Champions for Chile

Sadly, it looks like the Champions for Chile fundraiser that’s taking place this afternoon/evening in Miami will not be broadcast. You can still help support, however, by going to and making a donation. All proceeds will benefit the Hogar de Cristo’s Chilean Earthquake Relief. Thanks to olerafa for tweeting the donation link.

10 Responses

  1. olerafa says:

    You’re welcome :P … It’s so disappointing we can’t even watch this online! What a wasted opportunity! But I still want to help!

  2. SallyO says:

    This is SO bogus!

    What’s wrong, Chile isn’t mainstream enough?!

    So messed up!

  3. RAFAHolic1 says:

    CHILI? (Chile) :-)

    • miri says:

      It took this damn long for someone to point this out to me? You are all fired! I mean, I see SallyO tried to hint at it, but I don’t often take hints well.

      Sooo embarrassing. (Oddly enough, I had it correct in the post tag…so that makes it even worse.)

      • CC says:

        Since nobody else had said anything, I thought it was perhaps an American way of spelling Chile. ;)

        Seriously? I thought it was quite funny…

      • tiemyshoe says:

        LOL! It actually didn’t quite register in my brain as a misspelling, except I thought it odd I suddenly had a craving for Tex Mex… :P

        Congrats to Roddick for winning this exho, then winning the whole shebang the next day. What a dude!

      • jba says:

        actually, miri, i thought you were doing a play of words like you always do with your titles. like chili, hot, scorched up the court with tennis thing. :)

  4. Alix says:

    I thought it was meant to some kind of wordplay. Roddick, Gonzales, Kuerten and Courier are hot guys – hot like chili.

    Whereas Rafa is hot like steaming superheated lava, coming all over you…

  5. natch says:

    I’m glad they raised some money. Great for all the guys and gals who participated, too. Thanks for posting the link, Miri & ole.