Miami: Thigh slapping moment – translated?

According to the subtitles at 1:21 in this video (tweeted by Hollyjl), Rafa said:
No puc! El puta genoll! El puta genoll! Which Google translates as: I can not! The fucking knee! The fucking knee!

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  1. pempem says:

    I still don’t know if we can be sure that he even says knee, no? One website showing the video says he states rodilla, the other says genoll… I know they both mean knee, but if Spanish speakers can’t agree on the actual Spanish word he uses, then perhaps he said a completely different word there instead that doesn’t mean knee? I think if he did say knee, than it would definitely be concerning though…

    • miri says:

      It’s my understanding (and please, someone correct me if I’m wrong), but rodilla is Spanish for knee while genoll is Catalaan for knee. So, I think the stations were subtitling for their audience.

      • GB says:

        A poster on another site said that ‘rodilla’ is Castellano for knee, and the station used that for their audience…

        What I’m confused about is the excerpt here seems to use the ‘rodilla’ captioning, rather than the ‘puta genoll!’ as Miri captioned it. I haven’t seen any other versions of the video…In other versions, are the captions ‘puta genoll’ etc, or is it that people are saying that’s what Rafa said (Rafa isn’t audible to me at all)?

        • miri says:

          I saw this before Spanish captions were added by vamosrafelnadal. The Spanish caption says rodilla. Under that are the original captions included in the iB3 broadcast which are, I assume, Catalaan. That’s the caption that says genoll.

          • mary says:

            I looked it up & yep it says knee in espanol. And the no puedo to my translation is indicating like “not again or maybe this can’t be, the knee, the knee”
            I’m not gonna speculate as I agree what he sounds inaudible to me, but he is certainly mift at something It seems that it is in that general vacinity he’s demonstrating his frustration on it!!
            Poor love. Come to momma & I’ll kiss it better. ;-)

          • GB says:

            Thanks Miri!

            • miri says:

              Sorry for the confusion. I hadn’t realized Spanish subtitles had been added and that the covered the original ones.

      • Necitas says:

        “ puedo…la rodilla…la rodilla”,
        meaning, “It can’t be…the knee…the knee…” The knee gave way. He was playing very well, he was almost there, almost, but the knee…It frustrated him. Oh Rafa, you were gallant to the end…Take care!!!

        • Necitas says:

          It was very painful watching him from that time on.

          • Emma says:

            but i thought he played a good service game after that outburst – he held at love. and there were good rallys there too. and when he came back to sit down at the next changeover, he was still talking to his camp but more lightheartedly and he was smiling – and there was a wave of his hands that seemed to say forget about that and move on.

            • Necitas says:

              My impression was that he was trying to conceal the pain but he has difficulty moving already. The service was successful but there was anger in the execution. He has luck and many chances during the 2nd and 3rd sets but it wasn’t enough. At this point I felt that even Andy was aware of what Rafa was going through. And at this point I knew it in my heart that he played way better than Andy and that he deserved the win, but it was not to be…

        • CC says:

          My Spanish is very much school Spanish, but doesn’t “no puedo” mean “I can’t”, not “it can’t be”…?

          • Necitas says:

            It’s also schooled spanish for me but we speak it a little bit at home. It’s kind of idiomatic… “I can’t, it can’t be… or this can’t be…almost the same connotation.

            • CC says:

              OK. Ta. :)

              • cindy says:

                bottom of line “no puedo ” means i can’t and not it can be ; i know spanish and i know what i’m talking about . he was playing very well in the first set but later he got hampered by his injured knee that’s why he said ‘no puedo’ it’s beyond him ;
                the knee will always come back it’s a long term injury which takes a long time to rehab partly and never completely .the worse thing is that rafa’s game play relies a lot on his physical status he’s a defensive player which might irritate his leg .
                hope it’s not the end of his carreer , he’d better find a solution’cause it’s a serious issue

  2. pempem says:

    Ahh- I see. I thought they were contradicting one another. So I imagine they say Rafa actually said genoll and that the Spanish tv station subtitled rodilla? Hmmm… like I said, that concerns me then. Why would he mention his knee there if there wasn’t some reason it was holding him back? Maybe it doesn’t act up all of the time but when it does it prevents him from bending to really add power to his shots, which is why his level seems to go up and down and he hits his shots so short at times? Arrggh – wish I knew he was ok and wish I knew why his level is so inconsistent!!

