[Updated] Of course injury casts doubt

Photo by Miquel Borrás

Part two of the as.com interview is up. (Google translation)

When asked about is chances at Indian Wells and Miami:

Basically, the bottom line is that I feel good physically, strong … and knees no longer hurt. The pain is forgotten now. I have come to make tennis workouts up to three hours. Lack of competition … and take confidence. I’ll summarize by saying that trying out with options in every tournament. Options, at least to compete. Win and depends on many factors.

aka – One match at a time. (Although, no pain in training is different than no pain in match play…just saying.)

Go play well and recovering feelings and confidence. There and in Miami. These are tournaments that I have almost always good. I travel with all the hope.

We watch with all hope.

And mentally?

Of course there are questions … When you have injuries, there are always doubts. I do not know, there are always times when one does not know what to expect. It is seeing on the ground. In the longer term, we’ll see if I have to worry or not seriously.

Again, one step at a time – this time, perhaps literally.

They go on to say that, per usual, Uncle Toni will not be going to the US with Rafa. Instead Roig is along for the ride.

What’s been his most exciting tennis memories so far?

Always the first successes are achieved: the first Grand Slam, the first Davis Cup … and of course, the Wimbledon title in 2008, for what it meant and after losing two finals in succession, the previous two years.

Just thinking about that Wimbly makes me smile.

Would he do another video? You never know, you never know.

What’s left to accomplish?

I often ask that question. And, as I’m 23, only one answer: there is much to do.

I likes the sound of that.

Once again, the fabulous Inés is back with another translation for us.

“Of course that injuries create me doubts”

AS WITH NADAL CHAPTER 2 AND LAST. Rafael Nadal is already in the U.S., where he counts the hours to play his first tournament since his injury last January in Australia. In the Masters 1000 of Indian Wells, Nadal defends 1,000 points and the 2009 title . Before, Rafa received AS.

Alejandro Delmás | 10/03/2010

We were talking about the number one and their circumstances. You said, Rafa, that return to number one for you now is not a priority and this would depend on how things were going on. But, could you analyze the situation at the top of the ATP list?

The facts are there: Federer has won in Australia, the first Grand Slam, and this gives him a significant advantage with the new scoring formula. With that advantage, he can adjust his schedule. But this is very competitive, each time more and more …

What do you mean?

In general, that if you look at the list of entries, we are many young people who are in the top place: Djokovic, myself, Murray, Del Potro … and Federer is one of the veterans, along with Davydenko and Roddick. The time shall be going by, and I think, Roger’s going to adapt the calendar even more.

You go to Indian Wells and Miami supplied with what Forcades, and Maymó, your trainers, defined as ‘a pre-season’. Is there a clear aspiration in these tournaments?

Basically, the fundamental is that I feel good physically, strong … and the knees no longer hurt me. The pain is forgotten now. I was doing tennis practice up to three hours. Lack of competition … and take confidence. I summarize by saying that I try to go out with options in every tournament. Options, at least to can compete. To win depends on many factors.

So, what is the approach to Indian Wells?

To play well and to start regaining feelings and confidence. There and in Miami. They are tournaments that almost always are going on well to me. I travel with all the hope.

We agreed that the knees do not hurt you and that the overall condition is the best as possible, before these tournaments. But mentally and facing the future, Doubts strike you?

Of course there are doubts … when you have injuries, there are always doubts. I don’t know, there are always moments when one does not know what to expect. You are seeing as one goes along. In the longer term, we’ll see if I have to worry or not seriously.

To catch this idea, first we need to know what Rafa Nadal thinks it was his best season so far and secondly, if you think that you are still able to return to that level …

Hmmm … of course that the best season was in 2008: I won Roland Garros, Wimbledon and I was Olympic champion and also I was number one. But before to start this season, I didn’t see me qualified either to do so many things. And you see what happened next.

(In the two Masters1000 that now he plays in the U.S., Indian Wells and Miami, Rafael Nadal will not be joined by his uncle Toni, who will stay in Mallorca, between Porto Cristo and Manacor. In the U.S., Francis Roig will advise to Rafa technically. Toni Nadal returns with his nephew for the European clay court season, which starts on April 11 at the Monte Carlo Masters: Nadal defends title).

