Miami: Post 4th round interviews

Here’s one in Spanish:

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And here’s an English one on (Thanks, Nana)

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  1. Necitas says:

    Okay, Rafa a win is a win! It’s still a YES, YES, YES! AO=QF, IW=Semi, Miami=F, I’m crossing my fingers and hopefully the Championship! Vaaaaaaaaaaaaamos!!! :)

    • Necitas says:

      By the way, the yellow cap is gorgeous, it is to die for, just like the man wearing it…:) Goodluck Rafa on your match with Tsonga! xx

  2. Nic says:

    I don’t know much Spanish at all but fr the little I could gather, rafa’s ‘appy for the win regardless :) And the way he was so relaxed and responding to the questions, he seemed in pretty good spirits. Really nice to see him so comfortable in that interview with Spanish tv. Luv you Rafa, now please step it up for Tsonga tomorrow! We’re all behind you!!

  3. faeaki7 says:

    Yes he does seem in good spirits considering he played so poorly at times, his b/h was b-a-d! far too loopy and not at all effective most of the match! he has to play better than that, I am not expecting too much by the way he is playing but am glad he has met his points(defended them I mean)! Hope the knees are good and that pill wasn’t for them just the tooth, please!! Luv you lots Rafa!!!!!

  4. Inés says:

    It’s not perfect, but here is a translation of the Spanish interview

    Xavi Diaz: Congratulations champ, because you’ve played even much better

    Rafa: Well, I think I have .. I started a little stand, no?, I’ve felt a bit of lack of strength and the first set for moments, I think he deserved more than me the set, but well, I think I’ve known to hold out there, I’ve lost the 2-1 game, when I’ve made the break, he broke me back immediately, and that it was a blow, but well, the second set I think from 3-0 to 3-3 , the first three games had been pretty good to me, I’ve played 3 disastrous games, then the positive is that I have accepted it and I kept fighting to the end and at last i’ve got the victory that is the most important and for me one very important thing is that I’ve ended up with a return winner, who always cost me and today I’ve tried it and I’ve got it

    Xavi Diaz, Do you keep perhaps, with the tiebreak and the second game of the second set that has been a festival?

    Rafa: Well, above all the tiebreak, a very important moment of the match, it could have fallen anywhere, I think, we. have both been good in the tiebreaker and finally the last ball of David was gone by millimeters and this has given me a breath

    Alberto Berasategui(a former pro player): Rafa, congratulations, I guess that you are happy, the las two matches very tough the first against David Nalbandian, an awkward match, a player who makes you give yourself the best, today, against David Ferrer, a friend of yours, a gladiator’s match, very impressive the level that both have given , how you’ve run and fight, I guess is a match, that despite the joy, it gives you a big confidence for the next rounds, right?

    Rafa; Well, the last two matches have been complicated, ehh, Nalbandian, always, ehh, pff, is a very difficult opponent for me and David of course too, David Ferrer I mean, well, I think at times today he has been good, for other hand it has been more errors than of usual … and for me, every match gives me confidence, I’m, I think, in a very good line since I started the year, apart of the problem I had in Australia and the terrible match I did in the semifinals last week, everything else I think is pretty good and the fact of being again in the quarterfinals here in a fast court tournament where the best in the world are , it is a very good news and happy about it and now to keep fighting and try to be back in semifinals

    Xavi Diaz: Rafa thank you very much, you still have Tsonga, have luck and hopefully we can interview you tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday, especially Sunday, thanks and good luck Rafa

    Rafa: Many thanks, I need it (smiling)….

    • Nana says:

      Thank you Inés, this is much appreciated! Rafa also seems more relaxed and spontaneous when speaking Spanish, which is natural, and it’s always great to hear what he has to say there’s no language barrier.

    • natch says:

      Gah! Ines!(sorry, I don’t know how to type the accent thingy over the “e” in your name like everybody else does) That’s a LOT of translating! :D Muchas gracias (the only Spanish I know. ;))

    • miri says:

      Thanks so much for the translation! It’s greatly appreciated.

  5. rubik says:

    Inés, thanks a million for the translation of this very interesting interview. How very nice of you! Have a good day!

  6. rubik says:

    miri, in the above Spanish interview translated by Inés, Nadal himself made exactly the same point you made in a comment recently (I would say probably in a comment in the thread after Nadal’s win against Nalbandian) :

    “I’ve played 3 disastrous games, then the positive is that I have accepted it and I kept fighting to the end and at last i’ve got the victory that is the most important…”

    By these “3 disastrous games”, he’s referring to games 4-6 in the 2nd set (you’ll recall that both Ferrer and Nadal were pretty tired in that 2nd let – in fact, Ferrer has nearly completely run out of gas by the last two games of the match). The point is that Nadal clearly states that he accepted the fact that he had played badly but still believed that he could win even if he played badly and moved on to win the match. Which is exactly what you were saying in your comment a couple of days ago : it’s most important now that Nadal convinces himself that he can indeed win a match whether he plays well or badly.

    I hope you’re having a safe, if not pleasant, trip back home!

  7. CC says:

    Dear Rafa,

    That is possibly the ugliest cap I have ever seen in my life and you don’t wear it well (nobody could). Please take my advice and burn it.

    Yours sincerely,

  8. natch says:

    OH! Lemon Rafa…
    I want to squeeze and zest everything I can out of him. LOVE the yellow outfit! Nary a sign of pink. natch much happier now, Rafa. :D