Gypsy: behind the scenes has a making of type feature for the Gypsy thing. Aside from all the hot/wet/shirtless bits (*gulp*), my favorite is the shot of Rafa and Shakira laughing their asses off (bit that appears in the video) while the directory gesticulates at them. I can just imagine what he’s saying. “If you two idiots would stop laughing for just a moment, we could finish this! It’s supposed to be sultry, not a giggle-fest!”

Tweeted by @JamesLaRosa and emailed by Holly – thanks!

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  1. sia says:

    I need to be working on shoots like these where there is a near naked, wet Rafa on set !!
    Thanks miri….

  2. teejustice says:

    Thanks. That was nice, and I’m sticking with the wet/shirtless bits as my fav. Must apply for new job as water sprayer and Rafa chest rub-downer >D

  3. Emma R says:

    I want the job of squirting Rafa with fake sweat. Love the video other than that damn harmonica.

  4. An says:

    There, she said it….. “And… He’s good looking, to add something”
    Nothing wrong with youre eyes Shakira!!;)

  5. teejustice says:

    And did they actually have to demonstrate to Rafa how to run? LOL

  6. Debs says:

    Oh lord, I’m definitely in the wrong job.. searches google frantically to see if I can train somewhere to spray water on Rafa accurately, you just have to get the right amount of coverage you know and learn how to rub it into that fine chest of his. Was wondering when the behind the scenes would be released it’s very good but in my opinion we didn’t have enough Rafa in it, it’s all about Shakira, it’s not like it’s her music video or anything :-) now I’m ready for some tennis bring on IW

  7. CC says:


    I think I need a glass of wine.

  8. tennislover says:

    it’s very funny when de director talks to them and they laugh,,,, and wasn’t rafa already cute without the oil??? hahahahhahahaahahahahhaaahhah

  9. Zooni says:

    Very nice. And possibly even steamier than the actual video!

  10. tiemyshoe says:

    I loved his snort-laugh when he says that Shakira is spectacular. And the different angles – I have a weakness for that shot when his motorcycle boot comes into frame (ahem). And the general fabulousness of his bod. Nice work in the gym, Rafa! :)

    • teejustice says:

      Agreed. The different angles were a plus. We share a weakness for those boots coming into frame. And seeing him from the front rather than just the side view (whew) and when he looks down to admire his gym work

  11. Rafafan says:

    Love love love it…….. Behind the scenes. Love how they massage Rafa’s back – I mean how hoooooot is that! More steamy than the vid. And the way Shakirah says……. and he is very good looking ! giggle giggle well doesn’t that say it all. x

  12. faeaki7 says:

    and his very good looking”

    We know!! I think I enjoyed this more and there are some nice shotsof Rafa in it, such a physique *phew* and his voice in spanish is lovely, hot hot hot!!!

  13. mary says:

    *Chokes* I’ll just have a mouthful of Rafa. ;-)

  14. Atch2 says:

    Thanks miri.

    Rafa was doing the interview shirtless AND sweaty!

    Luv the shots of Rafa glancing in the mirror and looking down his sweaty, oily chest.

    Seeing the behind the scenes sort of takes some sexiness sultriness from the actual mv for me. More funny and sweet and business-like. And Rafa’s hands are bad actors too, touching Shakira was almost clinical and not as intimate as it should be. It looked like there was friendliness but not intimacy between Rafa and Shakira.

    “ and he’s good looking too..” Understatement Alert!
    Just say it Shakira, he’s one HOT SEXY MAN to touch and look at.

    Wonder if the Director is thinking at the end of the shoot, to never hire a non-professional actor.

    • Zooni says:

      Really? I didn’t get a clinical vibe AT ALL. If anything I thought he looked more… “in charge” so to speak. Less tentative. He definitely enjoyed himself!

      • metallic cherry says:

        Totally agree, Zooni! Their chemistry is undeniable, imo. Why, *why* didn’t they use some of this footage in the actual video?! Like 1.36, for example, when he reaches out, grabs her and sweeps her up, or 2.42 when he pulls her up into a cuddle or 2.52 when he pulls her down onto him? I LOVE these bits! And did you see them tangle fingers at 2.54?! Hee!

        • Atch2 says:

          I agree they have chemistry but from the behind the scenes it was playful friendly, not so much of a sexual nature. And his hands were not caressing and feeling his ‘lover’ or as sensual as Shakira.
          But heck I still enjoyed watching it.

        • Zooni says:

          I DID see that metallic cherry! Is it wrong that i found that really sexy? Hee indeed! :)

  15. iren says:

    i dont know,when you watch the backstage,it somehow kills the exciment a little bit.i didnt see any chemistry between them anyway.but now i am absutuletly rafa body looks best when he sweats with oil i have to say not the best rafa look i have ever seen.i have seen so much more handsome rafa looks than this..

  16. patzin says:

    Clip is now on YouTube – I found it interesting to watch the behind the scenes aspect – we know this is a ‘business’ deal to perform scenes to somewhat describe the song. Nevertheless, I was impressed with how Rafa picked Shakira up when he was twirling her around. I reminded me how strong he must be.

    • CC says:

      Really? She’s teeny. My partner could do that with me and he probably only has half the muscle mass of Rafa, if that. In fact, I’m pretty sure I could pick my partner up and twirl him around. ;)

  17. CC says:

    I find Shakira’s blah, blah, blah at the beginning of the clip quite testing. I have to skip to quickly get to sexy Rafa.
    Nevermind the director. If I was Shakira I’d say “Stop giggling and start f-ing me for God’s sake. That’s what you’re hired for.”

  18. Rafafan says:

    After viewing the behind the scenes, take a look at viewing in between tennis moments. Hot on and off the court xxxxxxx

  19. sia says:

    Where is Rafa?? Has he gone to California yet?

  20. Ch F says:

    3:07, when he puts his head in the water and then shakes it by pulling it up. Lovely shot!

  21. sombina says:

    I just love Rafa’s back in the gypsy video, and in this one too obviously. More naked upper body shots are just gold for us Rafafans *drool*

    I know people are more obsessed with the famous parts beneath his back, but it’s his all-muscle-and-sweat back that makes me gasp for air. *push replay button*

  22. ejl says:

    Shakira fails to convince that good-looking Rafa comes as an additional (not essential) factor here
    well, all the stuff she says ahead by some means matches with many other athletes but will bet that she would’ve never agreed to shoot this clip with Davydenko. can’t see any reasons not to put it first :D

  23. Rafa was just great on this video and let the bad mouths tell that he was stiff.

  24. miri says:

    Behind the scenes photo of Rafa bossing around the pros. ;)