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  1. Atch2 says:

    Ion Tiriac. I so hope he was misquoted bec Do you really want to piss off Rafa? You may think Madrid’s going to be a great tournament without him, but a lot of tournaments would give they first son or good arm for Rafa to play in their tournament. And pls try to do better research. His offical website has listed Madrid in his schedule.

    • Nic says:

      I wonder what Tiriac really said. He should know that Rafa is technically committed to Madrid. Though Rafa has alluded that he might forsake Madrid if any of the clay tourneys had to drop from his schedule at all. Wouldn’t surprise me though that there would be sensitivities with Tiriac since it seemed that Rafa was somewhat critical of Madrid last year.

  2. SallyO says:

    Fuck Ian Tiriac.

    That man is a vampire. He’s hated back in Romania because he neglects his own people and won’t invest in anything for them. I hate the way he tries to twist people’s arms and manipulate them to get what he wants.

    I hope against hope that Rafa does what’s best for him, and if that means skipping Madrid, I hope he does so. Ian Tiriac can stuff his model “ball girls” and blue clay up his ass. He’s trying to bring Las Vegas in the form of a tennis tourney, Ian was trying to flaunt Madrid and call it “the fifth Grand Slam” (which Rafa didn’t go along with). Dude, if you’re going to claim such big shit you better back it up. The facilities were NOT up to par for the players. The quality of the clay was absolute crap. The “magic box” looked pathetic and ugly. PFFFFT! Rafa was right and honest to reveal all of the shortcomings.

    Rafa, you should be very happy with your performance against Tsonga, you were absolutely amazing. Match of the tourney in my opinion. And your words regarding Roddick are so respectful and true. Vamos! You can go all the way. Keep the pedal to the medal.

    • Lou Lou says:

      I can’t stand Tiriac!!! He’s a Douche Bag!!
      What I still can’t over is the “Trophies”, the steel plate and candy bowls for the winners… 5th GS, HA!

  3. Maria says:

    i love rafa’s answer to the last question, the fact that he doesn’t go along with such commonplace judgment as that implied by the question. why there is always somebody eager to stick „the real final” label on any match between two great players which happen to meet earlier in a tourney? i mean, it only shows disrespect to the other players who are still in and I’m glad Rafa pointed that out.
    as for the questions referring to Tiriac & Madrid, I guess that they were inspired by an article posted on as.com, some days ago. Here it is in Spanish: http://www.as.com/tenis/articulo/tenis-nadal-madrid-seguiria-siendo/dasten/20100327dasdaiten_1/Tes
    Tiriac never actually says that he „does not understand why Rafa does not play Madrid.” He is asked whether he is concerned that Rafa will not play there. He answers: “Why will he not come? Does he have a problem with injuries? […] Nadal’s presence will honour us but if he doesn’t come the tourney will continue to be a grand event.” Not very much love for Rafa from Tiriac there, but this is one thing. Being misquoted by the journos, as he apaprently was and as Rafa actually suggested, is another.

  4. CC says:

    The “…you understand bad from him” cracks me up.

    Of course Rafa watched the football. You should’ve gone for Ibra instead of CR, Rafa. Told ya. ;)

  5. Madi says:

    Rafa just handles those questions o so brilliantly, and that’s even without trying, just being himself. Finals – semi finals – what crap. You tell them Rafa! Hope they don’t ‘understand bad from you’ too. Lol