Support Chile

On his Facebook page, Rafa has posted the Spanish and English versions of a video made by Fernando Gonzalez asking for support for Chile.

We have to support Chile! I am posting this video Fernando sent.

y aqui en Español. Ayudemos a Chile!

There are rumors that Rafa will play an exhibition match with Gonzalez during the Madrid tournament. (Well, first the rumors were that it would be during Miami, but now the rumor mill is saying Madrid.)

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  1. annabelle says:

    So sad! You have my support and prayers, Fernando, for Chile! May God be with you!

  2. Atch2 says:

    I thought Miami would make more sense, given the proximity and having a Chilean population in the city, and wouldn’t they need the help urgently and Madrid’s in mid May? and given Rafa’s an ‘if’ for Madrid?

    Hope both Chile and Haiti recover soon.

    • annabelle says:

      According to Fernando’s website, he will not play Indian Wells so he can help with relief efforts in Chile. Maybe he also isn’t sure about Miami. Don’t know why he would wait until Madrid, tho.

  3. Bats says:

    Or Barcelona. Yes, I have a vested interest. But its true Madrid is too far away.

  4. natch says:

    I saw Gonzo’s plea over the weekend. It just broke my heart, and opened my wallet.
    Thanks for posting this, Miri!

  5. aRafaelite says:

    It will take years to rebuild Chile (and Haiti) – they’ll still need money well beyond May! Inspired by the Hit for Haiti, I approached the head coach at my tennis club yesterday and got his support to organise a Quake Hit for Chile & Haiti. Hopefully I can get other clubs – tennis and other sports on board to raise some money through sponsored events. Good to see top tennis players like Gonzalez & Rafa & Fed setting such a positive example to others. Vamos!

    • Bats says:

      In my heart I agree. I just have a vested interest in Barcelona. :) But seriously, my country has also come out of a major natural catastrophe last year and many of our citizens are still living with the aftermath. It will take years to rebuild what Chile and Haiti lost during the earthquakes and will need continued support from the world for their recovery efforts. This might seem a bit off topic but there is an organization called KIVA that microfinance small businesses in these countries. You know, give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach them to fish and he is fed a lifetime. :D

      • aRafaelite says:

        I’ve made over 30 loans with Kiva to date! I highly recommend them. Microcredit works. With Kiva, you can keep recycling your money into new loans. They have field partners in Chile, including in the south. I had an email today saying they’ve been unable to establish communication with some of them following the earthquake. They also have field partners in Haiti.

        However, there is also an immediate need to rebuild infrastructure and provide aid (food, water, shelter, clothing, medical care, etc) in the affected area before longer-term development programmes (like microcredit) can be effective (i.e. people still need to eat something while you teach them how to fish ;-) Both aid and longer-term development are necessary!