Miami: Wisdom tooth woes [Updated]

Update: More photos!

Rafa’s having some problems with a wisdom tooth and I’m officially older than dirt. (I had mine taken out before Rafa was born.)

Rafael Nadal was hoping Wednesday that pain from an inflamed wisdom tooth will subside before his opening action at the Miami Masters.

Fourth seed Nadal, fresh from the semi-finals last week at Indian Wells, has been seen by a dentist after the tooth trouble which left him unable to train for two days prior to Tuesday when he resumed.

Was it the tooth or a trip to Mexico that didn’t allow you to train, Rafa? (Link thanks to Maria.)

“I’m hoping it will better today and tomorrow,” said the Spaniard. He said that he will eventually have to have the problem tooth removed but put the timetable at “not now.”

They often don’t just get better…unless they are fine and just cutting through the gum, but still.

Maria also sent in this article. (And, I think a few people posted it on comments – I’m sorry, I’m behind on everything.)

Mallorca-born Nadal returned from a six week injury layoff to reach the Indian Wells semi-finals last week but said he was unsure if he was back to his best level following his knee problems.

“I don’t know, I need to keep improving,” the six-times Grand Slam winner said.

“I need to play consecutive matches and play knowing that nothing will happen to me if I push myself to the limit.

“Subconsciously I have more fear now and I don’t know if the limit I am setting is the real one, the one from before.”

After suffering from physical problems throughout his career, Nadal said he would give anything to be injury free.

“If you think about it, you are not only fighting against your opponent but also against yourself,” he said. “And that kills you and affects your mind.”

*sigh* The mental bit’s always the toughest. You can do eeeeeeeeet! Rafa.

Photos from the presser:

Photos Chris McGrath/Getty Images, AP Photo/J Pat Carter, and REUTERS/Andrew Innerarity

72 Responses

  1. Kate says:

    He should just have it taken out and be done with it! Ha it makes YOU feel old I feel ancient!!!!

    • yoni says:

      I cannot even remember when I had my wisdom teeth removed, that is how old I am. Crap.

      • Rafaligion says:

        Exactly what i was thinking. Sigh. My tickets for Miami are in my hand and I’m hoping to see him in 3rd round on Sunday. How devestating if he has to forfeit due to a tooth ache! ….I’m talking about me not him! ‘-)

        • yoni says:

          Completely agree that it should be all about you….I would be so bummed if I had tix and the one player I wanted to see bailed out. He will get through it I hope. If he has to forfeit, he better have a dentist appointment the next day and get those bad boys taken out before the clay season starts off.

          • Rafaligion says:

            Looks like he’s playing today instead of tomorrow…probably the draw order of play thing. Let’s see how he does. And yes. You’d think he have a dentist “on hand” with the entourage he cultivates. We may be hearing a share of “Puta Madres” from the pristine lips of our hero, so no one be too shocked, please. ‘-)

  2. Sapphireswell says:

    Awww, puffy cheeks… Poor thing. I hope he gets surgery, but recovery for me was about 4 days of Vicodin and a pesky pain for another 3 days…

    Feel better, Rafa!

  3. miri says:

    More on the presser

    I went to see Bowie in concert the day after I had all 4 bone impacted wisdom teeth taken out. I was so stoned on pain meds…it was a rather trippy experience.

    • Sapphireswell says:

      Omg, lucky you. I think that would have been the best way to see him.

      Thinking back the Vicodin made me laugh uncontrollably at everything, so I don’t think my recovery would have worked so well for concerts, watching or playing tennis.

    • sia says:

      i can’t believe you are a Bowie fan … Rafa and Bowie!!! My favs.

  4. Ch F says:

    He isn’t a lucky guy our Rafa, now is he? Anyway so long as it isn’t an injury it’s not that bad. But on the other hand, when no injury, a tooth problem?
    How and when will you know you can play freely and without doubting? I hope you can find the limit, Rafa!

  5. kefuoe says:

    Like when DelPotro had those dental procedures done, there is a problem of using drugs during and after the work. It’s one thing to go ahead and get them taken out, it’s another to try to manage the pain with only the allowable drugs.

    • miri says:

      Exactly and if the tooth is impacted, it’s a more painful procedure and recovery. Some reports are saying “inflamed” and some are saying “impacted” – so I’m not sure if it’s a full on mess (impacted) or just bad.

      • Dolcefuga says:

        Hey Miri,

        Did you comment on the article “Challenger Tour Players Can’t Get Laid?” There was a nice follow up to you and a compliment to Nadalnews. Just fyi.

