Two short clips

First up, Maymo, Marc! and Rafa are very interested in a laptop sitting on random dude’s lap. Maymo’s even taking notes. Oh wait, nothing special about that…

And second, a wee bit of a practice session:

20 Responses

  1. teejustice says:

    Rafa was checking out my video message to him to have a good practice (mmwahhh), can’t believe he showed the boys ;P

  2. nic says:

    Is that a red bandana that Rafa’s wearing in the practice vid? I think he likes playing around with different headgear by the looks of it. Very different look for him actually. Especially in red.

  3. marisa says:

    looks like a red bandana to me. he looks like a pirate. nice.

  4. tiemyshoe says:

    Awww to Rafa sprawling all over Marc to look at that screen.

    • miri says:

      He’s all, “screw your need to see anything…oh, and I hope you don’t mind my elbow digging into your thigh.”

  5. CC says:

    They’ve obviously found that porn dude’s site, finally. You know, the one from US open. ;)

    Love the pink bandana like that in the training session!

    • natch says:

      Hold on.

      Hold on.

      Hold on.

      …there was USO porn and I MISSED IT???!!!

      Was I in it?
      Was Rafa?

      Tell me more. Details, please.
      *pulls up chair*
      *leans forward*
      *rests elbows on knees*

      • CC says:

        What?! You mean you don’t know about Rafa and the porn stuff during USO?! Hm… I don’t even know where to start… :D

      • An says:

        Easy Natch… :D

        I think it was a vid off Rafa during USO and somebody ( a director from porn movies ) was intoduced to him… Nothin directly porn related to see in that vid.

        You can rest asure, all private images of us and Rafa;)…. still private!

        • natch says:

          Ohhhhhhh. Thank you for that information.
          As you may remember, that was when I was with Rafa, so…
          …naturally I got concerned.

          And by “with”, I mean on the same grounds, sniffing him out like a panther stalks, I mean, erm, uh….prowls?
          For all I know, maybe he hit me on the head, knocked me out, filmed a porn session, and posted it right away. ;)

          • An says:

            Hah… No way, not Rafa, he wouldnt!
            I always feel safe “with” him….;)

            I gotta go and train now girls, watch over him for me tonight and shear him on on my behalf too!

  6. An says:

    Isn’t it obvious at what site they’re looking girls???

    Of course they follow NadalNews and Rafa is, speaking with Miri: “screw your need to see anything…oh, and I hope you don’t mind my elbow digging into your thigh.” ” Its mostly about me, you have you’re own page Marc, what are they writing me this time”, No?

    ( hope not, or do i? ;) )

  7. Atch2 says:

    What can’t they have sold Rafa’s cap in navy? I hate trying to keep my white one clean.

  8. Rafangel says:

    I am so jealous of Marc! in that clip.