IW: Round 2 photos, highlights & presser

To see a bit of the presser, go to tennistv.com.

Photos by Harry How/Getty Images

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  1. djb says:

    That wind was an absolute nightmare. Schuettler didn’t play bad at all. Rafa played the big points better and he came out with a victory. Next round will be tricky too, but Ancic doesn’t move good enough to track all Rafa’s shots down. It’ll be interesting. I hope Rafa has fun and pulls out another victory!

  2. nic says:

    Actually, he’s looking might fine in his bright new outfit. Crazy shorts and all. Think they somehow actually are quite nice on Rafa. Love the pink bandana. Can’t wait for the next match!!!

  3. Dale C. A. says:

    i love Rafa but i simply don’t/can’t understand the people behind his outfits :-(( those shorts are horrible :-((

  4. Emma R says:

    From the waist up he looks terrific…..so glad to see him back. But the shorts…oh the shorts. They look like something I would see my dad wearing on some 1970’s holiday photos that should be hidden from the world. Perhaps he is thinking of running away to join the circus as a clown. Why oh why.

  5. Ch F says:

    I just took a closer look at the pics (No6) and it seems the shirt and the shorts aren’t that mismatched! The horizontal stripes of the shirt seem to match the stripes inside the checkered patterns of the shorts.
    I don’t know if you had noticed or if it makes those of you who don’t like the shorts feel any better; I just had to share this ;-)

    • Emma R says:

      I don’t know why the brown and why the checks though??! They are like camouflage for those little moments of incontinence.

      • Ch F says:

        Who knows! There must be a reason. He probably likes them! I can’t imagine Nike forcing Rafa into wearing something he’s not comfortable in. Or he doesn’t care at all, because he really thinks it’s about the tennis and not the clothes, and wears whatever Nike designs for him since it makes no difference for him at all.

        • sia says:

          Ladees eet ees colled fashun. Non?

          • Emma R says:

            You are right – they are probably just what he likes.

            Whilst I do enjoy a bit of froth over the shorts, when it comes down to the line, as long as he is playing tennis and content, then he can wear a couple of strategically placed ostrich feathers if it makes him happy.

        • aRafaelite says:

          Sadly, I seem to remember reading somewhere about Rafa and his Mum discussing the colours and designs with Nike… so I don’t think the hideous brown checks were foisted on him against his better judgement. I suppose, on the plus side, millions of us around the world are now united in how much we’d all love to rip them off him ;-)

  6. Atch2 says:

    Photo 10 is my fav. The eyes and eyebrows do it for me.

    And luv the RafaShuffle before he hits the overheads.

    The shorts are growing on me. I like the pattern, just thought the shade of brown was too outstanding.

    Rafa’s movement looks great. He’s returning impossible balls again.

    • natch says:

      LOVE the shorts! Except, as always, they are too long. :(
      That pink is driving me bananas. Rafa, PLEASE, no more pink. natch no likey.

      His movement doesn’t look great to me, but I *was* pretty focused on the movement in the shorts, rather than on the court. ;)

      • CC says:

        Thank God, natch. I knew there was some sense in you. I like the shorts too.

        Thing is though, I love the pink as well… ;)

        Movement?! In shorts?! Where?! Must watch again.

        • An says:

          We could have known Natch was one off us, No?
          Welcome to the “fan off THE shorts club” Natch!!;)

          * looks up magnifying glass and starts vid again to study the movement;) *

          • natch says:

            Yay! Us! Fan of the shorts! :D

            Btw, An, “salivating” needs no English translation. It probably doesn’t need translation for any language! ;)

            It’s okay to like the pink. If not for that, we would be identical, no? This way Rafa can tell us apart. He can wear pink condoms for you. ;)

            • An says:

              O: I see now….. ( after googling it :D )
              So, i do have something to learn still from you lady’s! ;)

              We do have a word for it in Dutch tough…. “kwijlen”

              And btw, i’d like Rafa in any color!;P

              • CC says:

                An, just like Pavlov’s dogs I salivate, but when I hear the name Rafa. ;)

                natch, if I ever got that far with Rafa, I wouldn’t care too much about the colour. Of anything…


  7. marla says:

    Can’t we agree to disagree. I love them shorts, many hate them shorts. I liked the TC announcer saying it looked like he pulled them out of his “hurt locker”. Haven’t seen the movie, yet, but if Rafa plans to do some ‘hurtin on the court’. I love the shorts even more!

    • Emma R says:

      Dunno about pulling them out of his hurt locker, when I see them he is usuall pulling them out of his bum. Could that account for the camouflage colour I wonder to myself disgustingly.

      • marla says:

        Oh, Emma, did you have to go there??? Sides, he wore his paper thin whities for Doubles – he does not need camouflage. Even if Rafa was in camo – i’d still find him – you can’t hide that!

        • Emma R says:

          Sorry, my bad, long day:) Thrilled, however, to be going home in a minute to watch Rafa – which I think will be about 9pm in the UK but will leave the telly on all evening just in case.

          Hopefully we will have something similar to picture 9 to crow over tomorrow.

  8. CC says:

    One thing I love about the Masters 1000 tourneys are the interviews on tennistv.com. Rafa looks absolutely, f-ing edible every time and this is no exception. I seriously start salivating whenever I watch them. And lick my mouth. Gosh, he must taste good looking like that!
    What’s great about them as well, is that I know the questions (always the same) and the answers from Rafa (always the same), so I can just concentrate on his hotness.

    BTW, has he…has he…brushed his hair for this one…? Can it be so…? Not sure I like it. :D

    • An says:

      Oh: This interview makes me feel all kind off feelings towards him at once…..
      One is that i want to mess up that hair, another one is that he’s so sweat that i imediatly want to start taking care off him….. and then manny, manny more, far more dirty toughts;)

      btw CC, how could i translate “salivating”?? My english falls short here:D

  9. Necitas says:

    Looks like the California sunshine is treating Rafa well. He looked very relax and youthful in the presser.