  6. An says:

    Aaaawwww! Toothpain is so horrible, i can bring you some good painkillers i have for migraine Rafa, the’ll help…. but like kefou said, i doubt they are allowed for you);

    And they mae you do a presser with having tooth pain… This Sucks!
    Get well verry soon sweetie!

  7. Grace says:

    Toothache is awful – I always think it feels worse because it’s close to your brain haha. Hopefully the pain will subside. I used to get 2-3 days of searing pain and then it would settle.

    I HOPE Rafa does well in Miami. He actually deserves some luck, if such a thing is possible.

  8. Louisa says:

    I wonder if Rafa has someone he talks to about the “mental” part of the game? I remember Pat Cash used to travel with a sports pschologist which he found really helpful.

  9. mary says:

    I’m just picturing Rafa with some nylon string wrapped around that tooth & it’s attached to a tennis ball which Andy A is obligingly holding & is just about to serve it up. Hang on, screw that idea, Rafa may need an ambulance then…. Poor man, now it’s a fucking tooth. What next, a boil on his bum?

  10. Rafafan says:

    Sounds terrible doesn’t it – can’t work, or not winning coz I got a toothache!

    Believe me I had all taken out at once. Woke up with stuffed cotton wool in my mouth, blood everywhere and all I wanted was a cup of tea. My chaw ached for weeks!

    God please …. not b4 the clay court! x

  11. tiemyshoe says:

    Rafa’s body is soooo uncooperative sometimes, boo.

    However, I am happy to say I really like his short hair and how it frames his jaw. /shallow

    • GB says:

      Poor Rafa:(((

      As for the shallow, I’m sad about the hair:( It was finally starting to creep to a nice length:(

      • CC says:

        Oh, and I love the shorter hair! I want to stand next to the hairdresser shouting “shorter, shorter, shorter!!!” when Rafa has his hair done.

      • killian says:

        I am with you, GB. Sad and Shallow. Still in mourning/dismay over the short hair. and it WAS creeping to a nice(r) length…:(

    • CC says:

      Uh-huh. Feel terribly shallow too, but I was just going to say that tooth ache Rafa is HOT Rafa. That jawline is to die for.

      Anyway, I do feel for him now. Poor little sausage.

      • tiemyshoe says:

        “Poor little sausage” made me giggle hard for like two minutes straight. Thanks, girl. :)

    • Rafangel says:

      I’m going to apply for a restraining order on all sharp objects within 15 feet of Rafa’s hair. Dammit. At least it’s not as short as last summer.

  12. Adeisha says:

    Let’s look at it this way. What does not kill you makes you stronger ..or so they say. This run of bad luck must end soon. If anyone can handle this latest hitch it’s our Rafa. Vamos!

  13. aRafaelite says:

    Ah poor boy… how many kisses will it take to make it better?! Any volunteers?

  14. nic says:

    This is terribly annoying for Rafa. Poor thing. I dunno, but I had my wisdom teeth inflamed for almost a whole year before I did anything about it, when I was around Rafa’s age too :). But it could get almost unbearable at times. Especially for someone of Rafa’s activity level. Hhmm, might it be a good idea for him to remove it asap, and give it time to heal before the impending clay court and GS season? To prevent the chance of it inflaming majorly at that time? Sigh. Poor Rafa. I hope this does not just get him more frustrated with his body, granted that it is not an injury. But still :(

  15. Atch2 says:

    Miri, when I read your headline I thought it was a play on words, I didn’t think Rafa was literally having a problem with his wisdom tooth. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out the year Rafa was born and followed with braces. Hope Rafa doesn’t have to follow that fate. Can’t imagine having to visit different doctors all around the world like Rafa.

    Don’t understand the google translation. Was Rafa or his Papa in Mexico talking about an exhibition match at the end of the year? I mean when did Rafa have time to vacation in Mexico? (Rafa looks so nice in that photo)

    “If you think about it, you are not only fighting against your opponent but also against yourself,” he said. “And that kills you and affects your mind.”
    Mental and Physical have to go hand in hand, so hope you get back to full strength soon.
    I wondered how Rafa came to comment on Tiger. And he’s all about keeping the private life private which says that would like it that way for himself too.

