Miami: Spanish presser vid

The Spanish portion of Rafa’s presser.

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  1. faeaki7 says:

    During his spanish presser the names Djokovic, davydenko, and del potro are mentioned, anyone know what is said as there is no trace of this in the English presser, thanks!

  2. miri says:

    This vid has a lot of the same footage, but in a slightly better quality. Doesn’t help me understand a dang thing, though. :D

    • Inés says:

      how I am guilty of this video, lol, I’ll try to translate what Rafa says on it

      First he talks about his teeth problem and that he expects to be fine on Friday because each day was practicing more and more

      After he was asking about Shakira and the video and he answer that he had fun and that it was an special experience, because not everybody can work with an artist as Shakira

      he was asked about the VIP people like Shakira or Alejandro Sanz that going to see his matches, he is very thankful that latin people come to cheer him, to help him, famous or nornal people and this tournament is almost like to be at home

      Then talks about football (soccer) and about Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi

      Then talks about Tiger Woods

      Finally talks about he goes to every tournament with the illusion of win it, “That I’m ready? yes, That, I’m going to win it? Sure it would be very difficult, we will see”

      I hope you can understand my translation, lol

      • miri says:

        Thank you, Inés!

        • SallyO says:

          Thank a lot Ines. I’m glad Rafa had a chance to talk about his beloved soccer. And great to hear that he’s feeling better.

          Am I the only one who loves how wonderfully predictable Rafa’s pressers are (I’m not talking about the annoying presser questions, more like his responses)? He’ll occasionally give us a new precious gem that we’ll hang onto and add to our collection of Rafa quotes until another one just happens to be presented months – maybe years later. Aaah, all is right.

          Plus, watching/hearing him give the answers magically NEVER gets old. That, people, is what you call charm and charisma.

  3. QuitinaV says:

    Thanks for posting these videos! It’s so nice to see his Spanish press conferences in addition to his English ones.

    I’ve done a rough translation of the original video. Sorry it’s so long:

    R: My knees? I’m not going to talk about a topic that’s not a problem. They give me plenty to talk about when they are a problem (laughs).

    They jump to an answer to a question presumably about a charity event that will happen in the future (my guess is for Chile):
    R: Well they’re talking about it and we’ll finalize the plan when it’s the right time. I’m always happy to help as much as I can to everyone that I can, and if with my image or my participation I can help all of these people who have had such bad things happen to them, like in Haiti or Chile, I do all I can.

    Jumps to another answer, presumably about famous artists like Shakira, Alejandro Sanz and Paulina Rubio:
    R: I’m always thankful that so many Latinos come support and cheer for me, be they famous artists or regular fans, and the truth is that it’s a tournament where you feel more at home because of the fact that the Latino community is bigger than in other places.

    Q: Rafa, how do you see Real Madrid-Barcelona, and who is better, Messi or Ronaldo?
    R: Well the Spanish League is really tight, in the Champions Madrid is already out but Barça is still in it, so we’ll see what happens. Messi is clearly in great shape, playing great, Ronaldo has also played well, but they´re different players with different styles and depending on who wins people always say who plays better or not.

    Q: What’s more important for you this year, winning the US Open or moving back up in the rankings?
    R: No, no, I haven’t thought about things that are so far away, I think about the day to day, to keep playing the way I have since the season started, and if I can then I have a good feeling about continuing to win matches, and only by playing at my highest level do I have the chance to win things like the US Open or be at the top of the rankings. Last week I lost a good chance to win a tournament, and I think I was playing at my best level until the semifinal so I look positively at the future and of the three tournaments I’ve been in this year I’ve been prepared/close to be able to win them, and that makes it easier to see things more positively and openly than last year when I was hurt and everything was more complicated.

    Q: A few years ago the discussions were always about whether you or Roger Federer was going to win the big tournaments tournament. Now, with the arrivals of Del Potro, Andy Murray, Djokovic, Davydenko, do you think the club has expanded a bit and that it makes the tour more competitive?
    R: Well Davydenko and Djokovic aren´t new, they’ve been around for quite a few years, Davydenko longer than me, in fact. And Djokovic started only a year after me, but they’ve been around the whole time. Del Potro had a great season last year, especially the second half of the year and he has huge potential and we all know how good he is. And not just those guys, there are lots of great players and what’s more they´re are lots of young ones and when they’re young they always seem better than the ones who are already playing so we’ll see what happens.

    Q: ?
    R: I come prepared for everything, I come prepared to win every tournament. I don’t go to any tournament as a joke, and I come with the hope of being able to win every tournament. Am I ready to win? Yes. Am I going to win everything? Of course it’s going to be difficult.

    Q: Quickly, how do you think the press has handled the Tiger Woods situation?
    R: Everyone is free to give their opinion. In my opinion, horribly. They have treated him very badly as he is one of the best athletes of all time. But anyway, I have my own opinion, I support him 100%. Everything has been said about him, everything’s out there, famous people have to talk about their private lives, everyone does what they want in their private lives, whether it’s good or bad, and to me he is my favorite athlete and he always has been.