Miami: Quarterfinal photos

Some photos from last night’s excellent match. That’s quite a jump at the end!

Photos by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images, Clive Brunskill/Getty Images, and REUTERS/Carlos Barria

More can be found here.

14 Responses

  1. patzin says:

    He certainly was flying high celebrating his win. Amazing match.

  2. An says:

    Love him always, but most this way!

  3. dutchgirl says:

    His body language speaks for itself…

    • Atch2 says:

      Yeah, his body language and the eyes are pumped.
      If I was the ball in pic 4 and he looked at me that way, I would be making my last prayers for a better next life not as a tennis ball.

      Also can’t get over how big Jo’s clothes are, or his preference for pearl earrings.

      • CC says:

        I know, Jo’s pearls baffled me. I queried boyfriend on this choice of jewellery and he said “probably because he’s French”. I still don’t get it. :)

        • tiemyshoe says:

          I think it’s because he doesn’t want to wear diamond studs, since he’s Congolese and is surely aware of the ravages of the diamond trade. That’s just my guess.

          Ain’t nothin’ wrong with pearls for men. I quite like it actually.

          • CC says:

            Yeah, I realised the possible reason, cheers. Absolutely nothing wrong with men wearing pearls, just doesn’t do it for me. :)

            • SallyO says:

              PEARLS on MEN?! o_O

              Whatever floats your boat I guess…

              Jo, if you don’t wanna wear diamonds there IS a third option you know. It’s not like you HAVE to wear earrings. Hmm, like, how about: nothing?

  4. Stf says:

    What’s with the finger lately? I mean the one in pic 14. :p Is it something of significance, like, oh I don’t know…number 1 will be mine again soon? ;)

    • robert says:

      This is a typically European football (soccer) celebratory gesture – watch all tennis players who are big footie fans do it, Federer for example. It simply means “I scored one” and it’s done by footballers when they score a goal.

      Tsonga, also a football fanatic, has another goal-scoring celebration: he points with both thumbs towards his back, which means “read the name of the goal-scorer”, since football jerseys have players’ names on the back.

  5. rafandready says:

    Wow…can you imagine the celebrations if he wins the title :) Keeping everything crossed for you Rafa – you can do it!

  6. faeaki7 says:

    love 4 (vintage Rafa), 7 his classicsteerly stare and lovely side view of that gorgeous physique! also 14! superb! Back to playing the big serving A-Rod! who is confident right now, gonna be a tough match no? ” yes Rafa pleease bring your A game’!

  7. Nada H T says:


    Great pics. ! Thank you :)

    Flying Without Wings ;)

  8. aRafaelite says:

    After the first few shaky games, he had a whole different energy in this match than he’s had lately, and it really shows in these photos. Dootsiez (of ‘All I Need Is A Picket Fence’) summed it up perfectly “confidence ia a beautiful thing”. It sure is!