  3. Nana says:

    Went back to the match highlights VID and the audio was a little better. Sorry to say that it did sound like “genoll”.

    And the station must hear it better but everything is just pure spectaculation for now. Let’s just send all the love and positive vibes to Rafa and wish him well.

  4. ravi says:

    I loveeee you rafaaaaaaaaa

  5. Rafafan says:

    I would rather see rafa loose in many semi finals than to see him injured.
    Probably the knee slapping doesnt relate to any injury, if he had any kind of injury he would have visited doctors and the media would have already made a huge news of it
    but we dont see such a thing.

    Hope he is not injured, best wishes to rafa

    • mary says:

      I feel the same way. Maybe he was frustrated as he didn’t move faster enough or the right way in the last game/s. He has said he is fine, so we will have to accept that. If it were me I wouldn’t reveal my hand either as tennis can be like a poker game & sometimes you just gotta bluff. It worked for Davydenko who had sustained an injury & played with it until he couldn’t go any further!!

      • mary says:

        Not to say RAfa has anything wrong but he has said himself that you don’t reveal everything. He stated this at the USO.
        He did look a little stiff, maybe it was just nerves. It can happen to the best at anytime & he wanted to win so badly. Lets cross our fingers & hope its just that & he is healthy like he states including all his limbs.. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I like the idea of his limbs maybe rapped around me. Hahahaha!!. Well a girl can dream!!

  6. SugarSweet says:

    I think Rafa is paranoid about his knees. And that’s totally understandable. I think he’s not quite past it mentally; in some matches he’s able to conquer the ‘fear’ (Tsonga match) and play like no man’s business and in matches like this one, the fear just comes out of nowhere and he can’t get past it. More than any physical pain, I think *that* is what he means when swearing about his knee. The injury has left more than physical scars.

    He’ll get over it, eventually. The Tsonga match gives me plenty of hope. But I guess he just needs more time.

    • Necitas says:

      Somehow, I agree with you. The fear might have weakened the knees…Let’s all hope for the best for Rafa, and that all of these will be over soon, and that he’ll be soaring high again.

      • dutchgirl says:

        I hope it’s nothing serious. I agree that Rafa could be fixated about the state of his knees, so it is possible that he feels every little discomfort that occurs and is worried that it all will start over again.
        Let’s not panic and wait for further news.

        • Susanna728 says:

          I was thinking the same. That every time he feels a twinge in one of his knees it freaks him out (which seems like a normal reaction), then he kind of involuntarily starts protecting it, with the result that his play isn’t as good. And he then gets mad and frustrated about this recurring cycle. So maybe it was just a twinge and it went away. I didn’t think his movement was worse afterwards, just that got more cautious. I’m with Dutchgirl. let’s not panic and hope for the best.

    • Ch F says:

      It’s perfectly understandable and I think you’re right. His body is both the means and the prerequisite for his success. He can’t win without it. So when part of it suffers or has suffered, fear sets in and the focus is gone.
      In my opinion and judging from Rafa’s body language which we all know very well by now, he has been losing two categories of matches: matches during which he felt some physical pain, he couldn’t move well and play his own game, which then led to passive and unstructured play by fear of further injury, and matches during which the pain wasn’t bothering him there and then, he was even playing and moving very well but wasn’t confident enough to convert important points. In other words I think the problem is both physical and mental.

  7. Madi says:

    OMG That’s the first time I saw that. I still can’t recover from it. It just shows how much pressure he puts on himself. I just don’t care whether he win or lose any more, I just don’t want to see him that way ever again. Again, OMG! I can’t imagine what he’s going through. Hmm guess ‘Colm’ is not in the dictionary any more. Oh it keeps playing in my mind, over and over again. Oh no.

    • sombina says:

      You and me think alike! I’m absolutely shocked about this clip.

      OMG! OMG! OMG!

      This time I am allowing myself some time for hysteria and not thinking that he is young and everything. DAMN!

      • Madi says:

        But now to think of it(after the initial shock), it’s kinda sexy, don’t you think?

