Rankings: April 5th

The rankings for next week are already out. Rafa’s back up to #3 thanks to his recent semi-final finishes. One Andy moves up, the other moves down.

Pos Name Points Pos Moved Tourns Played
1 Federer, Roger 10,765 0 19
2 Djokovic, Novak 7,630 0 21
3 Nadal, Rafael 6,980 +1 18
4 Murray, Andy 5,845 -1 17
5 Del Potro, Juan Martin 5,735 0 18
6 Davydenko, Nikolay 5,585 0 25
7 Roddick, Andy 4,780 +1 20
8 Soderling, Robin 4,595 -1 26
9 Cilic, Marin 2,980 0 23
10 Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried 2,915 0 23

In better news, he jumped up the doubles rankings 175 places to #66. Heh.

8 Responses

  1. GB says:

    Yay, Rafa getting closer to a rank befitting his dub specialist status:)

    As for the singles, I really floved the whole Fedal 1-2 domination, but I care so much more about Rafa’s health (I don’t want him feeling any pression to play tourneys for points). I guess it’s looking more likely that he’ll be able to stay in the top 4 (and avoid a Fed or Nole RG 1/4) given that Delpo & Davy are unfortunately struggling with injury.

  2. Toosilnet says:

    Well, I’ve been wondering about this — thanks for not making me wait!!! Big drop for Murray, and I see most of the top 10 guys have a lot more tourneys. Curious to see the draw for Monte-Carlo — pretty sure our guy beat Nole in the final last year. I’m hoping he skips Madrid this year.

  3. jba says:

    lol, the doubs ranking is a riot. he’s plays only 5 tournaments but he’s up 175 spots and is in the top 100. as for the singles, i’m glad that he’s back in the top three. to be in the top two would be preferable but as long as he’s healthy and injury free at the moment, i’m happy.

  4. mamacoco says:

    I was wondering when Rafa would move back up, since the other three did not get as far in the tourney’s as Rafa. Not that I even know that whole ranking system lol….

  5. TU2 says:

    I am happy Rafa is now number 3. But honestly, I just hope he would be injury free and mentally and physically healthy. I care about his rankings, but I care most about him. My heart was broken and cried when I saw him hitting his knees when he was frustrated. Anyway, clay season begins soon. I hope to see his lovely smile again especially at RG … Vamos! <3

  6. faeaki7 says:

    I hope Rafa feels better on the clay amd more motivated(if that at all possible), plus the smoothness of clay should help his footwork and knees a little, he did beat Djokovic in Monte-carlo last year, infact although he served poorly throughout he never dropped a set! His injuries began in Miami and he started his clay court campaign in the worst possible way, but he still had alot of momentum and belief, despite playing badly he didn’t have that fear or lack of confidence! Godbless you Rafa!!! stay healthy and nice to see you nearer to the top whereyou rightfully belong!

  7. Rafafan says:

    Well this is great news back to no 3. If he had won the tourney he would still be 3 but only 10 points behind. As for the doubles what a riot indead! Only 5 tourney and in top 100, almost top 50! wooooow. Carry on with Marc! I say (knees permitting).

    However, on the down side, what worries me more, is his injuries started in Miami last year – and after the berating himself with his knees in that now infamous vid, could it be starting again – a dejavu? Hopefully what he said “I am not ready to play better in that moment” was a signe to say – nope not gonna push myself to the brink, like before. Gonna have to learn to live with it and if it means a loss so be it – not in these tourneys. That’s my feeling him being frustrated. Vamos to number 3 – you will be closing on the Djok and with both Fed and Djok not playing very well who knows. Above all, keep fit, healthy – and more to the net, winners, no short loopy balls and aces! Vamos to Monte Carlo no 3 (but in our eyes no 1 always) x

  8. Necitas says:

    A reflection of Rafa’s achievement so far. He moved way up from Murray and closer to Djokovic. It’s not all the title afterall. I’m glad of the positive implication of this data. Keep up the good work. Rafa! ‘Hope everything is alright now, and you’re so ready when the time comes. :)