    • Denizen says:

      Atch2, Rafa flew to Cancun / Cozumel / Tulum Sunday and left yesterday with his dad and team in tow. He is trying to organize an exhibition tournament, and he co-owns the Wyndham Cozumel. It was a business trip. I read a tweet from someone who said yesterday he was in the penthouse above her at a Cancun hotel, and someone commented on his FB page that he and Benito were very nice to her son at the Cozumel airport yesterday afternoon.

      As for Tiger, he was asked about him not only in the Marca article but also in the Spanish presser. Expect more of these questions since Tiger is about to make his tour return at the Masters.

      • SallyO says:

        Thanks for the info Denizen. I was also curious about Rafa’s trip to Mehiko.

        Re- the FB comment: SWEET.

        I love Rafa’s no BS approach/stance on the whole Tiger thing. He knows when/where he wants to put his foot down and set things straight. When asked about the Agassissy/Samprasissy soap opera he says “I didn’t understand nothing”. When asked about Tiger and all the prying/speculating/condemning and whatnot to get to the center of, what is essentially, none of our damn business Rafa draws the line and makes his stance clear.(I don’t even want to know about athletes on that level anyway).

        Flove him. He’s got spine. And back..but let’s not go there right now. *stares off into space before forcing self to snap out of it*

        • CC says:

          I personally wish Rafa would shut up about Tiger Woods. Maybe that’s because I didn’t care for Tiger before all the hullabalo with his private life. And dare I say I care even less for him now.

          • Nana says:

            I don’t think he volunteered to give those comments… journos just can’t think of new questions to ask.

            • CC says:

              No, of course he didn’t. It was just a personal preference for me. I didn’t want him to comment because I don’t like Tiger Woods. Rafa obviously does like the man so I guess he will comment and not say “no comment” to the press.

              • Nana says:

                I think the same about Tiger and these repeated, boring questions bug me as well. Perhaps Rafa will eventually come up with a “no comment” answer in his own charming way.

              • Rafangel says:

                Makes me wonder if he’s so defensive because he’s like that himself *ducks*

                • SallyO says:

                  If by being “like that himself” you mean married with kids then being unfaithful on multiple occasions ( who knows how many times, I’m really not one to believe all of these hookers/stippers and whatnot), then, I seriously doubt it.

                  He’s defending Tiger’s right to privacy.
                  And we all know how Rafa feels about people’s right to privacy and their right to family privacy…And what he says about Tiger’s critics being the very hypocrites they pretend to condone in Tiger, is right on the money.

                  So yeah, I think this is very consistent with how he is. He knows what’s what.

      • Susanna728 says:

        He co-owns a hotel in Cozumel??? Never knew that before. Haven’t been to Cozumel in years but maybe it’s time to return. I would definitely not be able to sleep if I new Rafa was in the room above me. The article in Spanish said twice that Rafa is “considered to be number two in the world.” I like that attitude.

      • Atch2 says:

        Thanks for the info Denizen.

        So hope Papa Nadal will stay to watch Rafa in Miami.

        As for the Tiger questions, I thought journos only liked to ask Fed about him bec they’re Gilette buddies.

        • SallyO says:

          Yeah, the press asked him about Tiger around the time of the car accident when no one knew ANYTHING about anything. It was around the time the paps and journos were digging and speculating and trying to find and uncover the story. In his Davis cup presser they brought it up, asking him what he thought about Tiger and what he thinks is really going on. Rafa was not pleased.

          He said it before, and I’ll say it again, it’s none of our damn business. I am not interested in athletes/celebs on that level. Never have been and never will.

  16. CC says:

    OMG. More Rafa toothache pics. The Rafafingers are so sexy. I’d totally nurse him any day he’s got an ache of some sort. And I’d do it so well.

    BTW, am I the only one here who still has my wisdom teeth left? And does that make me very young? ;)

    • Yaritza says:

      I have my wisdom teeth still. But I was told three years ago I had to take them out because two are impacted. I haven’t done it yet and really should. Sometimes they might hurt for a day or two but that’s about it. I’ve heard that you have a good trip from the drugs they give you, so that might make me have the surgery someday :-)

      • An says:

        In youre dreams CC, i still have them too!;) But hey, i’m only a little bit older then Rafa’s 23.

        I only once had tootache before but that was not caused by a wisdom theet but i know enough to say its awfull!

        And the pics…. yes even a Rafa in pain is still to die for. The hair is lovely yeah, and the fingers…. Oh the fingers….
        But seeing him obviously having pain makes me want to go over there now and comfort him and take care off him, yes!

        • SallyO says:

          I still have mine as well (minus 1). I don’t know why the hell we need them to begin with. I was NOT amused that I had to experience teething again when I was 18. Now I know what babies feel like!