        • sombina says:

          Yes, it’s a sexy too, I know what you mean. Hot towel throw!

          But it’s not hot if his knees are really troubeling him.
          *deep breath*
          Obviously it was a frustrating match for him. No reason to think his knees are failing him.
          *watches clip again*
          Oh yes there is :-(

  8. JC says:

    Well, if it’s knee trouble again, it’s not his AO injury that has resurfaced. There it was his right knee. Against Roddick, he is beating his left thigh/knee(?).
    I think he feels inhibited in his movement, and as a consequence of what he has been through in the past year, his mind immediately goes to the knees. It’s just been a little traumatic for him, and he can’t always control his reactions to it. Remember, he is only 23 and has lived a pretty sheltered life. What happened in his life last year is a lot to deal with, and he’s had to do it in public, so we can’t expect him to just press a button and move on.
    That being said, it’s distinctly possible that it would do him a world of good to get some professional help, like a sports psychologist, just to help him let go of the fear. I hope his team/family are aware, that soldiering on may not be the best option.

  9. ananthd says:

    Rafa has lost to either the champ or the finalist in every tourney he’s played from Madrid ’09(except WTF which was round-robin)…

    Although several of them of were gut wrenching(especially Doha & IW), that tells me to beat him it takes a player playing well and not a guy hot on the day….

    He’ll win Monaco…

    • emir says:

      wow,i post a similair comment to wamosbrigade

      players who beat rafa becomes champion

      us open del potro
      shangai doha davdeyko
      paris djokovic
      indian wells ljubicic WHAT EVER
      miami roddick

      also two major finals played because they mange to bear rafa soderling and murray..if thats the case on hard courts,we know what will happen on clay right..I HOPE SO

  10. tennisfun says:

    i think rafa hc result have been great, as for pain and injury its part of all sport preson and we love rafa so we get more worried but he would be alright and play great for a long time . take care rafa. and from now on never get injured just to win a match , i think this year he has been trying to do that only , so that he is alright for the well we know what. hope fully he will be there fit and fighting . i know he will give his all for them . so i am happy with what he has been doing so far infact i am very happy. now the best part starts clay then grass. wow wow. rafa take care again .

  11. cindy says:

    just wannna know what bothers him during the match , what he was jawing to his squad and what causes his violent outburst ! nobody has ever seen rafa act like this before ; there must be something wrong !!!!

  12. dk says:

    Looks like we may know the true answer after he plays Monte Carlo, Barcelona & Rome. If he is unable to win at least 2 out of 3 of these tournaments, we may have seen the rise and fall of Rafa.

    • tiemyshoe says:

      Wha? Why, because they’re the last tournaments he’ll ever play in his life?

      • tennisfun says:

        i thought exactly the same things . i think all gloom and doom a bit of a joke. as tony uncle says sports is not drama of life and doom . its sport so lets love rafa tennis with optimism and happiness. for me he is pure joy in all he does on court and we are glad that he is a joy off court too. so lets feel positive emotions for him .

  13. rose says:

    This whole thing is over-analyzed,I know but here are my 2 cents after just watching the whole match (recorded of course)!

    Roddick really played and served unbelievable in 2nd and 3rd set and Rafa did try to come back,he did hit some good shots, but not hard enough. So he was mad, the commentator said that it may be a good thing to let out some steam like Fed smashing his racket last year (though it is unusual for Rafa).

    I would not read too much in his outburst until we see him on clay after a nice rest. The guy is a born fighter and is not going anywhere but upwards!

  14. rubik says:

    I was reading Roddick’s after-match interview following his SF win over Nadal. I’ll copy-paste below the Q/A section that pertains to Nadal in the interview, because I was really impressed with Roddick’s answer to the interviewer :

    Q. How would you say Rafa responded to your tactics? Did you feel like he fell off at the last two sets, or was he right there?
    ANDY RODDICK: I don’t know. I mean, he would answer that better than I would.

    So, I’ve decided to do just what Roddick answered to the interviewer by reading carefully what Nadal himself had said about his loss against Roddick in his after-match interview.

    Nadal said that he was playing very well in the first set and some of the second set, but that when Roddick changed strategy and moved to a more aggressive strategy, and increasingly playing a very agressive match along with his very strong serve, he was taken by surprise. Nadal said he was not “ready” to play better tennis at that moment and that what made the difference.