And the feelings that remained you after the start of the year, between Abu Dhabi, Doha and Australia …

I was happy because, at times, those feelings had been better than many I had throughout all 2009. When I arrived to Australia, I had been close to win the tournament in Doha and I had this continuity that you need and with which is easier to get the level. I hope to get back there.

The best season was 2008. And the win or the memory most exciting in the memory of Rafael Nadal?

Always are the first successes that were achieved: the first Grand Slam, the first Davis Cup … and of course, the Wimbledon title in 2008, because all what it meant and after losing two finals in a row, the previous two years.

After the fast court of the U.S. tournaments, it will come the European clay’s season. And there …

It’s one of the main objectives, as always and because of the points that I defend. Besides playing well in the U.S., the idea is to get confident for when the times comes to defend these points in Europe.

We talked yesterday a bit about your experience in the filming of the video-clip ‘Gypsy”, with Shakira. Will you repeat it?

I was delighted, it was a different experience and I had fun. Repeating it? You never know.

Six Grand Slam titles, including four at Roland Garros, 15 Masters Series and Masters 1000, the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics, the world number one in 2008 … What remains to be done or achieved, Rafa?

Often It makes me that question. And, as I’m 23 years old, there is only just one answer: there is much to do ahead.

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  1. Kate says:

    whoooo hoooo awesome I hope I get to see him in Miami (Miri scour the paractice courts he is always there fairly early).

  2. CC says:

    There is much to do, I like the sound of that too. Don’t go away anytime soon, Rafa!

    • natch says:

      I can’t get past him talking about the “bottom line”…
      …and because of YOU, CC, I am now craving peaches!

      • CC says:

        Mmm… I bet he’s got a fine bottom…urm…line.
        Shame that peaches aren’t in season. Not where I am, anyway. ;)

        • natch says:

          He says his feels good and strong. At least, that’s what I read.

          No peaches here yet, either. :'(

  3. Ch F says:

    Of course there is doubt, but there’s a lot more than that as well. Like the true Rafa that has achieved tremendous things. I’m sure Rafa knows that much better than we do. Can he really isolate negative thoughts as well as he seems to? I find that really admirable.

  4. tiemyshoe says:

    Heh, what was the strategy behind that photo, anyway? “Rafa, you sit there, I’ll get down on the ground and shoot up your legs…’Kay? ‘Kay.”

    • natch says:

      OMG! Miri, try it! Rafa, take off your shorts. I’m going to get on the ground and shoot up, ‘Kay?

    • miri says:

      Heh, remember how damn small that gym was from the work-out porn vids? I was laughing at the article calling it a “modern gym”. Yes, modern gym in a room the size of a closet where Rafa has to stand on the edges of a treadmill to do his arm tension band exercises.

      • tiemyshoe says:

        Hrmm, just to fact-check you I had to go back and watch that work-out porn vid. A few times.

        Conclusion: er, what were we talking about?

        2nd conclusion: Rafa haaaates working out at the gym. His face is straight-up like (>_<) the whole time. xD

        • natch says:

          HOW do either of you even remember that? Or know where to look or how to find it? Gah! My brain gets overwhelmed even thinking about that process.

          • miri says:

            That’s what the search box is for. :)

            • natch says:

              Wouldn’t that take me out of here and give me a million articles and websites I don’t want and don’t have time to read?
              Besides, you already know I don’t know what to type.

              Oh, never mind. I will nevah understand this kind of stuff. Today, one of my boys introduced me to his mother (who is in town and approximately my age) as “technically-challenged”.

              *goes back to checking clock for start time of IW*

              • miri says:

                Not if you just type it in the search box on the red navigation bar of this site – that just searches this site. And the word to type? Why, “porn” of course.

            • Dolcefuga says:

              Miri, I did that and it produced 4 or 5 articles. Which one is it? Thanks.

  5. faeaki7 says:

    4 words “You stay strong Rafa!”

  6. miri says:

    I’ve updated the post with a translation courtesy of Inés. Thanks, Inés!

  7. faeaki7 says:

    Yep always grateful for those that give their time to translate on here, thankyou! as a fan it means so much!