IW: Last presser

Covers both the singles and doubles match. Man, that Marc! is chatty.

I love that “against a very good Berdych” – aka, not the “super head-casey can’t hit the ball in the court” Berdych.

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And, there are transcripts on tennisconnected.com: part one; part two.

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  1. tennisfun says:

    hi rafa & marc

    happy yo won the df.

    rafa keep up the good work , i know you will work on your mistakes. i love watching you play as well your int. have fun in miami and the clay season.

    take care rafa and marc

  2. CC says:

    It’s good to see that Rafa acknowledges the fact that this was totally a mental failure on his part. That he’s not scared to admit that he was mentally destroyed and all that. Not everyone would do that.

    Now onto Miami. Vamos!

  3. Atch2 says:

    The reporters seemed just as curious as us as to what went wrong in the singles. Nice to hear Rafa’s take on it and still sounding positive about his performance in the tournament.

    He looked a bit down and still answering the singles questions but chirped up during the doubles questions. You’d think there’d be more interesting questions in the doubles presser, and Marc! gets away with just smiling and lets Rafa take care of the answers.

    “After losing important singles, the victory in doubles makes me happy. Always is nice to win the tournament winning, no”
    And I’m happy with you Rafa.

    Luv luv the facial expressions and finger tapping when Rafa is trying to remember the yr he played Blake.

    Rafa’s bags are not many or heavy enough, now he has a huge and heavy crystal trophy to put in his untidy trophy room.

  4. faeaki7 says:

    I think Rafa looks tired and its honest of him how he admits to the mental breakdown or nervousness, yes we did notice Rafa! Francois said how you were playing well etc but I feel the mental toughness is the biggest issue, its so hard being in his shoes right now, and the biggest pressure is from himself to do well, he knows he has the ability but controlling ones emotions on the court is probably the hardest thing of all, I hope he finds a way out of this, the clay season is going to be so crucial for him!

  5. An says:


    Its normal he is tyred after playing singles and doubles, No?

    I’m convinced he’s gonna finds his way out of this any day soon now! He almost did this tournament, lets be realistic he did play verry well untill the mental break down in the 2nd set yesterday. Had he converted one off those manny break oppurtunities he had there he would have won it in straight and it would have bin an upper for the confidence.

    When he didn’t convert tough he started to get nervous and well, sometimes that happens in tennis, when you start thinking, youre gone… and its a setback for the confidence yes, but look how he played again in doubles… I’m sure he will take the positive away from that and goes on with evrything he’s working on hard in Miami.

    Yesterday he did put himself under so much pressure because he maybe is wanting it to much but one off these days the ball is gonna fall his way and then he gets what he wants and the pressure will be off!

    • An says:

      BTW i just realised that Rafa won more points in yesterdays match the Ljubicic did…. Rafa won 98 and Ljubi won 92…

      Thats one off the strange things in tennis, you can winn more points but loose the match but it prooves for me what i was trying to say here. One or two balls the other way and Rafa would have won it!

      • sia says:

        Your right An … it was very close. When playing Tennis you just have to stay with the moment and with the ball … I found what he was saying about the wind quite interesting too … I love the way he breaks down a match.

  6. Emma says:

    Why didn’t anyone ask him about what he wrote on his hand? On tv, it almost looked like a tatto.
    And I wouldn’t be too harsh on him about the singles. Liubijic served very well, and that doesn’t give rafa lots of chances. and when he had those chances, they are always small windows of oportunities before he will snuff out the break points with big aces. Agree that he should have played a much better tie-breaker but i think he played well throughout most of the match. bad moments were the second last game on his serve in the second set and the first game of the third set. I thought he actually looked more comfortable on his own serve than liubijic was on his own. but everything started to fall apart in the tiebreaker, on the second point on liubijic’s serve as he had the opportunity to take that but made a mistake. oh well, that’s tennis. but he should be proud of how he played whole of this week.

    Vamos rafa!

  7. Adeisha says:

    It is apparent that the only thing wrong with Rafa’s game is mental. He plays less stressed in doubles and so he wins. He must really believe again. He has the ability to beat anybody. He must trust himself and his game. That said, it is easy for us to solve his issues as we are not in his shoes. I am proud of him. How many of us would have the last 8-9 months that he has had and still be able to function at a high level? Vamos Rafa!

  8. JC says:

    I really liked his answer to the question about his ability to “kill matches”. He acknowledges that he is still having some problems with that, because mentally he has had a “hard time” in his life lately. But it’s a “process” and he has to keep going forward, and he feels he is ready to win: “I’m a winner and I’m a good competitor… I’m going to win another time”. Oh yes!!!
    I am glad that he – and his team – are aware of this issue, because it seems to be the real stumbling block at the moment.
    He has been talking a lot about needing to be “with more calm” in important moments, but it seems to me, that he has been slightly traumatised by everything that happened last year, and maybe he needs a little help to dissolve that mental block. His team shouldn’t leave him hanging like they did last year with his knee problems.
    Anyway, lovely to hear him speak honestly and maturely about it! When he loses, I always feel much better having heard his take on it. That kid is wise beyond his years! Love you, Rafa!