    Nadal chose not to elaborate as to why exactly he was not “ready” to play better tennis to counter Roddick’s switch to a more and more agressive tennis for the last 1 1/2 sets of that SF against Roddick, and personally, I’m just going to leave it at that.

    Many of us have pointed out over the past 2 days that there was something worrisome about the way the last 1 1/2 sets of Nadal’s Miami SF went both on and off the court and it’s obvious that Nadal himself as well as his excellent team know that also, and will analyze all of this most carefully and take all appropriate steps onwards. After the unbelievably difficult year Nadal has been through, I trust 100% Nadal and his excellent team to do now and forward whatever best there is for Nadal to do, both physically and mentally.

    All what really matters to me now is that Nadal incurred no major injury on the IW and Miami hardcourts and that if something was indeed happening with his knee during the 2nd set onwards of his SF match against Roddick, Nadal’s play went down a bit and as Nadal said in the interview, that’s was not sufficient to beat Roddick who really played strong agressive tennis and went all out for that match.

    Nadal was not “ready” (either mentally or physically, he chose not to specify) to play in all an-out unreasonable manner to uplift his game and meet Roddick’s challenge, and that’s perfectly OK with me since the Nadal’s AO 2009 SF and final, I’m always afraid Nadal will play such totally unreasonable matches again. Nadal chose not to elaborate about why he was not “ready” to uplift his game against Roddick in Miami – that’s his decision to make and I’ll respect it.

    Also, Nadal is moving back to 3rd place on the ATP ranking tomorrow morning. YESSSSS! In points, Nadal will be much closer to no 2 Djokovic and safely above no 4 Murray. Bravo, Nadal!

    Also, Nadal has indeed WON the Indian Wells doubles title and he has reached the singles SEMIFINALS in BOTH Indian Wells and Miami (slow and fast hardcourts, respectively) and in both cases, as some have already mentioned, he lost to the player who went on to win the final and the title. This is, BY VERY VERY FAR, the best performance by the top 4 ATP players in Indian Wells and Miami (the other three being players whose tennis is much better suited to hardcourts than Nadal’s tennis).

    So, take good care of yourself and VAMOS, Nadal!

    Happy Easter to Nadal, miri and everyone and see you all here for the Monte Carlo Masters 1000. It will be so very wonderful to see Nadal play on clay. It has been so very long!

    • SallyO says:

      Rubik, thanks very much for your comments.

      I feel that in our fervor, we out-shouted the other (more important) voice, that of : reason.


    • kid says:

      Thank you very much rubik! Reading your post made me feel a lot better! I was getting kinda depressed reading other comments…

    • faeaki7 says:

      Spot on, thats excatly how I felt, his level inexplicably dropped (short balls no running for passing shots), in the 2nd set onwards and Roddick was able to capitalize, Rafa wasn’t and now prehaps we know why! Rafa has also spoken of the Madrid final ,which he won in dramatic fashion and was some viewing!, that he would never do this to his body again! and although hard to watch, I feel that he doesn’t want to risk anything for the most important part of the year, French, Queens(which Rafa loves), or his ultimate fave Wimbledon. This season will be a telling one for him in so many ways! One things for sure, if Rafa can not compete to win because of the ‘knees’, he will not continue, he is too passionate to be anything but the best, he knows deep down that if he plays full polt he is the best out there but frustatingly so he cannot do this in every match! I hope him and his camp find away and he can go and sort put those damn teeth and hone his game for the clay! I feel his performance in French open will be the most important this year and not the masters..

      • faeaki7 says:

        Although winning in Monte-carlo,Barco or Rome would give him back the confidence he so needs right now.

  15. GB says:

    So, I finally forced myself to watch the tape of the match with the volume blaring. ‘Puta’ was clearly audible. I was straining to hear ‘genoll’ (crowd noise wasn’t a issue in this version, but Rafa turned away to punch :( the knee, so he was more mumbled). I’m pretty sure I did hear it, though. But I don’t know how much of that is me bringing a theory to my reading — if I wasn’t on the lookout for ‘genoll’ – no way I would have been like ‘what’s this genoll he’s speaking of?”.

