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  1. TeamNadal says:

    Rafa played fantastic…looking like his old self. I hope he can keep this momentum going! VAMOS!

  2. patzin says:

    I read an article where Isner is quoted as saying Rafa wore him down and by 3rd set he was struggling. It reminded me of a match vs Karlovic, same strategy for Rafa. Rafa except for the middle of 2nd set, I think, was focused and confident. Another article said Rafa had fire in his eyes and there was no doubt who would win.

    • natch says:

      I think Isner is a good player, but not a great one. He has the ability to play great occasionally, but not consistently. Some of that is physicality, but a good deal of it is mental. I don’t think Isner will be able to stay in the top ten, if he ever makes it there. Top twenty is probably where he’ll spend the bulk of his career.

      I don’t think Rafa will be tested until he meets Murray, Roddick, or Soderling. Robin might not even be that much of a test – he hasn’t been playing very smart during crucial points.

      Well, there ya go. All kinds of my opinion that you didn’t even ask for!

  3. EJL says:

    gr8 Rafa, he was able to overcome the difficulty of the second set and pull off his tennis :) i find it very useful for boosting his confidence..we all want Rafa to be on the fire all the time but now the key matter for him and for us is to come to the result and all the means offens/ def or both of them switching at his convenience are highly acceptable to me..keep on this track Rafa and good luck.