IW: Last two games of doubles final & trophy presentation

Meriko is fast – bless her.

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  1. Dolcefuga says:

    Please, please, need to see the video! I want to see a happy Rafa before I sleep.

  2. CA says:

    It’s not working :/ It just keeps saying error.

    • Atch2 says:

      The cheering crowd roar after Nestor nets the ball is amazing. The that running hug is adorably dorky.

  3. Rafafan says:

    Nope can’t get into the first one either. Is the “another video” the same as the first one – have I missed much?

    So wanted to see the doubles but had to watch the live scores and nknackered after the first set. Is there anything else I should do – it’s just keeps circuling round on the black screen.

    At least he won the doubles – the pressy can be a bit lighter with him no? At least he has now had a taste of winning twice this year – Abu Dhabi and now this. He is getting there. The good news is that his tennis is right back – just needs to work on his concentrate… he is looking in great shape. Let us not dispair Rafa fans – on the whole he has had a good week. Yeah he will be pissed off about the singles but he will take with positiv aktitude – just like after missing the mach points in Doha! Vamoossing to Miami here we go without the shorts of course. x

  4. Necitas says:

    I thought I saw Maymo trying to control a falling of tear…and that did it for me… Rafa is still sad but this is some consolation…See you in Miami Rafa…

  5. miri says:

    You guys happy? Because now it doesn’t work for me either. I think you broke it on purpose. *eyes everyone warily*

    *goes back to looking at trophy photo and feeling happy and bouncy*

  6. Nana says:

    not working for me either but the trophy ceremony is on rafa’s official site. That works for me.

  7. sunset says:

    The expressions on Rafa’s face…undeniable joy, with moments of restraint—one could not help but wonder what could have happened just a few hours ago if this mistake had not been made, or that shot had gone another way. I bet Rafa had flashbacks to those more painful moments as he was enjoying this sweet victory. Glad to see that he was strong enough to come back on court shortly after a bad loss and put on an impressive fight. And thanks to Marc! for the much needed friendship and support for Rafa at this critical point. Rafa takes away a trophy and lessons to learn from his first tournament after injury and that was good enough for me. On to Miami.

  8. tiemyshoe says:

    Is ‘Titin’ (sp?) Maymo’s nickname? I used to wonder that he never thanked Maymo, but then slowwwly realized this probably refers to him. Wonder what the story there is.

    • CC says:

      Maybe it’s Tintin? Does he look a bit like him? I dunno. Or maybe it’s somebody else and they just don’t thank Maymo. Awww… ;)

    • nic says:

      I was just thinking the same thing!! But I think I recall him saying Maymo before? Hhhmm. But not today, so it totally makes sense.

  9. CC says:

    Now, that has put a huuuge smile on my face. What cracked me up the most? When Marc! is speaking and Rafa suddenly goes:
    “Oh, look…there’s a zip on my jacket pocket. I will zip it up. And then down. And up again. And down. And up.” He’s such a treasure. :D

  10. Angela says:

    That was great to see this morning in the UK. Meriko thanks for posting it. Lovely to see Rafa and Marc happy. Great Victory! Super for Marc, but brilliant for Rafa as it lets him leave Indian Wells with a more positive feeling. Hope he remains fit and the successes will continue. Good Luck for Miami. I love the way Rafa appreciates all the support from everyone. That’s what makes us love him.

  11. dutchgirl says:

    I went to bed in a down mood last night, but seeing this makes me happy again.
    I have to play doubles myself in a couple of hours, so I take Rafa inspiration with me.
    Hopefully we will see some great Rafatennis in Miami next week!

    • An says:

      Good luck Dutchgirl!! We’re starting the first tournament here next week…

      Oh and i wanted to say, don’t feel you had anything to do with Rafa loosing because off what you said… That was just positive thinking and we and Rafa needs that!

      VAMOS for youre doubles!

      • dutchgirl says:

        Thanks An, I can say I played really well today. I like to think that Rafa’s and Marc!’s win inspired me.
        It’s funny, but I do think of Rafa a lot when I’m playing, his fighting for every point in particular.
        Do you play doubles and/or singles on you tournament?

  12. Atch2 says:

    Team Cute beat Team no.1. That’s just brilliant! So happy that Rafa served out for the match. Hope Marc! is thinking that it is so worth getting pelted with Rafa serves.

    Everything about this Spanish pair is cute. The roaring-smiling-chest-bump-celebration-hug, Rafa letting Marc! sign the camera first, the team hugs, the beautiful smiles Rafa shares with Marc! before the game face comes back on, the long tactic conversations, the hand pats. Also so glad that they allowed Marc! to speak in Spanish without a big fuss like the USO 09.

    It’s a shame we can’t transfer the 1000 doubles points to the singles rankings.

    Thanks for the vids. They make me so happy.