    • GB says:

      Here’s that version in online match highlights. At 1.40 – I hear the puta and I’ve now decided definitely the genoll

  16. rubik says:

    In his post-match interview following his 4th round final loss to Berdych in Miami, Federer gave the following two possible reasons to the interviewers for his poor results on the US hardcourts (lost in 3rd round in Miami and lost in 4th round in Indian Wells) :

    1. maybe his illness in February 2010(lung infection) had weakened him more than he thought;

    2. Federer had not played on the ATP Tour since his victory at the Australian Open 2010.

    That’s it! Those are the two possible reasons Federer himself gave in his post-match interviews for having lost to Baghdatis in Indian Wells and to Berdych in Miami. And Federer went on to say how very happy he was to leave the US hardcourts for the European clay courts, where he hoped the change of surface would help him improve the worrisome state of his tennis game.

    Needless to say, both of the reasons Federer gave for his poor results at both the Indian Wells and the Miami tournaments also apply to Nadal, which is something Federer apparently did not realize during the interview:

    1. Nadal has suffered a knee injury at the end of January 2010 (during his QF match against Murray at the AO), which had to be treated and from which he has to recover and all.

    2. Nadal had not played on the ATP Tour since his injury at the Australian Open 2010.

    VAMOS, Nadal! You’re the BEST!

    • SallyO says:

      *high fives Rubik*

      You’re on a roll! I’m lovin’ your sense and reason.

      VAMOS RAFA! \:D/

      • rubik says:

        Well, SallyO, while we’re wolling here, let’s get the complete picture.

        In his post-interview after his 2nd round loss in Miami (where he was defending his 2009 title), the then no. 3 ATP player Murray gave only one reason to the interviewers for his very poor tennis results since the AO 2010 (among other things, Murray lost in the 4th round in Indian Wells and in the 2nd round.

        Murray said in that his sole Miami post-match interview that he was very deeply affected by his loss to Federer in the AO 2010 final and that since then, his tennis has more and less gone out of the window and that he has not feet happy on a tennis court ever since.

        Murray stated that this is his own problem to search, understand and solve, and that it’s what he is going to do now and onwards: go on a personal quest for understanding his mental attitude problem and find the solutions.

        As for Djokovic, the no 2 ATP player, said in the after-match interviews following his Miami 2nd round loss and his Indian Wells 3rd round loss, that it was obvious to everyone that he was not feeling comfortable on the hardcourts in Indian Wells and Miami, hence Djokovic’s very poor results there for reasons that he could not pinpoint in the interviews, but that was OK with Djokovic: “Life goes on”, he said.

        The no 5 ATP player Del Potro was not playing in Indian Wells and in Miami because of a major right wrist tendinitis he’s been struggling with for months now, and the news came out today that Del Potro most probably will not be playing in Monte Carlo.

        The no 6 ATP player Davydenko played and won only his first (2nd round) match in Indian Wells, where it was discovered that his left wrist had been broken since February (Rotterdam tournament). He obviously retired then from Indian Wells and did not play in Miami. Davydenko is out for two months, and he may or may not be back in time for the 2010 French Open.

        VAMOS, Nadal!

    • rubik says:

      Sorry, it s/b the other way around: Federer lost in 3rd round in Indian Wells (to Baghdatis) and in 4th round in Miami (to Berdych).

    • nereis says:

      I see your point but a specific lung infection and Rafa’s knees situation are not comparable. Not even close if you ask me.

      • rubik says:

        I’m with you 100% there : Federer’s specific lung infection in February and Nadal’s end of January knee injury are physical conditions that stand worlds apart for world class tennis players. But, like you said, that’s a totally different issue that the point I was trying to make in my comment.

        Did you get a chance to look at the new ATP rankings on the ATP site today? It’s really worth a look!

        Have a nice evening!

  17. MS says:

    wow…. It’s good to see rafa being human… Just express yourself, rafa… and the good tennis would be unleashed… I know it’s still in you !!!

  18. faeaki7 says:

    The lastgame of the match said it all, missed backhands! and the loopy miss timed foreand error to give Roddick the match! He still played before that ok considering! amazing Rafa, keep strong, we are all behind you!

