IW doubles draw

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The doubles draw is out and guess who’s on it? Yes! The cutest doubles team evah! Rafa and Marc! will team up to play the #3 seeds in the first round. It’ll be tough…can they do it? If they do and if Feli and Nando win their first round, they would play each other. The court might explode from the hotness.

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  1. A_Gallivant says:

    OMG, that would be totally fantastic. Am going to send so much positive vibes out for that match. Feli & Nando doubles are so awesome!

  2. johanne says:

    I will be raging if the potential Rafa/Marc! vs. Feli/Nando match isn’t made available to me somehow. Hotness that hawt needs to be broadcasted, no?

  3. CC says:

    Awesome, awesome, awesome… Does anyone know when Rafa/Marc! are likely to play? Or when Rafa is likely to play? I’m so confused (read:tired) this week I think I need some Rafatennis to get me going.

    And yes, they really MUST broadcast this somewhere.

    • MJ says:

      I think they play on Fri the 12th at 6pm, California time…I have looked and looked and not found any doubles links online…

      • MJ says:

        Sorry…just looked online at the website and the Hit for Haiti starts at 7:30pm PST…so they can not play at 6pm PST, so I am not sure what time zone my tennis app is referring too…it only says 6:00…

  4. Heben says:

    This one is a real good news. Hope the two pairs will play each other. Yes, explosive indeed! :))

  5. An says:

    Yeah! Wanna see Rafa and Marc! play….

    Can’t we do something to convince TV stations that they ought to broadcast more doubles?…. doubles is fun!

    • dutchgirl says:

      Yes, they should be convinced that there are enough people that like to watch doubles as well! Especially when cute players are involved… :)

  6. mary says:

    Yep the sheer mention of all 4 potentially playing on the same court could mean a trip to the emergency. But definitely worth it. ;-)

  7. sia says:

    What about you Miri … won’t you be there … can you smuggle in a video camera?
    Talk about an opportunity to raise money for a charity …

    • miri says:

      I have to drive back to LA on Sunday and not late. I have a 6:40am flight back home on Monday. So….probably not.

  8. Atch2 says:

    The dorky duo are back! Wonder if they’re going to be in the same outfit. How cute will that be like the finals of Doha?!

    And just read thru my tv programme to find that they will only televise IW from Mon 15 Mar. So no Hit for Haiti and def no doubles for me :(

  9. ejl says:

    in any case if iam deprived of watching this possible match(good chances to happen) will be content with watching the footages and get my share of excitement, it’s gonna be the most special one.. wide range of facial expressions and emotions..in a nutshell impossible to be played or watched in pokerface( match being uncertain yet made my evening:D)

  10. faeaki7 says:

    thanks for that Mary, that will be awsome if its free of course.

    fabulous news that thy are playing doubles and with Marc, so much cuteness all at once, *sighs*

  11. Rafafan says:

    Scouring everywhere where we can see the doubles in England but I guess not a fat chance (unless of course it was Muzzey). Anyway so deperate for tennis I am lookin at the score card now! I like Fabio Fogini (he is cute after Rafa) – check him out. And guess what Rafa’s favourtie man on tour is playing now – Carlos Moyez. Thank you score card. Isn’t it sad ………. x

    • Rafafan says:

      Yeahhhhhhh. Winner Fabio Fognini! Nothing can look so perfect as our Rafa but if we can’t see Rafa for whatever reason (for a while) check this boy out – Italian, saw him at Easter last year when I was at Pontins! Had to get the guy in the restaurant to put the sky on (over the footie!) caused quite a comotion – trying to wait for Rafa – but Fognini was on instead and took Muzzy to a tie break like unbelievale 18 – 16 or something like that. And he has the good looks and the lovely eyebrows like Rafa but I know we can’t compare. Sorry just desperate to see Rafa – I guess on Saturday/Sunday early hours singles? xx

  12. faeaki7 says:

    Hey Rafafan, I remember Fognini, he is a cutie, a little hot tempered though as you would expect with Italians, and then he goes from great tennis to a complete basket case, he gets real stressed out on the court, shame since he is certainly a nice one to watch! still prefer Rafa of course, his charisma is unmatched.

  13. sia says:

    So I guess Rafa and Marc! play their first match tomorrow.

  14. Rafafan says:

    I guess Rafa will play doubles Sat (meaning early hours of Sun in England) – probably not on Sky and then his singles Sun (early hours on Mon – no doubt something like 3am in the morning English time – just when we gotta get up for work). OK it will be lack of sleep week.

    And yeah Fraeki7 your right – Fognini can play great and rubbish at the same time – some basketcase indeed. If he can string it together we might see him bit more (he has got a whoppa of a flat forehand and fast)and you never know may come up against our very own Rafa – haven’t really worked it out if it is possible from the draw! Wow that would really be hotness on a tennis court, and a few fireworks thrown in for good measure with Fognini’s hot headiness !

    Miri – thanks for the connection – something else in common PR agent (never knoew that) as well as the good looks he he. x

  15. EJL says:

    Fb updated Rafa’s practice photos at IW, he’s perfect from toes to head and his grey gear’s gr8, works on him soo much
    Rafa Nadal http://www.gototennisblog.com/2010/03/09/photos-rafael-nadal-practices-at-indian-wells/

  16. Marla says:

    Last year I listened to Rafa’s double match at http://www.radiotennis.com/. You have to sign up but it is free. It was really good and they even read and responded to my Rafa Raving Emails on the air.

    • mj says:

      Thanks for the info…I love listening to tennis on the radio…sad not to see their beautiful faces…at least we will hear him grunt!!!! ( a sound I so miss :))

      • Rafafan says:

        Hi Mj and Maria. Tried downloading but says no media player but I know I have it. Not sure what to do. Anyway the grunt… everyone has been complaining about grunts in the tennis game but Rafa’s grunt is exceptionally nice. Can’t believe it not changed in all his years of playing. You can tell now when he is trying to go for a winner – the grunt comes out

        • MJ says:

          Hey Rafafan, I just tried it…a note came up and said it couldn’t connect…It says 11a PST (I am in DC, so it should be on at 2pm here)…I hopin that will work for you too…

          • Marla says:

            Yeah. I am in CST and it didn’t work til 11:00. I just hope they are broadcasting from the court that Rafa will play on. I have no way of knowing for sure, but I thought it was worth a try.

            • Marla says:

              Oops – I mean 1:00, here.

              • MJ says:

                Are you able to get it to work? It is not working for me now…just wondering…

                • Marla says:

                  It’s working fine for me. I just signed in, click on listen here and it opens Windows media player. I am not sure what’s wrong, but I’ve been listening since it started.

                  • MJ says:

                    Thanks so much for replying…it was my internet explorer…switched to safari, and it work perfectly…the announcer is alittle dorky, but it is fun to listen to tennis on the radio…Only 6 hours to our beloved boy will be on the court!!!

  17. Atch2 says:

    Marc! & Rafa beat the 3rd seeded Dlouhy & Paes 64 36 10-6!

    Now we need Feli and Nando to win.