Hit for Haiti 2

Meriko has already posted a vid of Rafa’s intro and early shirt change:

The shirt was a special edition item from Nike and the proceeds go to Haiti. More info.

Aside from a few awkward moments (man, those old guys is bitter), it was a really fun event.

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  1. Ch F says:

    Is it me, or did Rafa look very nervous during his intro? He still managed some smiles.

  2. Zooni says:

    Thanks for this! ‘Twas lovely to see Rafa on court again and he looked great! But man, what was up with Pete and Andre? That was embarrassing to watch and they ruined the fun mood of the match. Roger and Rafa must have been horrified. :(

    • Ch F says:

      Why, what happened? I didn’t watch this, :-(

      • mary says:

        Hi Ch F. I think Sampras got upset when Andre jokingly told him in a nutshell he was tight with his money. I was hoping Rafa didn’t understand what was said, but I think he would have detected the mood of what was going on. Anyway, I look at this match as a fund raiser & we got to enjoy some tennis. I think there was something clinical about this entire exhibition.
        When you throw together an exhibition match in less than 48 hours(AO)& there is heaps of players thrown into the mix, it’s bound to be lots of fun. Then when you chuck some mix doubles in, it becomes hilarious, as we saw. I wish this exhibition had mixed doubles.
        At the end of the day the point was to raise money & I pray they did that. At least Rafa smiled almost right throughout the exhibition.

  3. faeaki7 says:

    I’ll tell ya it was soo embarrassng almost! I got up to watch it at 3.00am on Britis Eurosport 2, first the girls which was great too then the men, and during the second half of the set after a few comments from Andre, Sampras decided to imitate Andre then Andre turned round and pulled out his pockets from his tracksuit insinuating that Pete was a tight wad!! then Pete says “thats personal”! and yeah I suppose it was really thank god Rafa and Roger were all smiles and laughter!!! true champions in every sense of the word. Andre spoke throughout the whole match as if to cover up some nervous disposition, he even hit a serve direct at Pete! and got one of the same back! it was definately more from Andre’s side I thought and I was more a fan of Agassi’s than Sampras (as a tennis player to watch),of course. After the match one of the organisers mentioned their rivalry and Pete covered it up well saying it was all fun etc, I had to keep the sound down encase I woke up the family so I didn’t quite get that bit, Roger was asked about him and Rafa’s rivalry being much more friendly and he replied that it might get abit more nasty later on in their careers,smiling all the way though! I feel at least with Roger and Rafa their is tons of respect but its more because of Rafa’s respectful nature.

    • Ch F says:

      Oh, it seems I missed quite an eventful hit for Haiti 2!
      A bit more nasty later on in their career?? I suppose Roger was joking, unless he intends to play until his 40ies ;-)

  4. faeaki7 says:

    Have to say Rafa was awsome and huge smiles *sighs* all the way through and when questioned about Shakira he said that they were there to talk about the charity event!! nice one Rafa as always, the shirt change wasn’t unappreciated though Rafa!!! the crowds were whistleing for him alot last night!!!

    • Zooni says:

      Yeah the crowd seemed to love him! And the shirt change was DEFINITELY a highlight.

      The interviewer was quite nosey though, pressing on and on about children (wtf?) and the like. I think we all expected the Shakira question but Rafa handled it brilliantly. He is such a class act and tonight it was even more obvious with supposedly ‘senior’ legends behaving like sourpusses with each other.

      • Atch2 says:

        I find Justin Gimbilstob (sorry about the spelling) annoying and not helpful in terms clearing the awkwardness in his style and some questions. I like Jim Courier’s style much better.
        Rafa’s answer to hise Shakira qu was diplomatic, even though Justin seemed to want to tease Rafa.
        I also luved that he said that we should help make the world better.

  5. CC says:


    1. Raising loads of money for Haiti.
    2. Rafa in the ‘Kinbe Pa Lage’ t-shirt, so cute I almost died.
    3. Mo in the chair.

    Not so awesome:
    1. Rafa losing.
    2. Stupid American commentators (who IS that blonde lady?!)not knowing when to shut up.
    3. That there were three others (whoever they were) stealing limelight from Rafa. ;)

    • mary says:

      I think that was Tracy Austin a former champion herself.
      Oh CC do you know what ‘Kinbe Pa Lage’ means? Or is just a brand name?

      • CC says:

        It means ‘Hold on tight, don’t let go’. Click on the link underneath clip and find out more!

        • mary says:

          Muchas gracias amiga. Mucho aprecio!!!

          • An says:

            I agree completly, evrything about Rafa was awesome ( am i biased?? ) but not so awesome was the fact that for the tv camera’s it seemed more about Andre and Pete then about the other 2 there present and the way both A&P behaved ):

            According to BF, who woke up and came to watch with me a little just at that mo : ” 2, spoiled rotten, childs , totally not adults in theire late 30’s ” and i couldnt have said that better myself.

