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  1. fatos says:

    ridiculous lol

  2. mary says:

    Awesome & yummy all the way!!! ;-)

  3. jba says:

    i love it when rafa does the ladder drills. he looks like he’s dancing to latin music, haha!

  4. CC says:

    The last 40 seconds of that on court interview is definitely on my top ten list of cutest things I have seen in my life so far. OMG, Rafa. OH. MY. GOD. :D

    • natch says:

      In your life? Really??

      *looks at vid*

      I dunno, CC. He would have to be shortless to make my top ten list. ;)
      Actually, I can’t watch that many videos. I can’t even watch one if it’s over three or four minutes. I feel like I’m wasting my time. I wish I could like the internet more, but I just can’t.

      On second thought…if Rafa was taking a shower and the video ran longer than a few minutes…who am I to criticize technology? I would be the first in line to watch! ;)

      • CC says:

        natch, “cute” to mean means sweet, when you want to pinch somebody’s cheeks and say “awww…”. Shortless Rafa would be on an entirely different list for me. ;)

        • natch says:

          So…you wouldn’t want to pinch his cheeks if he were shortless? ;)

          Actually, you know what I thought was cute? When that idiot at Hit for Haiti asked him if he felt left out because he didn’t have kids, and Rafa said he was only twenty-whatever. I loved that response. It was such as sweet way to say, “shut up, idiot.”

          • CC says:

            That’s kind of Rafa’s standard answer to anything related to his private life and careera. Which is great, because as you say, he obviously means “shut up and piss off”. I did notice that on this occasion he said ” I AM only 23…” instead of “I HAVE only 23…”. That was disappointing.

            If he were shortless I’d pinch him elsewhere. ;)

  5. mary says:

    Between Robby & Jason one could be confused as to what they are saying in “Massive forehand”. If you didn’t know it was tennis they were talking about, you’d be wondering what the hell they were refering to when they’re discussing about ‘One hot meaty ball.’ Boys you crack me up! ;-)

  6. Atch2 says:

    Has Francisco done something to his hair? It looks darker than before.

    Luv the on court interview as well. Radaorable reactions to the shorts. Seems like he understand the English accent quite easily, compared to say the Kiwi accent.

    • natch says:

      Is Francisco the hot guy who sits where Uncle Toni normally sits? I like all the camera time that guy is getting. He’s easy on the eyes.

      • CC says:

        No, he looks like he smells, I think. A bit dirty, and not in a good way. :D

        • mary says:

          What are you talking about CC? I could go for Francisco. He looks & probably smells edible as well. And you’re right Atch but wasn’t Rafa’s lighter as well at the time.. Maybe too much sun or hair dye. If for disguise they failed miserably. Hehe!!

          • miri says:

            I’m sure he smells of cigarettes.

            And don’t tell anyone…but I think Rafa’s dyed his hair to give it more, uh, volume. Just a theory.

            • mary says:

              I think you may have merit to your theory. I kinda think there’s a hair colour revolution going on here. ;-)
              And Fran smokes. Ah, naughty boy. You’ll have to tell him about champex while your there. It helped me kick the habit.

            • CC says:

              Huh?! What?! Why?! You think Rafa has dyed his own hair or Roig’s or both?!


              Men dying their hair. So un-sexy. You may have just made me go off Rafa forever. No way Rafa has dyed his hair. NO. FRIGGIN. WAY!!! Take it back. NOW! ;)

              • An says:

                Oh relax CC… of course he didn’t….
                NO. WAY.

                If you’re realy considdering to go off Rafa concentrate on the arse, ok?;)

              • miri says:

                This is the picture that made me think it’s dyed. Hair usually isn’t one solid color…

                • An says:

                  Still, i don’t think so….;)

                  Maybe this pic is shopped a little??
                  Or it is the light? The lips are to red, and the eye-brows are just as black as the hair…

                • tiemyshoe says:

                  miri, looking very closely at Rafa pics now, are we? :P

                  Hrmm, upon examination, I think it’s the lighting/frizz making his hair look matte. ‘Cause in the picture following, you can see more lighter brown in his hair. But what do I know – if he wants to dye it, dye away! If he could only spare a bit of dye for the shorts…

                  • Denizen says:

                    I’ve thought for quite a while that Rafa gets his hair colored, especially before a slam.

                    • tiemyshoe says:

                      Really? Interesting … I’ll pay more attention next time.

                      I’ve made peace with the fact that his once-beautiful thick head of hair is definitely going :’-( … but now I kinda wish he’d cut it short once and for all. Or wear the doo-rag he sometimes wears in practice.

                      Good thing he’s freakin’ cute and presh, no matter what. :D

                • CC says:

                  OK. Seriously. I don’t think his hair is dyed. I think his hair is that dark in Winter, when he’s spent a lot of time out of the sun. Once he starts playing in the sun, it goes a bit lighter. Mine is kinda the same. I feel with colm now. :)