Miami: Semifinal preview

Preview for tomorrow’s match. It will be the first match of the day: 1pm Miami time. I’ll be at work. *sigh*

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  1. SallyO says:

    LOL! Is Rafa telling Roig “I KNOW!” @ 0:08 in the vid? Hehehe, so cute and bratty. Red is fantastic on him (and it’s also both of our favorite colors ^_^)

    His passion is unreal, and the love people have for him is…well, Rafa, you’re a rock star. There’s just no other way of putting it.

  2. teejustice says:

    I am quite surprised that it is the first match. Thought they’d want the “blockbuster-should-be-the-final” semi on primetime. But at least I can record it. FSN is not showing the late match live in my area.

    • teejustice says:

      Of course I’m mocking the fact that the journos tried to goat Rafa into calling this match the “real” final…

  3. CC says:

    Heh. I hope Roig wears the blue shell suit he wore for the Tsonga match. It made me chuckle, but I think it gave Rafa some luck. ;)

    Working in Good Friday!? What the heck.

  4. An says:

    Aaaah No! Not 1 pm Miami time….
    Bf and i are invited over for dinner with my parents, i did hope Rafa would be playing later):

    • CC says:

      Is it on telly so you can record it and watch later? Otherwise, take laptop with you and Rafa and Andy can join you at the dinner table, no? ;)

      • An says:

        I don’t think its on telly here… Eurosport only broadcast the WTA matches i think…):

        Laptop with me at the dinner table would be an option if the restaurant has wireless internet connection;)

    • dutchgirl says:

      I’m so lucky to be able to watch this match. It’s my mum’s birthday, but she doesn’t celebrate it until a couple of weeks later…
      The match is on 7 pm my time, my husband will be out, I already told my kids to look after themselves from then on, so I’ll be able to enjoy every minute of it!

  5. faeaki7 says:

    take laptop with you and Rafa and Andy can join you at the dinner table no?

    I simply cannot eat watching Rafa he makes my tummy go into knots! So nervous about tonights match, everyone else in my house isn’t a Rafa fan so it is real hard to watch him anyway, stay strong Rafa, Roddicks in confident/good form, gonna be a tough match and Rafa try to avoid a tie-break!!!

  6. TeamNadal says:

    Good Luck today Rafa!!!! Come out blasting!!!!!!!!!

  7. rubik says:

    Good news Nadal’s SF match is in the afternoon! Nadal prefers to play in the afternoon rather than at night. Plus, Nadal’s Miami outfit on a sunny tennis court in the Sunshine State is such a fitting sight. Nadal will win this one. VAMOS, Nadal !

  8. emir says:

    i wouldnt be worried abaut this match up a year agao or something,but now i am..i mean return of serve will be key,plus some little chances that rafa has in roddick serve he has to take it..otherwise tiebreaks favaurs RODDICK..i wish roddick have normal serving day instead of great one,what i wish nowadays opposite happens,i better stop talking..

    • SallyO says:

      Emir, correct me if I’m wrong, but am I right when I assume that you are a guy?

      I commend you for your ability to hang around a blog that is dominated by girls.

      As for Rafa, I think that he’s been finding his range on return of serve. Just see that Tsonga match, Tsonga hardly had ANY aces or cheap points in that match. Plus, Rafa (as does Fed) seem to be able to “crack” Roddick’s serve quite well (see: Rafa vs. Roddick IW 09).

      Anyways, Rafa just has to remain with calm and do his thang. As long as he’s serving well and his ground strokes are finding their mark, I think Rafa can win this one.


  9. emir says:

    yeah SallyO,i am guy.yes also beleive rafa returns much better nowadays compare to second part of last year.but as for tsonga he doesnt have the serve like roddick has.well as i said before i wouldnt worry abaut such a match up a year agao.there isnt single qustion mark in my head who is the better player.but i was so comfortable abaut ljibucic match last weak as well,but i also agree most of the stuff as you said.anyway if rafa plays well,he will win.the big question is which rafa show up today.the rafa we saw against berdeych and tsonga or the rafa we saw against Ivan or ferrer.sorry for my poor punctuationing,but this computer of my friend makes me mad.

    • SallyO says:

      It’s nice to see you hanging in there. ;)
      Usually when my mom and I start fangirling over Rafa, my brothers give a collective eye roll and leave the room.

      I am really looking forward to today’s match. It’s going to be yet another test for Rafa, no doubt. Rafa struggled and had to dig deep and fight for his wins versus Nalby and Daveed. Things then fell into place beautifully for him against Tsonga. All of his hardwork came together. It was such a sight to behold and a well deserved victory. Rafa was absolutely ecstatic! I hope for more of the same for him versus A-Rod.