          In any case, I’m trying to take care of the other three because I’m NOT looking forward to the hell that is toothache.

          And yeah, Rafa is drop dead gorgeous. He has beautiful eyes. And his hands, face, hair, skin, dimples…Heck, he’s a beautiful guy!

    • Rafangel says:

      I have three…one had to be whipped out 18 hours before my French A Level oral cos my mouth was too swollen to open :S

      • Karen says:

        I’ve still got all 4 & consider myself lucky but obviously can’t appreciate what Rafa’s going through. Hope the poor love feels 100% better by the time he plays 1st match.

    • Ch F says:

      I still have my wisdom teeth as well. Maybe I shouldn’t, it sounds like they’re dangerous and can cause lots of problems.

    • aRafaelite says:

      I still have mine and I’m in my late 30’s. I was lucky(?!) enough to have had an over-enthusiastic orthodontist who removed so many teeth from my mouth at a young age that my wisdom teeth came through without any discomfort at all. The only side-effect is that I now hate dentists with a passion and will do literally anything not to have to go to one. Hopefully Rafa’s wisdom teeth instill him with more wisdom than I…! I don’t know how he can expect to play a tournament with that kind of toothache though. It’s one of the most exhausting and painfully debilitating things. Look at the pain in his eyes in Pic 5. Ouch. Horrible. Makes me cringe. Hope he can find some decent and ATP acceptable painkillers.

    • Atch2 says:

      CC, you can be Rafa’s Tooth Fairy, then you get to sneak into his bedroom in the middle of the night.

      • CC says:

        Oh, yeah. And instead of Rafa finding money next to him when he wakes up, he’ll very conveniently find me next to him. Great idea! :D

  17. Rafangel says:

    Poor baby. I wonder to which aspect of his highly physical game the commentators will attribute this latest problem?

  18. CC says:

    *looks at photos again*

    Bloody ‘ell, they’re sooo pretty!

    *imagines kissing that jawline better*
    *imagines kissing all of Rafa better*

  19. faeaki7 says:

    Hell toothache or not, I am loving these pics, he looks damn cuddly and sexy here, and I flove the hair, phew, he is lovely here! gr8 pics!!!

  20. imjimmy says:

    “If you think about it, you are not only fighting against your opponent but also against yourself,” he said. “And that kills you and affects your mind.”

    Not an encouraging quote from Nadal.There are indications that the knee problems have become psychological as much as physical. It is manifested the most in his backhand where he’s not going all out i.e doesn’t bend/lean as much in the shot and usually gets there late. As a result he’s not getting as much penetration as he did in ’08. In fact the backhand was better even in the first few tournaments after injury(at UsO and Cincy 09).

    Still Nadal isn’t afraid of hardwork and it’s bound to pay off eventually. His forehand was working very well at IW and his play in Doha was the best I’ve seen since his peak. That means the losses at both tournaments must be doubly frustrating, especially at IW where Nadal should have used the tournament to get back on track. It’s a shame really and can’t be good for his confidence. Let’s hope he uses the clay season to get his mojo back.

  21. Rafafan says:

    Well Rafa is meant to be playing tonight against the bloody hard hitting yet again fast serve! Taylor Dent. 4th on but it’s been raining there so dunno when we are going to see it. It’s not on Sky and I don’t think it will be on Don’t tell me it’s another score card job!

    And not being funny but this could be a hard encounter for our poor boy suffering yet again with the damn toothy….x

  22. Rafafan says:

    Rafa won against Taylor Dent 6 – 4 6-3

    • rubik says:

      Yes! That’s cool!

    • sunset says:

      So in need of miri’s detailed report right now. All I can find by google is that “The routine win in just over an hour was straightforward for Nadal”. Sounds all right.

      Rafa is finally in the same time zone as I am! But still couldn’t manage to see him play in person, bummer. Stick it out Rafa till next weekend when I might actually manage to come down to Miami. Best of luck to that…for you and for me.

      • rubik says:

        I don’t think miri will be able to provide a detailed report of Nadal’s victory over Dent. For some reason, today’s matches in Miami were not broadcasted anywhere at all. So all those interested who didn’t have the joy to be at that match had to follow it on the on-line scoreboard displayed on the Miami official site. By their account, it was a straightforward match. No problem for Nadal. Enjoy your trip to Miami !

    • Atch2 says:

      Rafa’s in a new orange and blue outfit! Looking very bright.