and I at dinner, getting the wait staff to take the photo and trying to get everyone in it. Rafa so stands out in pink :) Looks like Papa Nadal in the stripey shirt next to Benito.

    Luv that Rafa luvs food, and he can eat even after just losing. He’s definitely my kinda guy.

    • SallyO says:

      Oh my goodness, Atch2, that IS Papa Nadal.

      I didn’t even notice until you pointed it out. *scrathes him off the “random round dudes hanging around the table” list*
      I just noticed his worry-wort forehead and brow…
      It’s strange that he’s sitting two places away from Rafa and not next to him, or better yet, opposite him. In the US usually the Dad and Mom get the heads of the table.

  6. CC says:

    Pffft… Rafa looks like a girl. Which in a way is good, as that table is faaar too male dominated.

    Mind moving over a bit Tomeu? Juuust like that, thank you.

    *squeezes bum in next to Rafa*

    Now, where were we, young Rafa…? Oh, against that fence…yes. ;)

  7. Nana says:

    Thanks! That seems like a comfy place to sit =P

  8. Atch2 says:

    2 Questions:

    – Where’s Marc! ?
    – Where’s Rafa’s dessert. They’ve finished their meal and no cake or anything in front of Rafa.

    • miri says:

      I bet Marc! had already left since he’s part of a seeded doubles team playing this week in Morocco. (And they won their first match! Yay!)

    • Alix says:

      Maybe Rafa has already hoovered his dessert since he looks so sleepy and content ?

  9. Nic says:

    What I would give to be sitting smack in the middle of that posse. Phew. Hello there boys. Said it before and gonna say it again, Rafa’s got the sexiest, handsomest bronziest entourage on the ATP. Even if I didn’t know who Rafa was and stepped into that restaurant, I would have been ogling that table all night. Sigh.

    • Dolcefuga says:

      I was in Barcelona last summer and I have to tell you that there’s more of those types where they came from. Those Spaniards are just too godlike! Amazing.

      • Nic says:

        Sigh. I was in BCN mid last year and sadly didn’t see much quality :( Bummer. Maybe I was in the wrong places.

  10. faeaki7 says:

    He has one hell of a good looking box doesn’t he, all bronzed an sensual, would give my life to be sitting next to them all, well at least in the same room! He is so sweet and dedicated to up date his fans after the loss… god bless you Rafa!!!!!!!

  11. Maya says:

    I swear Maymo and Tomeu look like brothers. It’s hard to find that many good looking guys in one room let alone at one table. I’d be happy just to be serving there.

    Sally your comments are so sweet. There’s nothing like young love and our Rafa boy can whip us into a fervor from time to time, but he’s totally worth it.