Miami: Semifinal match videos

Match highlights:

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First set highlights:

2nd set highlights:

Posted by vamosrafelnadal – not sure if a 3rd set vid is on the way, but watch his channel just in case.

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  1. Rafafan says:

    Hope they put the third set on – want to know what the hell was going on with the towel, fist and knee slapping agitation.

    I am so distraught at the mo can’t even able to face to watch the above vids. For him to just “lose” it – I guess there was something wrong with the power of the legs. He never changed it up and went downhill. God damn hard courts – hope and pray he is healthy for clay onwards and upwards.

  2. An says:

    To be honest ( and i could be wrong and it could be my strong longing for him to be OK and not having physicall troubles thats playing tricks with my mind ) i’m not seeing indication for injury in the moment where he hits his leg with the towel and his fist…
    To me it looks like someone in the box said or gestured something to him wich was the last thing he did want to hear in that moment and it, accumulated on just loosing his servicegame, seriously pissed him off big time and the slapping is a reaction to that…
    Gosh i hope i’m right!

    • Nana says:

      Me too. I hope my judgment is not being clouded by sentiments but if he were injured, he would ‘ve looked apprehensive or worried rather than aggressive, right? Let’s hope we are right.

      • An says:

        Yes Nana ( the sound off you’re name here is so familiair to me as my full name is Anna, LOL ) i think too that when it was about injury he would have looked worried or just sad, not so seriously pissed….

        • Nana says:

          Similar sounding and same letters too, LOL

          Watched it again – he hung his head and then started hitting himself after gesticulating to his team. He must be so frustrated cos’ afterall, it was all down to one shitty game and the tourny was over. The missed opportunity was hard to swallow for us, not to say for him!

          • Nana says:

            Well I didn’t mean he only played one shitty game, but one break was all Roddick needed and he had the upper hand from there.

            • SallyO says:

              Rafa actually put up one finger before he started hitting himself, as if to say “I let my freaking gaurd down for ONE game and got broken. ONE game is all it takes against Roddick. ONE shitty game has just cost me a Masters 1000 shield.”

  3. mamacoco says:

    Some very exciting tennis to watch Roddick and Rafa. Wished I could have seen it live. It was like watching a boxing match of sorts. Rafa is my guy. But I do like Roddick.

  4. mamacoco says:

    First set was awesome, what happened after that?

  5. Rafafan says:

    Check this out. This is Rafa hitting himself. I got wind that he was trying to communicate to his camp – after they were trying to signal him. And he was saying that his legs couldn’t do what he wanted them to do – that’s what the spanish commentators were saying and its now in the Spanish press. Also in his presser he mumbled something thank god the hard court is over. Does anyone know any truth in all of this. I have to say I was so shocked the sudden turn around of the match – a blink of the eyelid but then again Roddic was A rod today and Rafa couldn’t even read one of his serves. Dunno why. I think he hasn’t studied him enough and of course surpised he suddently turned it on by playing aggresive to the net game. This is worryng that Rafa didn’t figure it out at all and it was all too late. OK grand slam 3 out of 5 sets he may well. Funny that the US (hard court – Rafa’s least favourite service) have a tie break and doesn’t go to 5 sets and carries on until somebody wins by two clear games. Why have they changed the rules on that particular slam. Doesn’t seem right to me. Should be the same rules for all. Woops getting off topic a bit… sorry but hard court, v clay v grass, v tiebreaker hard – = not good for rafa.

    • miri says:

      The video above was included in this post yesterday.

      Also in his presser he mumbled something thank god the hard court is over.

      This was tweeted by a guy yesterday and he’s since removed that tweet. It’s not in the transcript and the guy in question seems kind of douchy, so I’m not buying it right now.

      • SallyO says:

        “Q. Are you happy to be getting back on the clay?
        RAFAEL NADAL: No, no. I am feeling really well playing in all the surfaces, and I hope the clay help me a little bit more. But, I don’t I am happy for everything. I started the season well. I am playing well. You know, clay gonna have probably if I am playing well more chances.”

        I’ll just take Rafa’s word over this “guy” who tweets and deletes.

        Though, if he did say “thank God the the hard court season is over” is that really surprising? Federer would surely concur with that sentiment. Crazy thing is, I think Murray would too.

        I just hope he’s okay physically. That’s all. He’ll figure out the rest, I know he will. I also hope that he puts himself first and organizes his schedule according what’s best for RAFA. Not what’s best for Spain, or Madrid, or Ion fucking Tiriac, or Davis Cup or his fans, or whatever. I hope he does what’s best for RAFA keeping his past experiences in mind.

        • Alix says:

          Last year in Miami after a semifinal loss to Djokovic Federer actually said that phrase “thank God the the hard court season is over”. There was some fuss about it back then. Would Rafa use the exact same phrase this year, somehow I just don’t believe that.

  6. Rafafan says:

    It happens around 5.26 if you want to fast forward. But the highlights are pretty good

  7. Rafafan says:

    Whoops sorry Miri – have just come back from work – couldn’t face looking at the vids this morning – too raw.

    Trying to catch up now and found on another thread.


    • miri says:

      No worries – after all, I’m too out of it to notice you were commenting on the post I was linking to. It’s just that kind of a day.