            I should have know that it never would become that much fun as the first Hit for Haiti, that was so spontaneously and playfull… but i’m verry sorry for what happened between A&P because otherwise it still would have bin a verry fun thing to watch and of course the cause for it still is a verry beautifull one!
            I hope for Miri and all others who where there and who could decide to who’m to look at theireselfs that they still enjoyed it a lott!

            • CC says:

              I didn’t look at the others on court, or pay attention to what they said. I don’t mind Roger, he’s alright. The other two I couldn’t give a flying fig about. Who were they again? ;)

              Rafa is just something else. What a guy! I went to bed after having watched, couldn’t go to sleep ’cause I kept thinking of Rafa doing me, wearing that t-shirt… All for charity, of course! :D

              So excited about game tonight!

              • An says:

                I just felt a little dissapointed by it, was teased a little by BF that i did go out off bed to see 2 old men behaving like childs ( sometimes he is a litlle jealous, yes ), and was now waking up again finding that more people seam to join my dissapointment..

                But, Youre right! As soon as we concentrate on Rafa evrything is fine!
                He more then outstands the rest…

                Bring on the Rafatennis!
                *being excited with you*

        • mary says:

          Is it me cause it could be the case, but if it is for sale I can’t see anywhere on that site to buy it. Maybe it is only avaliable in their outlets. Do you know CC?

    • Atch2 says:

      4. Rafa’s shirt change. (I wondered what all the screaming and cheering was about. I should have known it was a Rafa shirt change).

  6. afar says:

    It’s not really Andre’s fault.
    Among the four, Rafa speaks the least English, so he would be wary of trying to be comical or witty in public. Also he’s way too polite to make a dig at anyone.
    Pete is all too tense and serious and uptight. He was even talking for the first half of the match!
    Roger tries, and does alright, but he’s too “classy” to get all “down and dirty” to make it all hilarious and fun.
    So Andre steps in, being the Las Vegas showman he is. He just wants to make the spectators’ money’s worth.

    It was still all good natured rubbing and digging until Andre mentioned about Roger and Rafa playing with “two bald men” on court.

    You can see Pete tightened up even more then, and became quite defensive. It must’ve been his sore spot (as he seemed like he’s done some hair implants). He wasn’t as bald as he was a few years back.

    He however bottled up his tension, but few games later…out of the blue…he suddenly opened his mouth and said, “I’m going to imitate you (Andre)” and started to do the pigeon walk like Agassi.

    Agassi then imitated Pete’s apparent “stinginess” by emptying his pockets and said he’s got no money for the valet.

    You could see Pete’s face blackened that moment. He really dampened the fun mood till that point and the atmosphere changed then. Such a shame!

    I mean, if you wanna dish it, you must be able to take it. And if you act so defensive, you’re just gonna have people say you’re acting out of guilt! He even served a ball directly at Andre later. He is simply too uptight.

    • An says:

      Yes Afar you are right that Pete’s behaviour was the biggest cause off what happened…. Seams to me that he is pretty humourless, dunno iff i’m right about that, didn’t watch tennis much when i was a teenager thinking that it was verry boring, only played it then:)
      But still Andre must have seen wich direction it was leading and could have bagged of a little imo!

    • Ch F says:

      OMG if that man can’t take a joke he shouldn’t be in such events. I mean I didn’t watch this but it seems he had the wrong attitude towards it. Thankfully Pete didn’t retort asking if Andre was on crystal meth for this match as well.

    • Atch2 says:

      When Sampras served to Andre when it should have been to Rafa, you could see both Rafa and Fed bending over, heads down and cracking up laughing.

  7. Necitas says:

    I watched it with some problems with the audio but I managed. Agassi and Roger have good rapport. Rafa was all smiles all the time. All of them seemingly enjoyed it. It’s a good way for Rafa to relax before the competition tommorow. I love the shirt on Rafa. It is Nike’s contribution for the relief effort for Haiti. “Kinbe Pa Lage” meaning “Hold on tight, don’t let go!” Beautiful tag line. So if you purchase one of the shirts, proceeds will go to the effort.

    • mary says:

      Muchas gracias amiga. I had just asked CC. Now I know. ;-)

    • CC says:

      Ah, we must have posted reply at same time. :D

      • mary says:

        Happy to see Rafa was all smiles & never lost his composure & I just loved the way he mixed up his shots to entertain the crowd. Even Rog did that as well. Loved it when Roger & Andre kept hitting it back & forth at each other. Heaps of cool overheads.
        I enjoyed it but felt a bit embarrassed for Rafa & Rog. Glad it’s them that are the younger ones & playing the tennis these days.

