Miami: String theory

No, not racket strings, but shirt strings. Stray shirt strings. During his one and only doubles match in Miami, Rafa had a bit of trouble with a string on his shirt. The tale starts here:


Note the wayward string by his left arm? Shortly after this was taken, Rafa started tugging on it and it kept getting longer and longer. He eventually broke it off and went to tuck it in his pocket:

Pocketing the string

While doing so, a Bryan Bro (I have no idea which is which) served to Tomeu who netted the return. Rafa looked a bit taken a back that the serve happened while he was still fiddling with the string:


That was the end of the game, so the boys went over to the bench to sit down, but the string was still bothering Rafa:

Damm string

Since pulling it wasn’t quite getting the job done, he took things up a notch and started chomping on it:

*nom nom nom*

He must have managed to bite a bit off because he sat there chatting with Tomeu with string hanging out of his mouth:

Dude I just chomped on my pit!

No really, did you see that? I chomped on my pit!

(You might need to click through to the large size of the photos to see the string.)

*This little weirdly stalky post is brought to you by the need to lighten up the mood.


39 Responses

  1. vie says:

    best post miri! had a good laugh reading it! rafa is super adorable…

  2. Necitas says:

    Very cute, very unguarded Rafa! He’s so comfortable with Tomeu! Love the pics, love the smile, love the relax Rafa…ok, I’ll admit it love everything Rafa! :))

  3. Lou Lou says:

    This boy’s just bucket full of D’awwwwwwwwww!!!!
    He is so sweet! Thanks for this, Miri, just adorable!