  13. faeaki7 says:

    So so cute! for words!

  14. Rafafan says:

    The first vid seems to be working now – don’t know what had been done to fix it but it was a joy to watch, the screaming crowds, the celebration – Rafa smiling and sprinting to Marc for a big hug and more hugs at the end is one special vid.

    Thanks for that – so glad I perservered with trying to get into the vid. Well worth it. And yeah notice too all that fidgeting with his zipper while Marc was talking. One adorable kid indeed.

    I am just so happy that Rafa won something – I know it’s only doubles but you know it doesn’t look quite so bad his loss now on reflection. He will learn from this, he knows it was a mental thing and I am sure can be overcome. I think the pressys are going to be nice to him for once! As they appreciate he is back on court and almost back to his best. They miss him too! And I think secretely agree with our Rafa that – this is an accident – just a blip and Rafa IS BACK. Vamoooooooosssssss xx

  15. nic says:

    I just watched both videos and I was laughing so much all the way, and giggling, and chuckling, and grinning. I love Rafa so much. I sound crazy saying that, but heck, I do!

    I was so so down earlier today with his SF loss that the rest of my day felt pretty rotten. But following Miri’s tweets and learning that they won just made me cheer up so much, thinking that Rafa’s broken heart (and mine) would be mended a little.

    But after watching these videos, I am giddy happy. I can sleep well now. There is so much joy in just these short vids, it’s really heartwarming. Loved it when they won and chest-bumped and hugged, the grin on Rafa’s face was beautiful!! He’s just like sunshine. And Marc! What can I say about Marc! but he’s one helluva cutie pie. I only his play in this vid and he looked freaking awesome out there at the net. They seem to be such a lethal combination when they play. Love to see them discuss tactics too. When they were up 40-0 in the last game, it was wonderful to see Rafa supressing a smile knowing that they were on the verge of winning. You’d never see that in his singles game. Sheer joy.

    I am now happy. Sleep well Rafa, you deserve this joy. And take your big heart with you to Miami and make us and yourself proud!! xxxxxx

    • sia says:

      Oh you’re not so crazy nic … if so then you have lots of company!
      Poor Danny and Nenad … they probably thought … oh shit Rafa’s lost his singles match and now he will be looking for redemption … well they were right! Yea Rafa and Marc!
      Cuteness at it’s very best!!

    • Atch2 says:

      Yeah, at triple match point they were smiling and then when they turned back to the Nenad and Daniel they had their game faces on again.

      Their box were cheering crazy for Rafa and Marc! I luv Fred Couples now bec he seems to fit with the Nadal posse so well.

      And Marc! was so excited that he forgot to handshake the referree.

      Next year they should be back as Defending Champions.

  16. Atch2 says:

    Someone translated Marc!’s speech in youtube:

    “Well, the truth is that I’m not good at this but this has been an incredible week for me. I’ve had a great time, it’s one of my favorite tournaments. This is the second year I come here. And I’m very happy. Thanks to my partner who has showed that he is a good friend because following this morning’s match he has committed and given himself to this final match. Thanks to Fred, Tomeu, Benito, who’s not here but thanks to everyone who has come. I would like to come back next year and surely, I will”. “

    • dutchgirl says:

      I was actually hoping for a repeat of his speach at Doha last year, with Rafa cracking up in the background… :D

  17. sia says:

    hey this will be a nice, big, doubles ranking point jump for Marc! :)

  18. emir says:

    rafa just barely stop tears coming..hate to see him like that..

  19. emir says:

    didnt you see the speech..he was on the brink of crying..

  20. MJ says:

    He could not possibly be cuter!!!!

  21. patzin says:

    How great is this – such happy happy boys winning the title. So happy for them.

  22. Emma R says:

    Marc is adorable, and reminds me of a toddler seeking Rafa’s attention all the time. Before playing the points I’m surprised Rafa didn’t feel like saying, “Yes I know, you don’t need to stand here and talk to me for ten minutes before I serve!!” He’s sort of pocket-sized, I wanna take him home.

    Felt almost (but not quite) sorry for Nestor and Zim – “who are these young upstarts”??

    That T shirt is really nice with just white shorts. Why oh why. So captivated by Rafa undoing any sort of zip that even had I spoken Spanish, Marc’s speech would still have gone over my head.

  23. aRafaelite says:

    Oh the joy! From the moment they had three championship points they could barely contain their delight! What a wonderful display of joy it was when they won! A sight for sore eyes and hopefully the balm Rafa needed for his fractured confidence. Vamos Amigos!

    • aRafaelite says:

      BTW – does anyone else think that Marc! is the spitting image of a young Dustin Hoffman in the trophy photos?!

      • Emma R says:

        That’s it!! I have been racking my brains to work out who he reminded me off, and it’s totally Dustin Hoffman in Mrs Robinson mode.