  19. Eva says:

    From Neil Harman’s report it seems Rafa was frustrated even before the match started.
    “Even in practice, Nadal had been troubled. It is rare indeed to see him let the racket drop from his grasp — one hastens to say throw it, because the Spaniard has never done that in his career — but he was not happy with line or length an hour before the real contest began.”

  20. natch says:

    “Which Google translates as: I can not! The fucking knee! The fucking knee!”

    Wow. Rafa can f*ck with his knee?! I’m impressed.
    And…a little scared. ;)

  21. faeaki7 says:

    Thats interesting but Rafa has been known before to get frustrated in practice like last year in Miami, hope he is okay, and damn those fucking knees’ he must be so frustrated!

  22. Alison says:

    Rafa’s unusual behaviour is very much how my husband behaved when he too had trouble with his wisdom teeth…..not prone to temper tantrums he was explosive when he had the pain and even resorted to banging his head against the wall. Just wondered if Rafa may be suffering in the same way and this might go some way to explaining his behaviour which seems totally out of character?!!

    • An says:

      I tought about iff he couldnt be jelling the fucking tooth…. “Muela” is the spanish word for tooth, dunno in Mallorqui or in Catalan…

      But its just speculating and hoping off course that it wasn’t about the knee….

  23. Ch F says:

    I know I’m late on this but just wanted to say that when I saw this reaction while watching this match I just couldn’t believe I was watching Rafa. The pressure is much worse than we can possibly imagine, apparently, and so are the knee problems. His frustration was obvious more than once. He almost hit his racket on the ground twice and I don’t think he’ll be able to stop himself from doing it next time. In any case, what’s worrying is he left Miami very disappointed and the pressure for him to win a title just shifts to clay now, with everyone expecting him to win a title there. I’m not sure for how long he can keep this “I’m alright, not disappointed at all, feeling great and ready to win a title” thing when apparently something is blocking him.

    Is he injured again? Or is it the pain he’s feeling that gets to his head and prevents him from focusing?

  24. Atch2 says:

    O Rafa. I didn’t see this during the live telecast 
    Never seen him so angry with himself before. Glad he didn’t take it out on anyone else, his racquet or the ball.

    Rafa, I hope the frustration is related to the wisdom teeth and that you can get them out and recover before Monte Carlo.

  25. dutchgirl says:

    To me it was comforting to see that, according to the official site, Rafa is now in Mallorca, ‘resting’.
    I imagine he has those teeth taken out and is now enjoying being with his family and friends.

    • CC says:

      Yeah, I was wondering…would he have time to have all the teeth out, recover and then start training on clay for Monte Carlo that starts on…Monday? I doubt it, but maybe.

      *imagines Rafa in dentist chair, terrified*

      Awww… Poor little sweetpea.

      • Madi says:

        That is major surgery if you ask me, and it’s physically exhausting. Imagine, they have to take out 4 and those are right at the end. Boy’s gonna need some good recovery time. I personally hate ‘dentist time’, feel so sorry for Rafa.

        • dutchgirl says:

          It’s been a long time since I got my wisdom teeth removed and I can remember that it was done one by one (I only had 2). I don’t recall a long recovery time, though. I went to work right after it.
          So maybe not all 4, but I hope the one that is hurting the most will be removed already.

          • nic says:

            Would be tough to remove all 4 teeth and then recover quickly and get back to practice and right into a tournament in one week!! I got 2 out and that took 2 weeks for the swelling in my face to go away. But yeah, some people have easier experiences with wisdom teeth. Poor boy, he really doesn’t need the damn wisdom teeth to add to everything that he has to deal with. Poor sweet Rafa, hope you are resting well in Mallorca and that the pain will go away.

            • Atch2 says:

              Now that i think abt it, if Rafa has all 4 or even 2 taken out, he’ll need at least 1wk of complete rest. Meaning he shouldn’t be doing any exercises or practices. I was eating soup & rice porridge & feeling shitty for a wk.

              Hope Rafa doesn’t push himself too soon by playg Monte Carlo.

              • Madi says:

                Yeh, but he’s going to need keep playing if he want his physical rhythm back, even if he has to go title-less. What a mess. If Rafa can pull through this, I’m going to keep Rafa’s framed picture right below my Buddha statue :) -> meaning, I’m practically going to worship him apart from adoring him.