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  1. Atch2 says:

    LOL Rafa brushes away some invisible hair on his left side.

    Also that Atp hotshot is similar to his match point shot.

  2. Stf says:

    In the post-match interview, how much do you love the fact that he thought that he didn’t play his best match and that he played a little better in Doha? :p

  3. CC says:

    Love that jacket he’s wearing. I want.

    Cute smile, as always. And yes Rafa, you tell’em, being in two semi-finals is two very difficult tournaments on hard court is f-ing brilliant!

    • SallyO says:


      I flove that jacket. I noticed it in that freakin’ cute pic of him watching Fed, I wanted it! (and I’m not just talking about the jacket..)

      I flove the way he closes his eyes as he’s talking. He’s like a soft and warm kitten. >_< <3

  4. sia says:

    I love the sound he makes when he wins the match point … comes from somewhere deep in his soul.

  5. faeaki7 says:

    Yeah I love that roar he does and its usually with a forehand! winner, remember the onedown the line in Madrid last year to save match point? same intensity,love to see Rafa in this mode! hope he has rested well he was observing his friend play Berdych tonight who pulled out a strongwin against Nandy.. chewing his fingers all the way!
    I finllly got to watch all the match tonight and Rafa was awsome when it mattered! ‘thats my boy” keep it up! He only looked nervous when he broke Tsongaand was serving at 4-3,thank god he stayed strong though and served smart the whole match I thought, why is it they only time Rafa serves on t.v? tsonga must have seen some of them as he was complaining alot! Awsome finish to the match too, that scissor jump for joy and that smile is priceless!!! the crowd love him there! god bless you Rafa always!!!