IW practice footage

First Roger than Rafa. Rafa starts just before the 3 minute mark.

Posted by igotsklz.

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  1. CC says:

    I will sit through Roger’s practice, I will sit through Roger’s practice, I will…oh, I won’t.

    Rafa looks good. He’s hitting the ball hard. I think.
    I like the shorty shorts and the thigh porn. I want to be in the hot sun. With Rafa. What more can I say…?

    • An says:

      Yep, watching Roger…. the man plays technically beautifull tennis, i know my trainer would say that i have to watch his part just to see how het hits but i can only think……”boring”

      But then Rafa!! Ah Rafa, i can watch whole day long, he’s hitting the ball well here if you ask me too!
      Seeing him practice in the hot sun makes me want to be there, for being with Rafa off course but also for longing to play tennis in the hot sun!
      ( had first practice outside last wednesday with 0 degrees and a freezing windy blowing, making my hands and fingers so cold that with evry contact the racket made with the ball the bones in my hand felt like they where braking :( )
      Ooooh: to be able to play tennis in the hot sun, to be able to play with Rafa;)

      • sia says:

        Me too An, so wanting a little tennis in the sun, a slight warm breeze … ah heaven.
        I have played indoors a bit this winter ( in a bubble ), but it is just not the same.
        So, I’m all ready i have my BNP Paribas draw sheets printed out and am waiting (no not nerdishly at all) to start filling in the winners names.
        Rafa looks fit and strong. Vamos!!!

  2. Necitas says:

    Wow, I love the weather! It feels like home… Or maybe I’m loving it more because Rafa is there. It really is like the weather most of the time here in my homeplace…Hmmm, just love the feel of the video!

  3. Atch2 says:

    I like Springy looking Rafa.

    Wish I had the patience to watch Fed before Rafa. I need full competiton pretty damn soon.

    • Karen says:

      Rafa’s looking fit and rearing to go. Think the 6 week break may have done him more good than we realise. So hope he can play to his best and start painting some lines,keep rallies shorter & mix things up a bit to surprise his opponents!

  4. faeaki7 says:

    “So hope he can play to his best and start painting some lines, keep rallies shorte £ mix things up a bit to surprise his opponents!” *I’ll say Amen to that Karen, *and please Rafa get your first services in!*

    I did watch Fed simply because its nice to compare, Fed hits the ball almost just for fun and then bang! enters Rafael Nadal and its a whole new scenario, cuddly arms, bouncy feet and crisp spanks of the ball with his adoreable backward baseball cap! intense focus! he is so much more exciting to watch even in practice and the physique is looking really yummy too alround, lovely honed thighs only Rafa has! a treat indeed!

  5. Eliana says:

    Hey guys! Here’s another video of Rafa, this time ONLY Rafa practicing for Indian Wells: