Hit for Haiti 2 photos

Photo by Beth Wilson

I finally got my photos up. Only a week late, right? You can see them here.

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  1. TeamNadal says:

    Fantastic pics!

  2. espigolpluma says:

    great pics as always Miri!

  3. GB says:

    Such great pics Miri! Apart from smiley! Rafa and shirtless! Rafa, I floved the series of Fed and Rafa leaving together, especially the last one–with their heads together. In my head, Fed’s explaining to Rafa exactly WTF just happened. And Rafa’s all ‘whot’?????

  4. Atch2 says:

    The shirt change series is great. Wish you could’ve run around to the other side and taken shots of Rafa bending for a new shirt from behind him. Those 6-pack, arms and dimpled smiles are to die for.

    Agassi’s vamos fist pumps look kinda lame. He hasn’t got the charisma to pull it off.

    Luv the seated changeover shots of Rafa and Agassi, and also Rafa and Fed chatting as they walked off court.

    My fav is Aw, Shucks :)

  5. CC says:


    Rafa. Slumped in that chair. In three or four of those change over pictures. Heaven.

    *sighs again*

    Heh, check out Mr Lahyani looking longingly towards Rafa and Roger as they leave the court. Mo, I understand.

    Anyway, I love the photos. All of them. Although I only looked at the ones that had Rafa in them.

    • natch says:

      Why, oh WHY couldn’t Miri be seated BEHIND Rafa when he’s shirtless and bent over? :'(

      *repeats CC’s sigh*

      I love all the RafAndre love between the two of them. Natch very happy looking at these pictures, no?

      Great pix, Miri!

      • CC says:

        Who’s Andre?

        • natch says:

          *shakes mock – angry fist*

          • CC says:

            No really? Is he the bald, annoying one? Or the hairy…urm, whatever…one?

            • natch says:

              *channels Johnny Mac*

              You cannot be serious!

              Pete Sampras is the hairy, ugly one. Sorry, I shouldn’t have called him ugly. But he’s revolting to me.

              Andre Agassi is the bald, lovable one. Again, my opinion. Andre is the little brother I never had, but always wanted.

              • CC says:

                Heh… :D

                • An says:

                  Do not appollagize for calling Sampras ugly…. It is the true, No?

                  But Rafa, oh Rafa, what beauty!;)
                  *repeats CC and Natch’s sigh*

                  Miri, excellent camera work, again!

              • miri says:

                Andre Agassi is the hairy one who removes all his hair. (Sorry, I’m not into the waxing all body parts thing.)

                And…nothing lovable about Agassi for me. He’s a brat. Never really liked Pete either.

                Wait…why did I go to this thing?

                • An says:

                  To make awesome pics for us, No?

                  I noticed you have a new lense… 400mm, must be heavy??

                  • miri says:

                    Yes, it is. I was tired after just one match – I’m going to be a basket case in Miami. It’s not heavy just to hold at first…it’s after a while of holding it and trying to be steady and being in focus. It’s 3 pounds or about 1.36kg. (And the camera is 1.8 pounds – or 810g…so it adds up.)

                    • An says:

                      I know, i already find it hard to remain staedy with the 300mm after a while… good its got image stabalizer but still…
                      Totally can imagine that you where tyred but the results are awesome!

                      Take care off youreself in Miami and enjoy!

                • tiemyshoe says:

                  Haha, good question. It couldn’t possibly be for one player, right? ;)

  6. shuis says:

    Thank you, thank you!! Miri, your pics are GREAT! The quality is phenomenal, and you are very talented at taking pictures, you know exatly what ‘angle’ to choose.
    I enjoyed all of them, Rafi is the sweetest and the hottest guy alive!

    This is my first post here, although I read your blog from last year. But my english isnt that good, so I prefer not to speak to much…..:)
    Congratulations for this blog, it’s the first thing I read every morning/ day.

  7. EJL says:

    shame on me for not being even slightly aware of photography .however this doesn’t hamper to love the pics as the high quality ones .Miri u’ve got a very good sense of putting personality into pics and offer something new even in the ones that depict the same situation , movement,etc.Besides lots of thanks to u for inserting Justine in some of them.(i’m keen on the colour of her pretty gears)

  8. CC says:

    Mmm… Rafa’s skin looks like Butterscotch Angel Delight in those shirt change pics. I bet it’s just as smooth as it as well. And tastes as good.