Miami: Practice vid

15 seconds of Rafa smacking the heck out of a ball.

Posted by diegoamuy.

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  1. Madi says:

    Red is nice on him

  2. junko says:

    He seems to be hitting right on the spot! Hope his widsom tooth are OK for a while.

    • Ch F says:

      Oh I thought he looked unhappy with his last shot. I guess the tooth is bothering him though…Hopefully not for long.

  3. Madi says:

    He’s not seeing in any of the off court pictures, I guess the tooth is that bad. Oh that’s sad ‘cos he missed the swim with the Dolphins (and Soderling);)

  4. Atch2 says:

    Smack it Rafa. Smack it goood.

  5. Kira Jena says:

    So saddened after hearing about Rafael Nadal’s wisdom teeth problem. I hope his pain subsides long enough to get him through sony ericcson open (finals I hope). He’s a great tennis professional; a great tennis player and he clearly has not reached his potential. I wish him the best; I hope that his patellar tendenitis heals at 100%. I also hope that regains his good confidence and self belief. He is a true gentleman, he is a sincere guy, and has a great attitude. He tries so hard to improve and become better at tennis. He’s had to work harder than most No 1, 2, and 3 ranked players — he is not blessed with a naturally great serve and cannot gain as many free points as those who are. He must work longer and harder for every point; and he works very hard to develop and improve upon his game and he never stops trying. And guess what – have you ever heard or seen him be nasty and mouthy to a chair umpire. Sure he’ll speak out, or stand up for himself when needed, but he is never mean or ill mannered. I wish him much success in Miami in 2010. Kira Jena

  6. faeaki7 says:

    No he has never been rude or ill mannered on court and yet he is never voted for the edberg sports award by his peers, its always Roger who in my eyes is definately not well mannered on the court alot of the time and should never be spoken in the same breath as the humble sweed Stefan Edberg, he may have the achievements but his temper leaves alot to be desired! Rafa looked grumpy there during that last shot, it can’t be easy playing with toothpain. Hope he can deal with it!!!