  9. Ch F says:

    Strange interview that one! Admitting his nervousness and mental weakness, it does take class to do it but I hope he can change that soon, otherwise it will be a very serious weapon for his opponents.
    It’s a good thing to know what the problem is, I just hope he can find the solution as well.
    Please Rafa, believe again!!! Look at your trophies, nobody just gave them to you like that.

  10. Ch F says:

    Marc! doesn’t open his mouth even when Rafa gives him the opportunity to! So funny.
    When told about Ljubicic’s statement he would pick Rafa as a doubles partner, Rafa said “I don’t know why”. Rafa Rafa, you SHOULD know why. That’s precisely the problem!

    • teejustice says:

      Rafa knows why, seems he thinks of such things as being arrogant and he has a hard time being arrogant. He answered a question earlier in the tourney starting by saying “I don’t want this to sound arrogant but…” and managed for it not to sound too arrogant. But I also like how when asked what did he think about this tourney or Miami helping him to be back or by clay season will he be back and he first said I never went. He taking stock in his results of getting further in the tourney and how he’s playing to get to the part of process of him actually winning singles titles.

      • Ch F says:

        I agree but it kind of makes you wonder, if him playing such great tennis isn’t enough to give him the confidence to win important points and important matches, then what is? In this tournament he rarely missed chances and came back even from a break down or points down on his own serve.
        Maybe he just needs to be in that position many times and eventually he’ll get over the pressure. After all it’s what he’s been saying, “I have to try hard to be in semis and finals all the time and the title will come.”
        Oh well, too bad for our nerves ;-)

      • alhm says:

        “But I also like how when asked what did he think about this tourney or Miami helping him to be back or by clay season will he be back and he first said I never went.”

        lol he’s said this in another press conference once. And now, just like then, I’m left with a mental image of him doing a rendition of LL Cool J’s MAMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT.

        He needs a hit for the “triumphant comeback” part to feel true, tho.

        • teejustice says:

          I agree. I think he knows it too, but he’s not buying into the sky is falling picture that the media wants him to paint. Rafa’s a realist. He also essentially said that the normal thing would have been for him to win and he’s gotta complete that piece of it too.

  11. Atch2 says:

    Now that Rafa’s won the doubles, he can afford to buy a cable to post us a facebk vid from IW & 1 for CC’s birthday.

    • tiemyshoe says:

      Awww, I wish Marc! would talk. Someone should’ve specifically asked him a question, dammit.

      They’re cute. Rafa, clearly, was still pissed at himself, even if doubles did somewhat soothe the burn.

      • teejustice says:

        I liked their on court interview after the win. Marc got to speak first and in Spanish and he seemed quite chatty. He mentioned that it was a lot of fun to play with his good friend and they had a great week. He also thanked the fans, and named everyone on their team including Fred Couples. After that I thought he would say more in the presser. Perhaps he did for Spanish questions.

    • tiemyshoe says:

      Oops, meant to post a separate reply.

      But yes, Atch! Rafa owes us a video.

  12. Susanna728 says:

    I was at IW and got to see Rafa play the first and second rounds of both singles and doubles. Then then rest on tv of course. He was playing “unbelievable” as he likes to say. Consistent power and placement with the forehand – painting the lines, playing inside the court. His serve was on — over 70%. He was returning extremely well. Toward the end of the semi, when he was broken at the end of the second set and beginning of the third, I was imagining that he must have been thinking– Why is this happening? Why am i not playing as well as I have been? It must have been really distracting why all of a sudden he wasn’t playing at the same level, and that became nervousness. I remember thinking in the past that Rafa could always find a way to win, even when he wasn’t playing well, because of his mental focus but it seems like yesterday he wasn’t able to stay calm and focused again. But he’ll get back there. I know it…. Truthfully watching his level of play is thrilling and I don’t care about titles….and does anyone know what was on his hand?

  13. nic says:

    Was good to see these pressers. Am really glad the organisers decided to let him do the singles one after his doubles match. This allowed him to take stock quietly and rest before the doubles, and then having won it, come in to the presser with more good feelings, rather than just the negative. He’s so honest and graceful eventhough English is not his first language, getting across the gist of his points really well. I like how he answered the last question about what makes a great tournament. “no. 1 is…., no. 2………” (speaking in point form :) and “it is personal, for every player it’s different”. Marc was adorable too just sitting there, think at one point he did a zipping motion across his mouth, like his lips are sealed? :p

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