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  1. Kate says:

    hahaha first question the shorts!!!!

  2. Nana says:

    It seems he doesn’t like the giraffe shorts either =)

  3. reemo says:

    LoL, Rafa .. The first Q about the shorts !!! It seems that the way he played didn’t blind away the short to everyone after all … but his reaction to the Q was really funny

    Also, is he getting more impatient with repeated questions ? seemed he hated the Andre-Sampras Q .. If I were him, I would be actually

  4. miri says:

    I read elsewhere that he said he liked the shorts better in the picture he was shown. But no source for that quote was mentioned so…I dunno.

    • Denizen says:

      Apparently folks in Europe were treated to a courtside interview where he said the shorts looked better in pictures than in reality. (Yeah right.) He also apparently said he was only wearing them this week…he hoped. LOL

      Hope he hasn’t broken any contract provisions by dissing his clothes. On the other hand, the shorts warrant decisive executive action. So…you go, Rafa!

      Wow, the rest of the questions were repetitive, leading and banal, especially after such an excellent match.

      • miri says:

        Cool – I’m so far behind on tracking shit down, I don’t know when I’ll be able to catch up. Personally, my completely made-up theory goes like this: Nike shows him a picture and he thinks, “eh, but not awful. I’ll wear.” Then they bring them to him for the AO (they were meant for that tournament) and he balks (I’m picture massive eyebrow action and a slowly shaking head), but then eventually caves for IW.

        • gingkonut says:

          These are the exact same style of shorts he wore during the AO. They were a dubious enough choice in white but completely off the mark in this putrid brown.

          Frankly I think we should sign a petition to Nike … why are they doing this to our Rafa?! Must be a conspiracy by Fed fans ; )

          • miri says:

            They looked better in white. I didn’t like them, but they were better.

            I know you are probably joking (or, I hope so), but since people have been serious about it in the past: a big huge damn no to any kind of silly petitions.

            • tiemyshoe says:

              WHAT. But I’ve already organized a task force to organize a strike at Nike headquarters!!

              miri, nice avatar, BTW. Cute cat!

      • tiemyshoe says:

        By Rafa standards, those were positively anti-short slurs – he NEVER says anything negative about his clothing. I was surprised he even commented on this. Bravo, Rafa!

        The presser questions were indeed banal. I hate how they always have to press him to say words to complete some pre-determined narratives about 1) how his playing style is unsustainable/misguided, even if it’s won him SIX GRAND SLAMS, THANK YOU MA’AM, 2) he has such low confidence he’ll never win again, and 3) he has such high confidence because he’s deluded.

        That being the case, I’m impressed by how Rafa handled the questions – he seems right on point. It’s even illuminating to hear how he’s changed his practices, and how he needs to feel like he can play error-free long rallies before he starts shortening points. Very interesting.

    • johanne says:

      Yeah, that was mentioned on twitter by someone who saw his post-match interview on Sky Sports. Maybe it’ll turn up on youtube?

    • CC says:

      Yep, there was the cutest of courtside interviews on Sky last night, where Rafa was asked about the shorts. He did his usual “What do you think?” reply and the commentator said the reactions to them were mixed. Rafa said that the shorts were only for this week/tourney and that he liked them better in the photos than in reality. All this whilst snort laughing, smiling shyly and blushing. I nearly died. :D

      • Nana says:

        Those of us in Asia don’t get to see these courtside interviews either except in the slams… I always hate it when they would zoom out to a wide shot of the stadium with the stats while u just know it’s rafa being interviewed courtside… I don’t know why the broadcaster thinks we want to see the stats rather than rafa!

        Hope someone will post this on youtube….

      • Atch2 says:

        Heard someone tell Rafa that SkySports UK or something like that asked for a courtside interview. Was planning to check their website out for it.

      • eliza says:

        Somebody has kindly posted the courtside interview on youtube:



        • sia says:

          I am sad about the shorts. :( … they make him look all bedroomy and relaxed.

        • Necitas says:

          I thought he was trying on his serve during the match and he said he did. He was certainly successful with it…Big improvement!

        • Nana says:

          thanks Eliza! Rafa’s adorable! I can’t help smiling when he smiles =)

          BTW, how did u dig this VID up? There’s no tag and the title doesn’t even say Rafa!

          • eliza says:

            The vid was posted on Vamos Brigade Nana, by a poster called woody. Rafa smiles are infectious :)

            • Nana says:

              I see! Rafa-dom is a great place to be in – always someone to count on when it comes to rafa intelligence =)

            • Atch2 says:

              Big thanks eliza. That’s so Rafadorable.

              ‘BREAKING NEWS The shorts are going after 1 week. They will not be seen in Miami’

        • Isabelle says:

          Thanks, that was adorable, very infectious smile! Anyway, we all agree it is wonderful to see him back on the tennis court in healthy form, whatever he wears!!!

  5. teejustice says:

    ugh, must all press conferences suck? He’s sitting there waiting for over a minute and then it was like no one was moderating, just silly, repetitive questions coming from all over before he even finished answering. I’m glad he’s not getting goated into saying something about the whole Pete/Andre thing. Good on Rafa to keep the focus on the nature of the event and the reason they were out there.

  6. CC says:

    Ahhh… Mmmm… Rafalegs…
    Yeah, I struggled to hear what they were all saying.

  7. Nic says:

    Loved watching Rafa’s legs swinging around from side to side under the table. So boyish, so cute, so un-self conscious. But everything else about the interview was absolute crock. Stupid questions. Love how Rafa handles each and everyone perfectly. And still in good humour.

    • Karen says:

      For somebody who doesn’t understand fast talking Americans Rafa sure can talk fast and well in English. He never ceases to amaze me! I bet if he put the dreaded shorts on Ebay there would be alot of bids, I know I’d bid . Especially if he was the one doing the packing and posting. Looking forward to Miami outfit already.

  8. jba says:

    i like the way rafa handled those questions. media sure never gets tired asking the same questions over and over again, huh? when will they get new material?

    • teejustice says:

      Thanks. Its so funny for me to read these after seeing the vid. I read it the way I saw on the video, same voice inflection, pauses, etc. How funny that he says Americans speak fast. I know all foreign language sounds fast to another. Plenty of my family and friends always say they don’t see how I understand Spanish because they speak so fast…and sometimes it is to me too. They just can’t understand when I ask someone to repeat :D

  9. Atch2 says:

    Funny is that some people never get anything written about them in the news, but Rafa’s shorts get their own article:


  10. aRafaelite says:

    Okay, ignoring the slur of “do you actually think” which doesn’t belong in my happy tent, I love this part of the Q/A:

    Q. If you play your best, do you actually expect to win the matches? Do you feel like the matches are in your hands if you play your best?
    RAFAEL NADAL: You know, I don’t want to be arrogant with this answer, no? …

    Allow me to explain how my Rafa-loving brain interprets:

    Q. Tell us exactly how good you think you are, Rafa…
    RAFAEL NADAL: Pretty f****** good actually. I’m just way too nice to say it! Now stop asking me stupid questions (please).

  11. junko says:

    I hope this link works OK where he is saying the shorts looked OK in the photo but…