Miami: Day two

Not a lot to say that’s more interesting than what’s already written in the quick doubles write up. I mainly spent my day on the Grandstand because:

1. I wanted to make sure I had good seats for Rafa-time.
2. My main stadium seats suck.
3. The Grandstand stadium is a great size for watching tennis.

So…here’s some pictures. Mainly Rafa since I know why you guys hang around here ;)

As usual, more of them and in bigger sizes will eventually be posted to flickr. I’m never sure they look right when I work on them on my laptop. I wish they’d played earlier when the light was less harsh…but I did what I could.

42 Responses

  1. miri says:

    My way too many photos from this day can be found here.

    • CC says:

      Wow, more pics for my breakfast today. I’m so spoilt. LOL at Rafa’s mega frizzy hair, at lickle Gilles (I adore him and hope he will start doing better soon) and at “your nemesis”. :)