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  1. CC says:

    Is it when you get excited because Rafa looks cute when scratching his back (0:57), that you should start thinking about getting a life? Or should I have done that a long time ago? Or should I wait a little bit longer…? I don’t know.

    • An says:

      Wait… So youre saying that you don’t have a life because Rafa and all he does is such a big part off youre life???

      Because i’m normally verry happy with my life and the part that Rafa is in it;)

  2. Ch F says:

    Oops, he doesn’t look too happy with the way he’s hitting ;-)

    • junko says:

      Yeah, I agree Ch F, I can see he is trying to close each point quickly but he does not appear to be happy.

      I do not want to keep going on with Coldplay music but ‘Clocks,’ though much I love this song, is again, like Viva la Vida, has those painful lines to go with the images he is practicing:

      The lights go out and I can’t be saved
      The tides that I tried to swim against
      Have broght me down upon my knees
      Oh I beg, I beg and plead singing…

      But we will see him at IW and I know he will fight… and hopefully will go deep into the draw.

  3. faeaki7 says:

    A little grumpier here prehaps but love Rafa movement anyway! focus Rafa focus!

  4. sia says:

    Look at Rafa hitting all those flat balls … bringing his racquet right across his chest … cept maybe for those out wide. Watch out top ten.
    This was never one of my favourite outfits … I think he should just take it off. I would watch that whilst listening to Coldplay.

  5. Atch2 says:

    Can I request ‘Speed of Sound’ as the next soundtrack for Rafa?

  6. djb says:

    Absolutely amazing. First off, I love the song! Secondly, I have to say that he hit the ball tremendously well, kind of a flashback to Abu Dhabi/Doha. Movement was great, attitude was positive, and even better, he practiced coming to net!!! I’m glad to see Rafa back and hopefully IW will be the beginning of a hot streak and a few BIG titles to go with it.

    Vamos, Rafa!!!!