    • Atch2 says:

      Wish the on court mc mentioned about Rafa’s t-shirt so that they could gain more sales for the Nike t-shirts.

      • Necitas says:

        But maybe they could not because Nike is not sponsoring the event, so maybe Rafa wearing it is a soft promotion because he wears Nike. By the way the shirt can be purchase online at Nike Basketball. It’s a men’s shirt and costs $25. Wearing a man’s shirt for me is sexy plus you get to wear what Rafa wears…

  8. Atch2 says:

    Overall it was a lot of fun, but the Agassi/Sampras exchanges left a bitter aftertaste. Sampras’s facial expression scared me for most of the match. It was such a happy relief to see wrinkly, dimpled faced Rafa.

    And Rafa doesn’t comment all that often but when he does, the mike sound isn’t so good or the commentators are talking over him. But being a good sport that he is, Rafa smiles thru everything. You can tease him, say things he doesn’t understand, and he will not throw a hissy fit or look like someone just insulted his wife/mother.

    • Rafangel says:

      …”look like someone just insulted his wife” His wife? Is there more to the Shakira vid than we realised?! ;)

      • Atch2 says:

        Sorry, other than Justin G. I don’t think that Rafa was teased abt Shakira or the MV, but Pete seemed to be carrying a grudge on his face, like someone did insult his wife or mother. While Andre laughed off any teasing.

        • Rafangel says:

          Yeah, I understood – just kidding :)

          Agassi’s humour is mean – I’m not surprised it upset Sampras who seems pretty reserved and has a history with Agassi. Credit to the Fedhead that he didn’t rise when Agassi was working him over a bit.

  9. Rafangel says:

    Got up at 3.30 to watch it and hung around til 4.30 but none of the streams (official and otherwise) was working; was it very delayed? Then couldn’t find anything about it online yesterday – it seems it was much lower profile than the last one. Shame the old boys made fools of themselves. I wondered if it might be a bit awkward, since Andre’s book caused tension between him and all the others.

    Pleased – but not surprised – the Raf and Rog acquitted themselves well. Any replays available?

      • Rafangel says:

        Thanks. That really was embarrassing :S Poor Rafa and Roger. Seems like the legends were trying to make a joke but just take themselves too seriously to be able to keep it light. Thankfully it’s not their time any more.

        YT seems to have quite a lot of bits up. This one shows how nicely Rogi and Rafa bring the atmosphere back up (4.40 onwards) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kB5epcmdu-U

        I found the whole of the first H4H in HD on YT yesterday, chuffed to bits :)

      • Atch2 says:

        Sampras-Agassi exchanges: uncomfortable and unnecessary.

        Beautiful forehand return fm Rafa.

        Rafa should’ve taken Fed’s direction to do something and changed his shirt on court to ease the tension.

  10. sia says:

    Hope you had fun miri; It was for a great cause and for the most part was fun … not as much fun as the first. It would have been lighter and probably a lot warmer if they’d had mixed doubles and combined all 8 players. (Boys are always better behaved when there are girls around.) Poor Petey he is such an uncomfortable guy … great tennis skills … very little charm.
    Andre tried hard to make it entertaining … and for the most part his trash talk was just that.
    I thought Rog, like Rafa, was poised and they both seemed happy to be there for the cause.

    Rafa looked dreamy and so sweet in his T-shirt. Can’t wait to see him on the court playing his first match.

  11. Rafafan says:

    If anyone missed it the hit for haiti is on again in England at 3.30pm today! Will be drooling over Rafa a bit more focussed thena I was at 3am in the morning when watched the first time.

  12. Maya says:

    Pete has never been known for his humour. When Andre referred to himself and Pete as “two old bald men”, Pete declined the offer and indicated he still had hair. Andre then basically told him to give up the ghost (what Pete really has is a mass of hair plugs). It was all down hill from there. As someone said, Pete can dish it out but he really can’t take it. It’s to bad they let that match become more about themselves than the charity event it was. I hope I never have to see Rafa and Roger embarass themselves on court like that. Rafa was wonderful as always.

  13. emir says:

    this was so ugly,they were for fun and to help people,it shouldnt turn out to be ego fight..this is why rafael is so special..if fed and rafa rivalry didnt turn out to be ugly one i give full credit to our man rafa..

  14. Choices says:

    What got me was at the very end, why did Justin whatshisname only interview Pete and André, the match was not just about those two. I thought it was a real slap in the face for Rafa and Roger. At least the two R’s have a lot of class.