      P.S. Don’t worry about your punctuation. I misspell, have grammatical errors, and use bad punctuation sometimes as well. That darn computer. ;P

    • rubik says:

      emir, I don’t agree with you at all that you are “better to stop talking” like you say in your comment above. Personally, I find your comments very relevant and I always read them with great interest.

      For example, when you talked about THE key moment in the Nadal vs Nalbandian match in Miami earlier this week. You remember, when Nadal was serving down 15-40 at 2-2 in the second set and pulled out. You say something like this was the key moment of the match, a set that Nadal won and after that, he “NEVER LOOKED BACK” and went on to win the match.

      I fully agree with you there, emir. I think that set against Nalbandian was a TURNING POINT for Nadal mentally. Because he won against Nalbandian MENTALLY and not physically as many have claimed.

      And Nadal has been getting stronger and stronger mentally since that key set against Nalbandian. Just like you said that day. Nadal “NEVER LOOKED BACK” and that’s one of the reasons I truly believe he’ll win his SF against Roddick this afternoon.

      • rubik says:

        The word “set” should be “game” in my previous comment. I mean the “game” where Nadal was serving down 15-40 at 2-2 in the 2nd set in his match against Nalbandian in Miami. He won that “game” MENTALLY and then, as emir said, Nadal “NEVER LOOKED BACK”, he went on to win the set and the match!

        Sorry about these “set” vs “game” errors in my previous comment. See, emir, all of us make a bunch of errors in our comments!

  10. loverafa4ever says:

    Both Rafa and Roddick likes to play in the afternoon. Anywayz my tummy is already aching…It alwayz does before Rafa match…

  11. slt says:

    So happy Rafa is up first today. I will actually get to watch it on TV. FSN is not broadcasting the evening match because for some reason NBA basketball is more important. Aargh!!!

  12. rubik says:

    There are lots of reasons I believe Nadal will win his SF match against Roddick this afternoon.

    Nadal’s history against Roddick is very good. Nadal’s mental strength is coming back, which is by far the most important thing right now, in my opinion. Naldal’s tennis is also getting stronger and stronger. Etc., etc.

    And there are some others reasons, maybe less tennis oriented reasons, but very important reasons just the same.

    Nadal is really due for an important win – he has worked so very hard!

    Last year in Indian Wells, Nadal won his match against Nalbandian in much the same way he won his match against Naldandian this year in Miami. In IW last year, Nalbandian played very well for 1 1/2 sets, then Nadal got him mentally in a key game and Nadal went on to win the match (which was the very first match Nadal won against Nalbandian) although he had to work much longer and harder than he did this year in Miami – in IW last year, the match went on and on – there were may match points against Nadal, etc.

    I find Nadal’s Miami outfit so 100% perfect on a sunny tennis court in the Sunshine State! With this outfit, Nadal has NO CHOICE but to WIN the Miami tournament. This is the abolutely perfect outfit for lots of “Nadal kissing the trophy” photos!

    Lastly, over the years in Nadal’s career, this is the third time (and NOT the first time) Nadal goes through a title “drought” for 12 tournaments. It has already happened TWICE in earlier years (before 2009) that Nadal played 12 tournaments in a row without winning any of them. And both times, he won the 13th tournament! If I’m not mistaken, Miami is the 13th tournament this time around…

    VAMOS, Nadal!

    • dutchgirl says:

      I like your non tennis related reasons for pointing out why Rafa has to win this tournament… :)

  13. rubik says:

    And if Nadal doesn’t win in Miami, I’ll be sorry for him because he wants it so badly, but I’ll sure stay 100% behind Nadal just the same, and forever so! Nadal IS the very BEST ATP tennis player!

  14. Susanna728 says:

    I don’t feel worried about Roddick’s serve. Rafa has been beating a LOT of big servers in the last few tournaments. He’s had wins over Karlovic (twice?), Isner and Berdych in the last few months, all ofwhich I hope is giving him a lot of confidence returning. After the Isner match he talked about feeling confident that he was consistently going for big returns rather than just bunting the ball back, standing closer to the baseline and taking the ball earlier. I was at the semi final match at Indian Wells last year when he beat Andy comfortably on a hard court. I know Andy is playing really well these days but overall Rafa is the better player. He’s definitely going to win. Think positively! (And the yellow looks so hot with his tanned skin.)