  15. aRafaelite says:

    Frankly, I blame the media for stirring up the tension between Andre and Pete. On the whole what Andre said about Pete in his book wasn’t all that bad, but he did comment on Pete being stingy (I think the circumstance was not tipping a cab driver). I didn’t think it was a big deal after reading it, but the US media has repeatedly goaded Pete about it until he clearly got pissed off. One small incident suddenly being taken to reflect on his entire character. He tried to laugh it off on several occasions but after people harping on about it again and again, it was obviously still a sore point going into the match.

    I’ve always liked both players so am very disappointed in Andre for going too far with his needling, and at Pete for rising to it during what was supposed to be a fun match. The whole hair thing was really just the straw that broke the camel’s back. Everything has been blown out of all proportion by the media taking a few of Agassi’s relevations in “Open” out of context and over-dramatising things. That doesn’t excuse Pete & Andre’s behaviour on court yesterday, but the sensationlist tactics of the media certainly didn’t help, and neither did Gimelstob. Don’t rub salt in a wound, certainly not in such a public forum!

    I don’t know how much better Courier would have handled it, given that Andre had as much to say about him as Pete in his book. But I suspect he would have deflected the heat off Pete and turned it back on Andre and made a joke out of it by suggesting they all take it outside or something.

    I think Roger and Rafa handled it as well as they could have done under the circumstances. Roger covered his embarassment a little better than Rafa, but they both looked shell-shocked. Roger was probably aware of the tension and the causes of it between Pete & Andre, but I’m not sure that Rafa (given that he probably doesn’t read/listen to much English-language media) really understood what was going on, and was probably just reacting to the tone and the tension and hiding behind a very nervous smile… and if you don’t understand what’s going on, it’s very hard to know what to do about it. Even Roger seemed at a loss to know how to turn things around.

    The expressions on their faces when the match ended spoke volumes. Rafa looked totally relieved it was over, and Roger looked very relieved that his rival is Rafa not Andre! During the on-court crap afterwards, Roger stood with arms folded and an expression on his face that clearly showed his disappointment and annoyance – which perfectly expressed how I felt at the end of the match as well. I was hoping this match would heal the rift, but it seems to have widened it.

    All I can say is this: I am very glad that Roger and Rafa’s rivalry is much better-natured, and I hope their elders learn from their younger-and-wiser example! I thought Roger’s crack about them becoming less friendly as they get older was funny – I strongly suspect that when they got off court they made a pact never to become like Pete & Andre!!!

  16. Atch2 says:

    ‘Roger looked very relieved that his rival is Rafa not Andre’ LOL

    I noticed that Fed has such a goofy boyish smile.

    It’s a shame Sampras didn’t keep his calm and show Agassi that he had more class by ignoring the teasing and handling it in a better.

  17. Atch2 says:

    News vid:

  18. marisa says:

    what was up with Tony Bennett singing at the end? that was more awkward than the Pete/Andre ribbing.

  19. Atch2 says:

    Steve Tignor wrote on 13 March in his report:
    Nadal comes into the interview room and is asked about what he thought of last night’s Hit for Haiti. He says, “I didn’t understand nothing.” As far as I can tell, he means it.’

    I wish I didn’t hear or understand some of the stuff from it either Rafa.

    • CC says:

      Classic. I’m going to use that line at work from now on, whenever there’s an awkward situation. “Nope, I didn’t understand nothing…” :D

      • Atch2 says:

        and I hope it works just as well for you too :)

        • An says:

          “I didn’t understand nothing” litteraly translated in Dutch does mean that you understood evrything but sounds like you didnt! :D

          • Pheasant Plucker says:

            It means that in English too. The joy of double negatives :) Although in Rafa’s case, I’m inclined to believe he understood nothing, and is still struggling with English grammar.

  20. Sammy says:

    I don’t want to come across as an Agassi defender since I never was a fan, but I do believe that Sampras’s imitation of him got to him probably more than it should have since it was an imitation of his deformity (not to be confused with Djokovic’s imitations, which are imitations of other players’ mannerisms). Agassi has shown, especially after the release of his book, that he has a fragile ego, and a situation such as that can hit a raw nerve, which it apparently did and provoked his disproportionate retort.

    At any rate, a more level-headed person wouldn’t have been terribly offended either by Sampras’s imitation or by Agassi’s retort, especially considering the occasion they were there for, which should make them rise above such petty concerns. Both Sampras and Agassi should take a page from Nadal’s/Federer’s book on how not to let sporting rivalry descend to personal bickering!

    • miri says:

      I thought Agassi started it by pointing out Pete’s lack of real hair. Given that Pete’s gone through getting hair plugs (not exactly a pleasant process), I would think it’s a very raw nerve for him too. Should he have bitten back? No. But while Agassi’s comments were entertaining to the crowd (hell, someone needed to chat it up), I think they just kept mounting in Pete who isn’t exactly known for having a sense of humor.